Karachi Witnesses an Organized Massacre

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It is indeed sad to see the situation in Karachi get progressively worse. It can be easily said that all this was bound to happen since MQM was destined to create a stand-off for this day. Their ‘Pur Aman’ rally was probably the biggest hoax played onto the people of Karachi.

Being a staunch supporter of the CJP issue I was destined to join the hundreds to greet CJP today. From late last night I had reported on KMB the numerous blockades being created well up to three in the morning where it seemed the official machinery was being used to cater to the demands of MQM. MQM workers were freely allowed to roam the streets quite literally telling people to stay in doors or else….

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I joined the rally of thousands of supporters near Nursery to approach the airport by foot today around 12:30pm the rally was peaceful and chanting slogans in support for the CJP. It was completely peaceful, we were forced to use the opposite lane since the lane heading towards Shahrai-Faisal was cordoned off by the authorities. The rally pressed onwards until they came up to the Balauch Colony bridge where we were clearly observing MQM motorbikes and snipers taking aim at the crowd and very soon all hell broke loose as the first shots were in deed fired from the top, more specifically from the corner of the down ramp from Balauch Colony bridge, towards the crowd. It appeared to be targeted firing and was definitely not any move by the authorities. A number of people were seeing lying on the streets injured or dead but the crowd quickly dispersed all around.

What still irks me is the fact that the ‘ghundas’ of MQM were let loose yet again fully supported by the Sindh government to clash with the opposite party at every possible intersection in Karachi. Upon my return home safely I saw Waseem Akhtar taking to a Geo reporter laying the entire blame of all the deaths onto the head of the CJP, quite literally I wanted to puke right there and then. The images we are seeing on TV are also shocking beyond belief showing hundred of MQM supporters fully armed casually walking on the streets taking aim without a worry of the consequences.

If this is not enough proof of the state sponsored terrorism (MQM and Musharraf) then I wonder what is? I plead to all half-hearted MQM supporters please wake up, you cannot let this party rule over your minds, it is without doubt the biggest terrorist organization in Karachi and its time we stand up and say enough is enough.

God Help Us all



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