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Nawaz Sharif Deported !!!!

Nawaz SharifIn yet another embarrassing situation in Pakistan – Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif has been deported from the country, after a stand off which lasted a few hours.

The aircraft from London PK-786 landed in Islamabad early today morning. After a few hours being holed up in the aircraft he was allowed to enter the VIP lounge where some members of security agency presented him an arrest warrant to which after time he agreed and was airlifted to an undisclosed location. barely thirty minutes reports came in that Nawaz Sharif was being deported to Saudi Arabia, being sent via a chartered flight out of the country.

I feel this is yet another embarrassing day for Pakistan again served up by the dictator Musharraf.

A careful analysis shows that Musharraf has played his game very well, according to the order of Supreme Court Nawaz Shairf should be allowed to arrive in Pakistan as a citizen of Pakistan to show his arrival in Pakistan the only piece of evidence is the stamping of his passport at the immigration counter in Islamabad, which was exactly what happened.

following his arrival after immigration to the VIP lounge a number of security agencies then presented him an arrest warrant listing about 4-5 corruption charges, but what I was surprised to see was the fact that it was unsigned and written on a blank sheet of paper (as seen on ARY), granted it was presented by an official but technically it will have no legal weight in any court of law.

Despite the presence of a large number of advisers with Nawaz Sharif he accepted the said warrant and proceeded to exit the airport under the custody of the police officials then bundled into an awaiting helicopter. Nawaz Shairf was of the assumption that we was soon to be flown to some undisclosed jail but instead he was herded into an awaiting aircraft and consequentially deported to Saudi Arabia.

The fact that Nawaz Sharif was deported after his arrival in Pakistan seems to be an entirely different scenario than actually expected and the evil genius won the day. Technically it is my opinion that Musharraf complied with the Supreme Court order ‘allowing Nawaz Sharif into Pakistan’ but he will now plead a new case in front of the Supreme Court. Armed with the famous 10-year deal document where it categorically states a ten year clause Musharraf can argue that in accordance to International Commitments he was forced to send the ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. The question remains to see if this argument can stand up in court and will be judged independently of any existing case. But whatever be the case it is without doubt that Musharraf did actually pull a cheeky fine cut right between first and second slip with the world watching in bewilderment. Smart move by Musharraf, but I feel he is only barely grasping on to his seat while I sit in bemusement at the thought of watching Benazir Bhutto to have cringed with stomach cramps cursing the army for the millionth time for having taken her for a ride of her life putting a definite blow to her plans for a heroic return into power, while watching the popularity of her arch rival soar into the skies.

Nawaz Sharif may be deported but this game of charades has earned him a bunch load of brownie point amongst the masses. But on the other hand have we forgotten his days of corruption, to glorify him yet again – its without doubt Pakistanis have a short term memory.


  • Khushal Khan |

    Never expected such an embarrasing thing to happen, the worst i was expecting was an arrest, but the deportation dodge is more worst than slaying him even. Musharraf is history soon Inshallah~

  • Zios |

    Knowing the history and strong characters of our rulers the outcome was an expected one. He did not have courage to admit it that he is still bound by his deal with Saudis and General. If one observes his face n gestures when he left London, something fishy was quite obvious as he knew what he is heading to though we may never come to know the truth.
    Ms. Bhutto will be happy for sure, no contestants for the deal left.
    Musharraf too will be a bit relaxed. A deal with BB will allow him 3 years more till Nawaz can come back and then the General will have him as other option to keep BB in limits. History of Pakistan:)

  • Syed Omer Ahmed |

    i am fail to understand when there was a straight forward decision from Supreme Court in favour of Mr. Nawaz that he and his family is allowed to return and should not be sent back in exile than why did the General Pervaiz sent him back to Jeddah. and what role is Saudi Arabia playing? , i am pretty much sure in few days we will all see slogans against Saudis. why do all muslim leaders are soo stupid ?

  • Maliha Siddiqui |

    he just keeps on amazing me by how stupid this man is he is a cocktail of pure stupdity, idiotically, and very entertaining … I hope he has started packing his bags and booking one of those chartered helicopters for him self as well.

  • hira khan |

    i know…how is he expecting to remain in power…he has been doing alot …but this is the limit…musharaf is actually turning the masses against himsilf…though i wasnt a nawaz fan myself..but after what happened today…i think hes a part of our country…and no matter what he has to come back..corruption should be kept apart..and everyone is like that…musharaff killed bhugti…so many people lost their lives in lalmasjid…so many people are being arrested for nothing..being killed…it would have been better if we still would have been under the british rule..

  • nota |

    One thing I would like to comment on is the stupid, stupid admission by Nawaz that although the “deal” he signed said it was for 10 years, he was assured it was going to be for 5 years only. What a bloody moronic thing to say. He should have kept it mouth shut. He had already been forgiven for it for everyone knew it was made under duress and he was all in the clear about it I believe.

    I also think the Saudis should have stayed out of it but I guess they proved that these “Kings” are nothing but true slaves of the Americans — we did need that reminding. Shame on your royal highnesses.

    And Benazir, I thing she has screwed herself and her party well. PPPP has reached new depths and I am waiting for the day Aitzaz Ahsan announces his parting of ways with her. You will do that Mr. Ahsan, won’t you?????

  • A. Waheed Qureshi |

    i think it’s shameful act from the entire government and looks that they are coward. our government is narrow minded and has no far vision and does not believe in the liberty. this is only claimed by them in words not in act. the deport of nawaz sharif and censor on AAJ KAMRAN KHAN KE SAATH is totally brutal act. pervaiz musharraf and government are headed by the force of BIG LIARS OF THE CENTURY. today i m FEELING ASHAME OF MY SELF AS A PAKISTANI.IF THE GOVERNMENT IS RIGHT AT THEIR SIDE THEN THEY SHOULD ALSO BRING BENAZIR BHUTTO TO THE COURT TO FACE THE CHARGES FILED AGAINST HER. AND THE RESULT OF ELECTION MUST BE IN THEIR OWN SIDE. NO FREE AND FARE ELECTION WILL BE HELD. AND THE DECISION ON BENAZIR TO COME AFTER EID IS IN THE INTEREST OF MUSHARRAF AND WILL HELP HIM TO RE-ELECT HIM AS PRESIDENT. IN THIS PPP WILL GET THE GOVERNMENT WITH POWER SHARING WITH PML(Q). THIS IS THE RESULT WHICH I AM FORE CASTING AND KEEP IN MIND YOU WILL FEEL NO DIFFERENCE IN MY WORDS. what are your remarks about my forecast and observation …plz reply.

  • Junaid |

    although documents may not have been signed but they were read by an official on tv, and they did take him into custody.
    when you take a person in custody you just dont throw him out but show him to court within 24hrs.

    2) Nawaz sharif was held at the airport for 1 hrs therefore he wasnt free to get in.
    3) he was escorted by officials in and out he wasnt free to get in.
    4) court may ask government to present him before court to testify.
    so there is still so much remains, but one thing certain musharraf will have very bad end.

  • Good deal |

    Looks like Mush bought some more time
    locking up a Pakistani Citizen in Saudi Arabia….
    all things work out just great, if your Aaqa is happy with you.

    NAB has just turned out to be one more political wing of MUSH.

    and look at Karachi, MQM goes on murdering spree, just because of Ashirwad of MUSH.

    looks like time is coming when Pakistanis would quit protesting and start murdering the murderers….

    Jeay Pakistan

  • Adnan Ahmed |

    God willing Musharrafs days are numbered! He has clearly committed contempt of the Supreme Court’s . It is evident that Musharraf has no principles whatsoever and can go to any extent to keep himself in power. He is a total liar. Now more people love and respect Nawaz Sharif and in contrast majority of Pakistanis even those who previously supported Mush now hate him.

  • shobz |

    screw them all. none of them deserve to be in power. i cant believe ppl have sympathy for nawaz. they are all dumbasses. good riddance to bad garbage.

  • guYasir |

    Well Nawaz is a thorn in u.s eyes due to his ’98 nuclear tests which bother u.s alot 2nd his strong stance 2wards kashmir notably Kargil conflict where he order his troops to penetrate into the indian side of LOC which also spoil his repu in w/house.
    All in all his own installed cheif of army staff perverse musharaf delist him in a bloodless coup d’état
    it is comman practice in pakistan that whichever govt installed his/her own choosen man as a president or cheif army he himself delist to his/her govt.
    well he shouldnt be in this country anymore, he’s being accused of ‘cronyism’ and too supportive for paindo/punjabies in office.
    Well those who’re sayin that musharaf days are in numbered or he’s gettin history soon. well they must listen that he will make a Hat-Trick remember ayub(1958 69) and zia (1977 to 1988) both rein pak 11 years, so will he do the same? I guess he will indeed do da same an 11 year term unfortunately there’s no one who can do that job.

    Note:I aint no longer perverse busharaf fan im also against his puppet policies esp whatever he has done in Lal Masjid I totally condemn it and whatever he’s doin in FATA which he thinks that hez eliminating so-called terrorism but no he’s not suppressing terrorism but he’s fueling the fire in the line of fire.

  • Wasit |

    Nawaz acted true to his reputation that he had earned when he was a PM, foolish and coward. He was foolish to defy the Army to return to Pakistan without first entering in an understanding with it and he showed cowardice to choose a luxurious exile instead of a jail within Pakistan. To each his own. he got what he deserved richly.

  • sabiq jamati |

    now i realize what a fool nation we had been when we were ruled by a fool and weak prime minister nawaz sharif. remember the bhutto the great, who faced all hardships and sacrificed lavish life but did not succumb to army pressure. he remained stuck to what he said, ‘ i will die but won’t sign this paper’ and both things happened.

    lool at nawaz, ‘there was no deal, – – – yes there was a deal’ ‘they wanted to keep me out for ten years but I AGREED FOR FIVE YEARS’
    I would land in ISLAMABD perhaps a stroke uf luck place me in the seat of PRIME MINISTER again by some folly of musharraf, like my folly put musharraf in the highest place

    BENAZIR ko dekho arahi ha, danke ki chot pe arahi hai aur apne soob e sindh ke markaz karachi arahi hai. insan ke pass kuch aqal bhi honi chaiyed, jang larte waqt jazbat se nahen danishmandi se kam liya jata hai, aur sharif family aur danishmandi are two contrasts.

    mujhe dukh hai ke hamara sabiq primeminister itna kamzor tha ke aonsuoon se ro rha tha, kabhi bhutto ke jail ke days ke letters perho aur hosla kya hota hai ye janne ki koshish karo,

    MMA ne apni munafiqat dikha di, jamat e islami chahti to aram se 100,000 admion ko islmbad main mobilize ker sakti thi, magar unho ne aisa na kya, MMA wo billi bun gai hai jiske gale(throat) men MQM ki chachoonder atak gae hai aur khwab men bhi wo chachoonder unko darati rehti ha

    musharraf ke dor men to jamat wale forun million march ker dete the, musharraf ke dor men kitne kiye??

    aur aik bat sabit ho gae


    dekhna is martaba bhi change inshaAllah karachi se ae ga and benazir will be the torch bearer, after all she is the daughter of sind, the province who has always been cradle to history

    go and read history, AKBAR E AZAM kon tha, kahan peda hua aur kahan pla berha? SINDH men

  • sabiq jamati |

    refer to guYasir on Sep 12, 2007 above

    nawaz sharif is not a thorn in US’s eyes, he is a fool which are high in demand

    he was a fool when he detonated atomic devices and invited US wrath, ub kya hum us atom bomb ko chat-te rahenge?

    aur nawaz sharif aik bewaqoof chalak hai ke pakistan wapas ane se 3 din pehle kehdiya ‘AGAR MEN WAZIIR E AZAM BUN GYA TO DEHSHATGARDI KE KHILAF JUNG MEHFOOZ HATHON ME HOGI. afsos hai nawaz ki kum aqli per afsoos ke aisa bewaqof shaks hamara prime minister bna, aur wo bhe 2 bar, kamzor dil shaks jo ro parta hai.

    bahi is waqt mulko ko bahadur leader ki zaroorat hai

    Benazir he chal sakti hai magar uska qusoor sirf itna hai ke wo sindh se hai, bhutto sind se tha mara gya, nawaz punjab se tha jan to buch gaee

  • lodhi |

    we are a dead nation ruled by fool and meak nawaz, shrewd benazir, and dictating musharraf, zia and ayub, with connivence of choudris, waderas, and progressives,

    now wait and see, i am sure that powers-that-be have started to work on the task of disintegration of pakistan.

    the first slogan of separation was chanted in east pakistan, second in nwfp and third in sind and latest in balochistan, but why???? for answer go and read the speache of mian mumtaz doltana (first cm of punjab) after partition who said that if we want to achieve superiority we must get rid of all minorities and he mentioned the names of minorities,


  • aliya |

    i like if Nawaz sharif comes back by the order of Supreme court so we can stand among the nations where judiciary is independent.the impact that judiciary can do nothing against establishment is far more than only deportation of mian nawaz sharif. People will do what ever they want in Pakistan not only the citizens of pakistan but also the people of other countries. When you compromise on one wrong thing the label you get can led you to compromising on wrong things through out your life. I believe that the people of Pakistan are not intelligent enough to judge the truth especially when there are too many channels of transmitting information opposit to each other.People easily get influenced by propaganda. They are unable to judge the right or wrong.they just like to hear what they want to hear from any source(fav newschannel or news person or their party of interest)
    if i like some one
    he is witty
    if i don’t like someone
    he is shrude
    if i like some one
    he is innocent and simple
    if i don’t like some one
    he is fool
    People should know their moral values
    today the pakistani society is with out moral values
    today pakistani society feels proud to break the law
    President didn’t do anything except what most of pakistan will do if get a chance
    They need to be educated
    Allah ney agar dheel dee to anjam bohut bura hai
    saza dee to shaid khouch bachat ho jai

  • Ahmed |

    It is no more about Nawaz Sharif. He turend out to be nothing more than giant with feet of clay. Now it is about the judiciary. Does it have the backbone to demand an answer why its clear order in this case was violated or all that backbone was about getting its own CJP restored and for the rest the doctrine of necessity still holds good.

  • Abdul Rehman |

    Mian Nawaz Sharif kay sath jo kuch bhi houa wo acha nahi houa aur Govt kay is rawayya say pora pakistan musharaf kay khilaf hai aur har koi musharaf ko kuta kahta hai.
    Abdul Rehman

  • Sheikh Yasir |

    Mian Sahab is a innocent , shareef , soft heart and simple Pakistan Lover Politician , still we are thinking he is our PM , because What Musharaf Bastard did with him was illegal

    INSHALLAH musharaf ka Beragharak hoga kuta hisdostora.

    Musharaf is 1 who spoiled our pakistan in 8 yrs, & he bastard dealed with PPP or BB & Manhoos laa kar hamare sar pe bitha diyeah.