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The Woolmer Murdering Circus & Nasim Ashraf

Cricket Bloggers of Pakistan: After over three months of investigation the Jamaican Police announced the closure of Bob Woolmer’s death as having died of natural causes. For Pakistanis it was a definite relief, the Pakistan team were definitely suspects in the investigation and it comes as a relief to one and all that none of our players had any hand in this mishap.

What needs to be addressed is the circus created by the Jamaican police in the world media, the first autopsy report claimed that the hypoid bone was fractured (March 23) which is a good indication that he was strangled to death, based on this report I feel the lead investigator, Mark Shields was correct in starting a murder investigation. With the ongoing But on later autopsies there was no evidence of Hyoid Bone fracture at all. This is without doubt a grave error on the part of any medico legal doctor to make such a strong statement without even have x-rayed the specific bone showing his evidence of fracture.

Imran Khan (BBC Hardtalk) quite right urged the PCB must file a serious complaint with the Jamaica Constabulary Force for having ridiculed the death investigation of their coach. It may not serve any purpose per se, but a principled stand must be taken. All said Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman in his typical quick haste to please the ICC has already intimated that it seeks no legal action for this mishap.

Nasim Ashraf may want the Pakistan Cricket Team to get over with this looming dagger, while some may agree. But I feel Pakistan should have taken this up on principled grounds and not just emotions. Which I feel could have been.

  • The Jamaican Police (with their medico-legal department) ridicule the death of our coach hence allowing the media the opportunity to cast doubts on his character accusing him of involvement in Match Fixing amongst other claims
  • Secondly the name of the Pakistan was also tarnished through out the world and its players were held up as suspects and interrogated at length.

Had if the autopsy been correct, things would have been different, the players should have been questioned but not held up as suspects and neither would there have been a necessity to extract DNA samples from them. Had if the autopsy been correct, then Bob Woolmers death would not have over shadowed the greatest cricketing show on earth. Had if the autopsy been correct, the supporters here in Pakistan would have accorded these players a heroic losers welcome to them with the typical welcoming garland of shoes, sadly with a looming investigation they snuck into the country unnoticed as the Pakistan cricket fans were stunned praying with the hope that Pakistan is not accused and involved in this murder investigation

Sadly but we must have to concede that Nasim Ashraf messed up yet again and we will notch this as yet another blooper in his growing long list of bloopers, will he learn to stop or is he too thick headed to learn from his mistakes

Wrapping up – I pray for Bob Woolmer – May His Soul Rest In Peace


  • Asad |

    There was a definite India-connection in the media-blaming-Pakistan episode. 🙁

  • shobz |

    well it’s just egg in their faces now. everyone was quick to jump in on the murder bandwagon.

  • asheyy |

    its kind of funny reading stuff written by one’s own dentist’s son:S:S


  • Quraatt |

    oh well…

    Nice post again. Haven been on yr blog since a lot of time

    About the post I must say that nobody even cares about thw woolmer guy.

    I mean…he’s dead n the pakustani team sucks in everyone’s eyes.

    I just feel sorry for the ignorance they are shwoing for tbis particular matter