Update @ 0040: Imran Khan vows Protest

Imran Khan has vowed that he continues to lead full-fledged struggle against these recent unconstitutional steps taken by the Government to clamp down on the voice of opposition and he hoped that the youth could be mobilized in this connection. The PTI chief expressed concern that we must prepare for some more unconstitutional steps to be taken by the General in the future to simply protect his own position of power.

Imran Khan throughly believed that only the people are entitled to rule on a state that has been obtained through a public struggle and not through self appointment.

Imran also announced that he would lead a large rally of over 25,000 students at Punjab University on November 14 to show protest against this enforced rule



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2 responses to “Update @ 0040: Imran Khan vows Protest”

  1. binary-zero Avatar

    fingers crossed ! let see how PU hold to this.

  2. smith Avatar

    Imran Khan must stay in hiding until Christmas
    if he is to successfully lead his country to freedom.
    He must not lead the youth demonstration on November the 14th – he risks being killed because the American Gestapo who are behind Musharraf murder anyone they see as a potential leader
    Khan will get his chance after Christmas.