Update @ 0230: People’s Resistance Action Update 12th Nov

Peoples Resistance Action RallyA number of concerned citizens of Karachi have joined together to form a loosely connected people who have started calling themselves the People’s Resistance, it remains peaceful initiative by civil society to peacefully rally against the recently imposed martial law

The flash demonstrations were held at two venues. The first one at the Schoen Circle was not without excitement. As the group was collecting a police van came and parked in front of us. Based on police presence it was decided that we will have a silent protest but minus the men. The women lined up with their banners and the plain clothed gentleman from the police van took pictures of the group.

Peoples Resistance Action RallyThe group went to the next venue which was in front of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Agency which is responsible for the present curbs on media. The PEMRA people were good enough to immediately close the gates of the office and it was said to call the police. However, till the time we left police did not show up.

From todays demonstration it is clear that the authorities are keeping tabs on us. Maybe the idea is to scare us into leaving; not much hope of that.