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Miandad & Alam Refuse PCB Coaching Job

miandad.jpgCricket Bloggers of Pakistan: Just two days back the PCB issued a advertisement on its website asking for people to apply for a coaching job in Pakistan. The salient features of the memo were as follows (PDF)


Pakistan Cricket Board seeks applications from interested Cricket Coaches for the position of National Coach.

The key responsibilities of this position will entail:

• Working closely with the Selection Committees and Director Game Development
• Preparation of game plans
• Organization of net sessions and fielding drills.
• Conducting Coaching Workshop and seminars
• Making use of Video Analysis and conducting SWOT analysis for each game/team
• Maintaining highest level of confidentiality in matters sensitive to the PCBs operational outlook.

The successful application will be required to demonstrate:

• Experience in leading, motivating, mentoring, educating and influencing within a team environment.
• Exceptional communication and man-management skills
• Strong interpersonal skills to develop and sustain cohesive team structures
• A strong understanding of modern sports coaching techniques
• A commitment to success
• Must have played professional cricket (at least 1st class)
• Should preferably be an ECB Level III Qualified Coach or equivalent from another country.
• Must possess good computer knowledge.

The appointment will be for an initial period of 2 years starting from June 2007. Terms and Conditions are negotiable.

Interested Coaches should submit their CVs to PCB by Tuesday, 15th May 2007

Both Intikhab Alam and Javed Miandad felt it humiliating for them to apply for this position which was a publicly advertised post. Intikhab Alam has been quoted to have said “It is not a post like that of chief executive or a director or general manager but a totally specialized one and there is no chance that I would stand in a queue to offer my services for the job,”

While Miandad has complained “Since the PCB’s only major criterion for the job is first class cricket experience, there will be at least a thousand applicants for the job I should imagine, and I wonder how the board intends to judge their credentials.”

The clincher of the entire statement by Miandad was “I am not willing to offer my services to the board, not at any cost.”

Now one has to wonder what actually irked these ‘petty people’ to walk off in a huff. A little careful reading of the prerequisites one can easily ascertain that they might not fully qualify for the job. My analysis shows that both are not ´experienced in leading, motivating, mentoring a team environment, They lack ‘exceptional communication and man-management skills, they definitely miss out on the ‘Strong interpersonal skills to develop and sustain cohesive team structures.

I have also been told that both are not entirely ‘computer savvy and lack a ‘strong understanding to modern sports coaching techniques (I know Miandad to be more animated on the balcony then actually making a difference – it reminds me of the two girls praying during the Sharjah sixer final). They definitely lack the commitment to success are and more geared towards the financial compensations of the entire package than actually a commitment to success.

In my books the simple list of prerequisites quite simply rules both of these people out of contention and feel they then thought it would be best to save-face and in turn walk off in protest and not have to face the music if they were rejected later on. Some circles also mention the fact that the Cricket Board has potentially already ruled both the individuals out well before publishing the public advertisement and hence they knew about the refusal.

Whatever the condition may be, I think its Good Riddance. It would be a delight to see new faces taking on the job in hopes of revamping the cricket team.


  • A Ahmad |

    I think the best way would be to advertise an add for the PCB Chairman/chairperson, Chief executive,Director Cricket operations,a Chief selector and members of selection commetti and after fulfilling all these slots than we can move on to appoint a Coach through an add.If we can have a Chairman PCB,a compete body of PCB including ****** Salim altaf,a selection commetti, without any elections and without any advertisement,so,why not we can have a coach without going through all these formaleties.
    Dr saab, suppose,the PCB received some applicatios for the said post,what you think?will they appoint a person who really deserves the post or what they are doing is just a paper work???
    The best way in the present circumstances is that let the consttitution passed ASAP and do a crystal clear election and leave the job for the newly elected body who can realy resolve the issues.And stop doing 2/3years contracts with the employees,coz you yourself dont know,for how long you are here?
    As for as inti and miandad are concerned i think they are quite right,coz the PCB intentionally advertise the post with the requirements(which will be a big problem for the PCB itself in future) only to stop these two guys from the competition and they rightly commented upon the issue.And furthur, i would like to know that what are the basic requirements to appoint a Chairman of PCB?

  • Miandad sucks |

    Mr Miandad asked the question that while the foriegn teams play cricket india and refuse to in Pakisthan why?. The answer is simple “the culprits who take human lives for nothing, are from Pak itself, thats why cant take chances in Pak but can in India. Mr Miandad you should first look at your country’s present scenario and ask your politicians and Military to humanise the system so that innosent lives cant be lost to the likes of illiterate, drugged, hardcore, inhuman terrorists from your region.