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Update @ 0040: On detentions and releases in Lahore & Karachi

The following update on those who had been detained and arrested previously and who have now been released or otherwise, comes via e-mail from a blogger on the ground (Be) in Pakistan:

1) 155 out of the 865 advocates arrested in Lahore on Monday have been sent for a three-day remand in the judicial lockup by the anti-terrorist court, and the may be charged under the anti-terrorist act.

2) The detained human rights activists went home today (Tuesday evening, PST) after posting bail, but Asma Jahangir STILL remains under house arrest.


1) Some of the Karachi lawyers were released on bail from Karachi Central Jail around 4 am today

2) Five of the activists arrested outside Karachi Press Club at the rally on Monday evening, were remanded to police custody for 15 days (Clifton police station) Farid Awan, President, Peoples Movement for Justice (PMJ); Liaqat Sahil, PMJ, Ayub Qureshi, information secretary National Party Sindh, Hasil Bizenjo, Secretary General, NPS, and Yusuf Mastikhan, Vice President, National Workers Party. The cameramen (whom police had also beaten) were released within a couple of hours.

A detention list is now available at the Pakistan 2007 Emergency wiki and is being edited with updates as they come in. Please feel free to contribute if you have any updates or details on those who have been arrested, detained or released.


  • PejaMistri |

    Please let us know the whereabouts of Ali Ahmed Kurd, Munir A Malik and Hamid Khan. If possible. Also would it possible to get the names/address of any of those lawyers arrested. We are planning to setup some sort of fund for those lawyer in case they need any financial assistance.
    thanks in advance.


    Please find the attached flyer.

    LUMS will be holding a peaceful rally tomorrow at 1:00pm INSIDE the main gates. [Nov. 7th. 2007]

    Please spread the word.

    Lets unite to bring democracy to Pakistan!

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