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George Galloway’s Speech on Pakistan

George GallowayI have long since been a fan of George Galloway, this time he works tirelessly to arrange for a session titled “Restoration of democracy in Pakistan” in the UK House of Commons. George Galloway first made his remarks and it was later followed by a response by the Minister of State, Mr. Geoff Hoon.

I needn’t say much about George Galloway’s speech as he was truly exceptional, had all his facts perfectly, was upfront at challenging UK’s support for Musharraf and also grilled the Minister on why UK had been harboring a terrorist by the name of Altaf Hussain for so many years and is allowed to run a terrorist organization ‘from a sofa, on Edgware Road’

Its sad to see Mr. Goons response which was embarrassing as he continued to support Musharraf’s reign on Pakistan by praising his Anti-Terrorism activities and also shed light on the holistic vision called ‘Enlightened Moderation’. Looking at this response I pray that the English bureaucracy does not overshadow the investigation of Altaf Hussain initiated by Imran Khan for his involvement in terrorism related activities in Pakistan. We all know had he been a bearded mullah sitting on an prayer mat in some isolated masjid in London, he would have been cuffed and sent to Gitmo within the blink of an eye simply on the suspicion of any involvement, but sadly with all the evidence gathered against him Altaf Hussain is not a mullah, and it seems as if this get-up does not ‘look like a terrorist’ it may be possible that he may yet again slip through the cracks. For the sake of the future of Pakistan – I hope that Justice is served

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The text of George Galloways entire speech to the House of Commons and the subsequent response by Minister of State can be found here


  • Skeptic |

    I appreciate your concern for bringing the terrorists of 12th May incident to justice but it is also a fact that UK is a democracy and in a democracy you have to afford the due process of law even to most heinous criminals. Unless Imran Khan has some hard evidence to support his accusations it will be difficult for him to get a verdict against Altaf Hussain. This is a drawback of our system of justice that even when it is obvious that a person has committed not murder or murders but crimes against humanity he is still “presumed innocent until proven guilty.

  • Muhajir |

    I doubt Imran would have any luck.


    Do you think the British Security agencies are sleeping and they can not come up with evidence against Altaf?

    The point to ponder is what do they get out of it?

    and when they decide to extradite him, they wouldn’t even need evidence.

  • Asad |

    Good. He should also give a speech on the terrorist activities by Altaf Hussein. Maybe the House of Commons would be more receptive to that.