Inzi and the Pakistani team Acquitted of Ball Tampering

Its great news to hear that the Pakistan team has been cleared of any wrong doings in the cricketing fiasco which occurred a few weeks back during the Pakistan vs England 4th test match at The Oval. The ICC match referee Ranjan Madugalle did not find credible evidence to push for any ball tampering charges, though the ICC did find Inzamam guilty of a Level 3 charge resulting in a four match ban.

Now all eyes must turn towards Darrell Hair and his false accusation of cheating on the Pakistan team, which was the true reason behind this embarrassing fiasco. A public statement by PCB Chair Shehryar Khan has just been released where he wants the ICC to investigate Darrell Hair. In my opinion such an investigation will not get far as ICC must technically stand behind its officials which represent the governing body in the field of play. I think PCB should take Darrell Hair to court and test his mettle, if the Aussie can really stand on his own two feet without the protective cover of the ICC. Sue his sorry ass for everything he owns even the $500,000 he asked for compensation, make him suffer, I don’t mean to be rude but any gora would have done exactly the same without even a second thought Lets take him to court



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One response to “Inzi and the Pakistani team Acquitted of Ball Tampering”

  1. shobz Avatar

    justice prevails. i hope hair gets his just desserts.