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Update @ 0126: Geo.tv gets another DDoS attack & Teeth Maestro suffers slow downs

According to the Geo.tv website at around 8PM a serious of DDoS attacks started to go onto the website which was brought under control by midnight. This is the second time such an incident has happened at the Geo.tv website the first one was on November 10th when the Pakistani media giant suffered the first attack to recover in a few hours. The website quotes “Geo TV website once again came under DDoS attack for the second time at around 8pm on Wednesday, after which a very significant source of information is temporarily disconnected. It has been rectified by the timely action.”

Interestingly even the Teeth Maestro blog was suffering a significant slow down which presented many of our readers with a 500 error page. A little investigation into the matter followed by a prompt response from our hosts (dreamhost) we were able to isolate the problem which was basically a Google bot which had commenced a massive indexing of our blog resulting in serer overloads. We have resolved to suspend bots from crawling our site to ensure better upload times for all our readers, lucky for us it was not a DDoS and I would rather not be found in the company of a DDoS like Geo.

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