Pakistan at the Mercy of ‘Greedy’ Musharraf

Musharraf CartoonIts not easy for a nation of 160 million people stand on the sidelines helplessly watching one person lead our beloved country down towards a path of destruction simply because of his greed and hunger for power of the kursi. There are strong rumors floating around Islamabad suggesting that Musharraf might enforce a State of Emergency in Pakistan as per the Article 232 of the Constitution of Pakistan, quite forcibly pushing this nation into even more chaos and confusion.

In an earlier post I had outlined that Musharraf was playing this game of poker with only two cards in hand and both served up to him courtesy of the White House. The Americans had clearly offered him two options, first was to attempt to negotiate a deal with Benazir Bhutto and the second was a back up scenario just in case if the Benazir talks fail, then he was permitted to enforce a State of Emergency. All these ramblings and dealings were simply because the United States of America needed a moderate leader running the country so that they can continue to wage the war on terror around Pakistan

The People of Pakistan need to wake up and fight for their country
The past few days we have seen some intense negotiations between Benazir and Musharraf and there were even strong rumors that the deal was almost close to being finalization except for one or two important issues. But today when we start to hear a buzz around Islamabad that Musharraf might after all enforce a state of emergency this could only mean that the deal hit the rocks and now Musharraf is forced to take recourse of his back-up option and feed his lust for power by enforcing a state of emergency.

No matter how calm Musharraf may seem, this step will test the loyalty of his Core Commanders to the hilt as there have been some signs of dissent within the ranks over the past few months, albeit nothing public but serious concern has been raised behind closed doors and there is also a strong voice of descent within the entire Army cadre as most seem to resent the fact that Musharraf has destroyed the country to which they have all sworn to protect.

Its important to note that a State of Emergency does not affect the judicial system and considering the ongoing battle between the state and the judiciary for the past few months I am sure the Judicial system might come through at this important juncture

Taking a pulse of the nation can also be judged by what people have to say on the topic and judging by the articles appearing on the Pakistani Blogosphere there seems to be a resounding voice of protest against this State of Emergency, read more at their respective blogs

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Short of an outright civil-war, I like many of the 160 million people Pakistan feel utterly helpless watching our country being ransacked by this Evangelist of Enlightened Moderation, it is only for the sake of my country that I hope that someone from either the ranks of these army generals or our judiciary wakes up and actually comes forth to defend his nation from this tyrant.

But if all else fails then I suspect the people of Pakistan might take to the streets and fight for their country with their own bare hands as we cannot continue to tolerate this tyrant ruler. The People of Pakistan need to wake up and fight for their country.



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6 responses to “Pakistan at the Mercy of ‘Greedy’ Musharraf”

  1. kashif alvi Avatar

    Musharraf or the politician, they all are the same robbing, killing for more & more power. I mean Musharraf took over Nawaz sharif former Prime Minister of Pakistan and was thrown in prison and tried by Pakistan’s Anti-Terrorism Courts, which sentenced him to several life sentences for corruption, hijacking, tax evasion, embezzlement, and terrorism in 2000. The military government agreed to commute his sentence from life in prison to exile in Saudi Arabia, and suprime court of Pakistan diside today, 23 august 2007, that Nawaz Sharrif can return with his brother to Pakistan..My point is what happened to the life sentences, who’s right and who’s wrong? Pakistan should be called a confusing state. 160 million pakistani people will never fight for their rights, because they are to busy cheating each other.

  2. nota Avatar

    And let’s not forget his partner in crime, Shaukat Aziz. Is there a financial scandal he is not involved in? Before coming to Pakistan he was involved in money laundering at Citibank; He was involved in the 2005 KSE crash along with his buddy Arif Habib when they and their partners literally stole $6 BILLION in a single day. What about the PSM sale scam? What about the Sukh Chayn scam and insider trading being investigated by the FBI? And now we have the up coming Roosevelt Hotel scandal which according to Dawn editorial has offers of $1 Billion but Shauki is claiming it is only worth $400 million (and that too would only net $122 million).

  3. Maliha Siddiqui Avatar

    @kashif your right those ex-leaders and the present on at this matter all want the same thing which sucking the life out of pakistan and cash it dollars to get the bank accounts bigger than they are right now!!! those three stupid ex-leaders should have been in jail right now for all the crimes they have committed but instead they are all living in lavish banglos taking in mind that the living standard in KSA , UAE , and the UK is not cheap 🙂 anyways viva la Pakistan thats what i am going to say

  4. GuYasir Avatar

    What one can say ’bout ’em besides that they are ‘perverse paki politician’. Perverse Musharaf an eccentric general turned politician has becum pure poodle of u.s and he has no shame to write in his book that he took million of dollars to deliver al-qaeda men to the amrekans.shame on him
    Well listen musharraf you do at your bottom best to make happy amerikans but it wont enuff for amerikans and they’ll demand you more and more crackdown on Pakistan’s pro-Taleban Pashtuns operatives and in the last you’ll be crack (killed) by those folks to whom you’re an agent..he’s doin nothin except weakening our only remaining strength Pak-Army…

  5. Jatts-bhatts-Rajputs-gujjars Avatar

    biggest thing that musharaf can boast is the forgiven loans and money he has recieved from west since their invasion of iraq and afghanistan and his cronies always like to remind us of these $,s which the common folk of pakistan will not even sniff let alone get benefit from! and point musharaf and his party are forgetting that musharaf has sold his own country and citizens to usa even now Pak citizens are being sent to guanatanamo and other secret CIA prisons. Unless educated elite of pakistan that includes our teachers, professors not some ignorant power hungry scum who has bribed his way to power take a rise this country and its citizens will always be seen as cheap and cowardly!

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