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Shahrai Faisal Blocked at Karsaz Tipu Sultan

This article was published on Karachi Metroblogs here, I republish it on my own blog so as to preserve this article for my own blog

In just a recent development I am told that Shahrai Faisal has been completely blocked going towards airport at the Karsaz Junction.

This can be a great ploy to defeat the thunderous reception planned for Chief Justice Iftikhar who was due to arrive in Karachi tomorrow afternoon. I can only say it may either diffuse the situation entirely or could aggravate the supporters resulting in heated exchanges throughout the city.

Karachi holds its breath while hundreds of MQM supporters prowl the streets (though in small groups) of Karachi reminding us yet again of the threat they pose to the people of Karachi.

I have no idea what will happen to any potential travelers who might be scheduled to take a flight tonight out of the city but can suggest them to try a few alternate points the most probable access to the airport would be the one passing through a heavily populated MQM area of Gulistan-e-Jauhar for those unaware there is one small road which passes behind Jauhar and exist onto Shahrai Faisal right next to the airport runway. Approach all areas with confirmed travel documents to pacify the activists and authorities that man these posts.

Credit – Mahrukh & Rakay who were kind enough to message me the current situation on Shahrai Faisal

Update: The road behind Jauhar is also blocked (credit Jamash)
Update 2: Reports coming in that the Shahrai Faisal has been blocked all the way to Tipu Sultan, seems like the curfew is increasing by the hour (credit K I)
Update 3: Govt Ishrat Ul Ibad declares a public holiday : Geo (Credit Kasif)
Update 4: Geo reports that PIA crew could not reach the airport for the NY flight so the flight is canceled

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