Bomb Pakistan into the Stone Age, or else….

Bush n Mush press Conf

A threat made by Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage immediately after 9/11 threatening Pakistan to Be prepared to be bombed. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age. It was revealed after five years during an interview for CBS 60 minutes (video) with Pervaiz Musharraf expected to be aired on Sunday.

Be prepared to be bombed.
Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age

Pakistanis are not surprised to hear that we were unwillingly pushed into this partnership on the War on Terror, we knew the mighty United States would have easily trampled all over us and the, then emotionally charged American nation would have cared less to our existence as they did for Afghanistan and Iraq. But when the same government issues statements like “we will order troops to enter Pakistan to catch Osama Bin Laden without the authorization of Pakistani Government” are made again five years later in 2006, one has then to wonder when will this crazed maniac take a stop think ad maybe take a time-out? Osama and the word Al-Qaeda are simply used more as a rubber stamp to force an innocent American nation to authorize invasions, or god forbid they then can be labelled as Un-American.

Bush when questioned today by the White House Press Corp on Armitage’s comment in 2001, the President of the United States choose to play dumb yet again offering a lame excuse “I just read it in the newspapers”. To avoid an embarrassing rebuttal and a confrontation, Musharraf ducked the question, but quite simply lacked the finesse as shown by his US counterpart, he responded by hiding behind a the excuse of a non-disclosure statement with his book publisher, his autobiography expected to hit the shelf in a few days.

The President of Pakistan barely missed a beat in inserting a plug for his book even during his official duties, I sincerely hope that the People of Pakistan see some of the royalty being submitted into our national exchequer as he is undoubtedly using his official capacity to publicize his personal book. Its common to see many past-Presidents and past-Prime Ministers writing their autobiography but for a serving President, this must be a first [?].

During the press conference Musharraf may have earned a few loyalty points by ducking the all important question which could indeed contribute to an extension of his Military regime beyond 2007, which has been under threat from all quarters.

Whatever the sentiments brewing up back home in Pakistan it appears as if the overall US media has portrayed this official Pakistan visit in favourable terms, lets hope they remain as such.



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13 responses to “Bomb Pakistan into the Stone Age, or else….”

  1. shobz Avatar

    this speaks volumes about the intelligence of Bush Jr. he didnt know about the comments??? what a great president.

  2. Flap Avatar

    The usual comment by Americans is that we will bomb your country (insert name here) back to the Stone Age. Or turn your sand into radioactive glass.

    And the United States government is prepared to do this to protect its interests.

    Make NO mistake about it.

    Flap has a question.

    Why is your blog hosted in the United States?

    And are you really living in Pakistan?

  3. Raheel Avatar

    They all are bikao whores and pimps. Full stop.

  4. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Flap welcome yet again into another controversy, with your statements then one must ask how can you differentiate between a terrorist and a nation at war both are the same. You seem to be justifying that its perfectly right to invade any country of the world. Then in the same breath you must have to concede that Al-Qaeda was justified to attack America as it wanted to protect its interest. Mind you it takes two hands to clap, never one.

    Don’t let the power go to your head, its dangerous and America is slowly digging itself into a hole. Arrogance is not well tolerated amongst friends let alone countries to show arrogance to the world.

    As regards to your question, let me make something clear, I am not objecting to the PEOPLE of the United States they are one of the best nations I have ever interacted, I am objecting to their foreign policy and most importantly the Neo-Con lobby which is on a rampage and God Forbid they retain control of the Congress after the Midterms in Nov then we are in for a showdown. If the Americans are intelligent Nov is the make or break as far as the rest of the world is concerned. And yes I reside in Pakistan

    I have graduated from Saint Louis University with a Masters and later also from UPENN, to host my domain with dreamhost is not a political decision and neither have a supported a boycott of any American product as such. So its just a matter of choice, and you should be grateful as my transfer of funds into a US business tends to lower your trade budget deficit otherwise most of the funds tend to go the other way, be grateful.

  5. nocturnal Avatar

    @teeth maestro-

    What do you think Musharraf lacks sharpness to make his point in front of media. If he didnt reply properly to the question raised by the journalist abt the converstaion between him and armitage, does it reflect that he has no courage to stand by his words or statement that he made in his book?

    Do you think it would be good if he had confronted with Bush jr. infront of media? shud he have said that YES armitage INTIMIDATED us and so on…

    I think its too childish to suggest this, Ppl like you are like back seat drivers who dont even know the ways so driving a car is far from imagination.

    Musharraf intentionaly revealed the parts of the conversation between him and armitage in order to tell the world that those who pretend themselves civilized and champions of liberty and freedom can sink to such depths.

    I think it was a very courageous attempt to disclose the mean attitude of american govt. in a very dimplomatic way. This act shud be appreciated.

  6. shobz Avatar

    teeth maestro’s response to tflap’s silly comment was really’s my take on it. why does america think it has the right to be the world’s policeman? they dont have the right to threaten nations by bombing them back to the stone age. do they think they are invincible or something? its funny how america lectures us on human rights when its violating human rights by invading countries for profit. so dont jump to ur own conclusions flappy. the US has no rights to kill innocent people to protect its innocent. they havent achieved anything by doing what they have. i dont agree with terror acts committed against people. i care about justice for the innocent unlike sobs like u. furthermore the matter concering teeth maestro’s blog host is none of ur business. u should remember that the majority of hosts are in the US. U just want to pick a fight over non-trivial. so i suggest u grow up and get rid of that yahoo cowboy hillbilly attitude and think like a human being which u arent.

  7. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    @nocturnal – Personally we all know Musharraf can handle the press very well, I just felt that Bush jumped in to first answer the question deliberalty, so that he can convey his message in full, if you saw the press confernce you would have seen the deliberate attempt, then I just feel Musharraf cleverly dodged the response. The comment to CBS was not meant to challenge Bush one-on-one, it was only for pushing his book sales, additonally the interview was not supposed this soon as it was scheduled for Sunday well after his White House bling. CBS jumped the gun to capture ratings thats it. and hence landed Musharraf into an awkward postion, he surely did not want to displease Bush

    Rest hes playing HIS cards hes there only to get loyalty points so that America will stay mum if he rules after 2007.

    A President of Pakistan would have issue a stern caution specially after hearing the remarks a few days earlier where they said they will bomb Pakistan without permission – That alone should have been enough to walk out of US in protest. But then they are more loyal to the King thenthe King himself. Just my take on the issue.

  8. Flap Avatar

    The United States WILL bomb Pakistan if they continue to turn the other way while the Taliban and Al Qaeda regroup and train terrorists to attack Coalition/NATO forces in Afghanistan or export said terrorists to their countries of origin.

    And we will not ask Musharraf or any of your other Pakistani leaders for permission to protect our troops.

    Waziristan here the Yanks and NATO come. Al Qaeda and Taliban prepare to Meet Allah.

    Shobz. I agree with your brother – See a therapist. You will be glad you did.

  9. shobz Avatar

    oh we are so scared. gasp u are so superior to us. oh i am shivering in my boots. gee i am so scared of the big super power which is the policeman of the world. i am sure u didnt detect my sarcasm. of course u cant tell coz u have a coconut for a brain. of course hill billies are always dumb and trigger happy. u keep telling urself that u live in the US aka the greatest superpower blackmailer which is a sore loser when it comes to world politics. we will see who asks whom for permission. stop being a trigger happy yahoo and quit day dreaming. u have spent a lot of time sniffing glue. it has made u delusional. infact i feel sorry for u.

    furthermore i dont need to hide anything about myself. its all there in fine print. its not as if its a hidden secret which u managed to find in some hidden locker or something. u are so lame that u are taking potshots at me by reading my blog (which is open to the public). at least i am man enough to address my problems openly. yeah i need therapy to control my rage at times. is there a problem? oh yeah u are such a control freak that u wish u could control everything. go look at urself in the mirror coz there is a giant L on ur head which says loser. we dont need to waste our time replying to ppl like u who are delusional. u just have a one track mind which is full of dirt and an iq lower than forrest gump. no wonder ppl call americans dumb. they are dumb. pity that u give americans a bad name.

  10. Teeth Maestro Avatar

    Flap – what an idiotic comment here, I infact just posted a very carefully worded comment on your own blog and you continue to rave like a maniac.

    Wish you all the best in your great plans.

  11. Publia Avatar

    When the issue came up at the joint press conference and President Musharraf hesitated, President Bush simply said “Buy the book.” It will be available Monday if anyone wants to read it.

  12. Usman Avatar

    wellllllll……..if we refer to islamic Books…..when the total number of Peoples in Mosque at the time of Fajir Prayers will be Equal To Jumma Prayers…..then Muslims will take over America…….American goverment is nothing….they should remember that……Like Russia…a mighty Super Power was Destroyed by the Involvement of Pakistan…..America can also be Destroyed…..we Pakistani are not afraid of anything…if there was any other leader then Musraff….Belive me….we should have gone against America….and i granty…that if America will blast a Bomb in Pakistan…the Whole Muslim World will be Combined……Pakistan is the most respectable country amoung Muslim World