Understanding the E-Crime Bill

Pakistan Cyber Crime Bill 2007A few days I had posted about the Draconian Cyber Crime Law in Pakistan where I attempted to discuss a small part of the bill trying to convey the gravity of the issue in that short write up, but I feel it probably did not do enough justice to the actual presentation made by Zahid Jamil during his presentation on the Cyber Crime Bill law that he made at T2F that day. The group of activists felt that Zahid’s presentation should have been video taped and shared with the world to see and let the people judge for themselves the impact of this bill if fully promulgated in Pakistan.

If you would like to understand what the fuss is all about, spare a little time and run through these presentations, I assure you, at times you will laugh at the stupid mistakes made by the government but on occasions you might even get a hair chilling thought worrying at how easy it can be to arrest and prosecute anyone with this bill.

Do keep in mind that the way this bill is drafted, it is meant to confuse and accuse, with no protections and rights built in for the innocent. We believe that the cyber crime bill must be re-drafted and not allowed to be enforced into the constitution in its present form, please spread the word and help raise awareness for this issue

Part 1 – E-Crime Bill Presentation – 28 min

Part 2 – E-Crime Bill Presentation – 30 min

Part 3 – E-Crime Bill Presentation– 31 min

One-to-One Q/A with Civil Society

A few concerned citizens asked Zahid a few questions regarding the impact of the cyber crime bill on their own lives [IT Professionals, Doctors, Bloggers, Photojournalists, Journalists, Educators & Marketers]

Breakfast at Dawn

DVDs of the complete presentation that Zahid Jamil conducted at The Second Floor are available at T2F for Rs. 30

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6 responses to “Understanding the E-Crime Bill”

  1. KO Avatar

    A very comprehensive post. The pdf files posted on the T2F blog are especially alarming.

  2. Just me Avatar

    very interesting and informative article

  3. Tom K. Avatar


    I’m not from Pakistan but I’m in the industry where things like these can really affect people investing in Pakistan’s IT and offshoring potential. This was a bit of an eye opener for me. You’ve got some really interesting videos up there, and as the poster above me says, the pdfs are especially alarming.

    Good stuff. You’re keeping global clients abreast of information. I also found this article, from an international perspective, particularly informative: http://beta.resourcepad.com/articles/Pakistans_ECrimes_Bill_a_Crime/41

    – Tom

  4. shoaib Avatar

    Pl send my any presentation on the subject

  5. zuhayer Avatar

    i have seen the e-crime bill presentation and it seems like every body is convinced that the government is illiterate and does not know the meaning of the words(e.g.cyber terrorism, cyber fraud, etc)but is it not possible that the bill has been specially designed (in the interest of the christen-Jew-Zionist sponsored Pakistani government led by the –thief-of-the-millennium– Zardari and his corrupt, incompetent, disgusting members of government)to facilitate the government in arresting any body who might speak-out or spread information that might be bad for the government(e.g. if i inform people, using the internet, that the present regime of zardari and fellow corrupt humans are purposely not stopping the American attacks in Pakistan to make it seem that Pakistan is defenseless, scared of America) i am going to be arrested and charged with multiple crimes drafted in the e-crime bill

  6. zuhayer Avatar

    zahid Jamil if you are reading this i hope that you comment on the way i see this bill

    of course if you see this comment you are (according to the e-crime bill) already comitting punishable crimes.:)