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‘Phone call’ that led to Emergency

As mentioned previously in one of my post barely a day back when discussing Benazir’s exit out of the country, I suspected that something was a foot regarding the Presidential Petition decision and it could be possible that the Supreme Court judges might revolt, well now with the martial law in full force I think its not wrong to believe that the only reason the Martial Law has been enforce was to curb the judiciary and overthrow them well before they make a full announcement. Follow the statement made by Justice Sajjad Ali Shah when talking to ARY yesterday.

‘Phone call’ that led to emergency

ISLAMABAD – A reported telephone call by Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry about a decision on the petition of Presidential election prompted the authorities to impose state of emergency in the country. A government official, when asked about the reasons behind the move, said that Justice Iftikhar reportedly informed one of his friends on telephone that the Supreme Court was going to hand down verdict against President Musharraf, which was tapped by the secret agencies. The agencies intercepted a call from CJs phone few days ago in which he even disclosed the number of judges favouring and opposing this decision, and this forced the top policymakers to devise the emergency plan, the official said. The official, working closely with one of the Presidential aides, further said that the government took extra time in execution of this plan so as to make it safer.

“They have been holding clandestine meetings for the last few nights, which cost them almost an extra day than the estimated time to execute the emergency plan, the official disclosed. “Iftikhar Chaudhry told his friend that eight judges gave their opinion against General Pervez Musharraf, while three others were in his favour, the official said adding that this information was substantial for secret agencies to take the extreme action of emergency imposition. Meanwhile, it was learnt that Pakistan Peoples Party Chairperson Benzir Bhutto recommended the name of Justice Abdul Hamid Dogar for new Chief Justice of Pakistan. “The top government quarters took BB in confidence on the issue and she nodded in favour of Mr Dogar, the official stated.

To authenticate his information, he said that Justice Dogar was appointed by Benazir Bhutto in 1995. Meanwhile, another source revealed that a midnight crackdown against lawyers community was expected on Saturday while the judges refusing to take a fresh oath under new PCO were being put under security house arrest. He said that all important leaders of the lawyers were also likely to be taken into custody

Justice Sajjad Ali Shah talking to ARY


  • Publia.Padena |

    I don’t think that a highly professional judge as is Justice Chaudhry would be discussing a case in front of him with a friend. This story is not credible.

  • Andria |

    Great article. In this blog Chaudhry says that the decision on the petition of Presidential election prompted the authorities to impose state of emergency in the country

  • aalyaq |

    Now the Question is : Is the ‘ Highly Proffessional Judge ‘ really that professional and partisan ?

  • Adnan Siddiqi |

    I also don’t believe in part of story about Iftikhar Ch. How could he do such lame mistake when judges already knew that their phones were being taped.

    It’s just a plan to defame CJ so tht Pakistani people start thinking that their CJ was a lamer.

  • nota |

    Adnan, I am certain that is the case as is the story mentioned above about Justice Wajih pointing the finger at Aitzaz Ahsan. Did anyone see a video/listen to an audio interview with Justice Wajih as quoted in Dawn?

  • Saleem Raza Pakistani |

    In my view, this is the first time in the history the supreme court has shown itself to be the independent institution.

  • Eric |

    If Musharraf states that these emergency powers are for fighting the extremists that want to impose a strict sharia on all of Pakistan and blow stuff up, then what was he doing these past seven years? How come he didn’t take care of these extremists before? Could it be that he actually found them useful for disputes with India and Afghanistan? Are we to believe that he was blissfully unaware of the arming of the “Red mosque” in Islamabad?

  • Abida Mushtaq |

    Well it was in the air that something wrong is going to happen with the Pakistan Judiciary because our CJ was just and right in the decisions given by the Pakistan Supreme Court but The Military Govt Can not tolirate this sort of decisions given by SCP in the interest of Public at large so it decided to suspend CJ as it was a great hurdle in the way of Arbitrary Govt and its Suo Moto action was also taken away by amending the Constitution.

  • Abida Mushtaq |

    if Our CJ was talking to his friend on Phone i think they better know that their phones are tapped by the Agecies i dont think so that he will discuss such an important matter with his friends.