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MQM threatens 20 journalists

Reporters Without Borders has issued a press release suggesting that Muhajir Rabita Council an integral part of the MQM leadership has threatened some 20 odd journalists for their reporting activities related to the 5/12 Massacre. The list of Journalists include Zafar Abbass, Mazhar Abbas, Shaheen Sehbai, and Dr. Shahid Masood.

Ever since the fateful day of 12th May, MQM has continued to take a lashing from all quarters as it was most definitely the first time that the MQM organization was caught on live tv fully engaged in the terrorism. This was nothing new as all Karachiites have known the threat of MQM to the extent that the term ‘Supari Nikal Na’ was a keyword instilled in the Karachi vocabulary ever since this party reverted to using terrorism to stay in power. This open threat to journalist can continue to spell disaster for MQM as such threatening messages do little in terms of rebuilding the shattered image.

The Mujahir Rabita Council (MRC) issued a threatening statement on 22 May with a list of some 20 journalists it described as “chauvinist” and hostile to their movement. The MRC is affiliated to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), which supports Gen. Pervez Musharraf and which was partly responsible for the 12 May riots in Karachi in which 40 civilians were killed and a TV station was attacked. “Now it has become necessary to inform the nation about these cruel elements and those who conspire against humanity,” the statement said.
Reporters Without Borders calls on the MQM to put a stop to these threats and urges the authorities to protect the journalists.

Among the prominent journalists on the list are Zaffar Abbas, editor of the daily Dawn, Mazhar Abbas, AFP bureau chief in Karachi, Shaheen Sehbai, the head of the TV station Aryone World, and Shahid Masood of Geo TV. One of the journalists named told Reporters Without Borders on condition of anonymity that he was scared because “having your name on the list means that the MCR wants to eliminate you.” – Reporters Without Borders

Update 26th May

IFEX has also issued a press release to highlight this threat to journalist which can be viewed here The list of journalists are as follows

  • Zafar Abbas
  • Azhar Abbas
  • Mazhar Abbas
  • Ayaz Amir
  • Sajjad Mir
  • Irfan Siddiqui
  • Shahid Masood
  • Aneeq Ahmed
  • Asfar Imam
  • Zahid Hussain
  • Shaheen Sehbai
  • Zarar Khan
  • Iqbal Haider


  • mansoor |

    damn man! really wish they hadn’t done that…

    as much as i’d like to think of ‘others involved’, they’re follow up actions are only making it harder to believe..

    may Allah protect the 20 named.

  • disappointed muhajir |

    MQM believes in Might is Right so I am not surprised by the threats in MRC statements.

    The other day Governor Ishratul Ibad says he wants to genuinely unarm everyone in Karachi. My suggestion, he should sweep before his own door first – start collecting arms and ammunitions from MQM workers first.

  • Zurkah |

    Reporters Without Borders have voiced serious concern over threats issued to Pakistani reporters covering the causes and consequences of the 12 May tragedy in Karachi. paktribune.com/news/index.shtml?179108

    Threatening media personnel is not an aberration for MQM. http://tinyurl.com/343qeg

    It is a persistence posture of intimidation evident for the past five years that MQM
    is a coalition partner in Sind province and at the centre.

    One example is Ban on The STAR. Published by the DAWN Group of Newspapers, the STAR, prior to suspending publication, in 2006, was Karachis leading evening

    In February 2005, the MQM took exception to a story in the paper that raised questions about the death in custody of a suspect. Alleging defamation, the MQM instituted criminal proceedings against the STAR, despite the fact that lawyers acting on behalf of the STAR, offered as per the policy of the DAWN Group to publish their version of the said impugned article. The Court proceedings are still subjudice.

    The efforts to intimidate the STAR peaked when the newspaper raises issues regarding the death in police custody of a suspect. The report is made the basis of criminal proceedings against the newspaper under the Defamation Ordinance 2002, and the matter is still subjudice.

    How journalists are in effect paralyzed from performing their tasks is clear from the fact that
    under the Defamation Ordinance, the presence of all cited persons is required at every court hearing. They must also seek the courts permission every time they leave the city or the country; the reporter involved is restrained from
    travelling on assignment; this constitutes harassment even before the verdict of whether defamation actually took place or not has been given.

    See a summary of similar heavy-handed actions meted out by MQM to influence media by coercion:


  • Siddiqui |

    MQM is still living in the past…..same old ignorant fools, they have to realize its 21st century.
    The way British media is protecting Altaf hussain is mindblowing.

  • Honest_pakistani |

    Guys nothing will chnage as long as dictators needs criminals you will see daily these kinds of threats

  • Joseph Brewster |

    MQM is actually working on the principles of Hitler. At one hand the Provincial Government says that the Karachi problem is the problem of the whole country, while on the other, MQM Govt. keeps on taking steps which prove that karachi is their hereditary property. Like the wiles of Fascist Hitler brought destruction not only on the German nation, but resulted in the killing of 55 million people all over the world. Just as MQM has wrought havoc on not only the people of Karachi but the nation at large. Anyway, following were the principles of Adolf Hitler that MQM is following:

    1. Nations destinies are charted by the minority, not the majority,
    2. Intellectuals are misguided individuals, suffering from scientific indigestion.
    3. Democracy brings anarchy and chaos. 
    4. Our creed is true, and only this creed is true. 
    5. Destruction fuelled by violent demagoguery is necessary.
    6. The leader requires disciples who oppress others while pretending to protect them from oppression ,
    7. Illiterates and naïve youngsters are more suitable for the movement 
    8. The disciple should be trained to act, not ask questions 
    9. We are not the slaves of public opinion, but its leaders
    10. Newspapers should not be allowed to ride popular will 
    11. Reject everything that the opponents utter 
    12. Minimum writing, maximum speaking 
    13. Street trouble is the life blood of the movement
    14. Public demonstrations should not be peaceful


    i think threats given to journalists will not work anymore. like chalking against imran khan.its good that they r exposed. i think they will not harm any journalist coz they know well they r on the target.


    i think threats given to journalists will not work anymore. like chalking against imran khan.its good that they r exposed. i think they will not harm any journalist coz they means mqm know well they r on the target.

  • abid |

    Abid…..discover the truth. 27dec when some person burned hundrads of vehicles killed and burned many persons in karachi in that day where were the journalists like 20,s and tv .when womens raped in karachi by some person ….. .WHO WILL DISCLOSE IT MEDIA .JOURNALIST.U.ME……………………………..WHEN THEY WERE SLEEPED .THAY ALL OF PAID BY MAFIA.


    finally and finally mwm was top terrorist and killler party = altaf just like karachi’s dada or just like karachi’ bhai’ jo is ke kissi baat ko refuse krey us ko mar gia gatha hai = ye hum sub log genteh hai………. pl altaf hang until death \ and body delivered at dog food manufactuing unit

  • readerofteeth |

    I would like to say that mqm is very well back and supported. All we can do is that , speak againt them and none. We either in favour of mqm or againt dont cast their votes. mqm city nazim win only with margin of 1300 votes.
    But he is doing very well for city. My suggestion is that , we must influence mqm for positive , criticisim is easy. I would like to ask all people to send email to mqm to change itself. this is my request

  • Mohammed Zafir Zia |

    MQM is a state patronized mafia, a group of terrorists and thugs.MQM is also a group of opportunists having lust for power and ministries and could do anything to get them.
    May 12,2007 is one of the darkest days in Pakistan’s politics in which workers of political parties PPP, PML-N, ANP, JI and PTI were brutally murdered on the streets of karachi.
    InshALLAH Karachhites will get rid of these terrorists soon

  • Syed Muhammad UMAIR |

    this list only total of 20… but wat abt 15000 peoples of MQM. ??? haan/… dats pure unawareness,,, frm truth.,,,,

    every body were involed in the incident of 12th may… mqm suffers 14 peoples…. .. so y u wrote.. and sympathy wit pppp… nawaz .. anp etc… now we able to fight and defend ourselves.. in any means.. to any one..

    if sum one trying to put us down.. we will wipe out him and his cast….

    G.A Altaf bhai……..