Update @ 1653: Imran Khan requested to Break Hunger Strike

I have just been informed that the Central Executive Committee of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in a meeting today in Islamabad has insisted with Imran Khan despite his commitment to the cause of restoration of Judiciary in Pakistan to break his five day long hunger strike in which he had also stopped taking in water.

They felt that his adopted measure of doing a hunger strike was influential while he was in prison simply leveraging the only tool he had available, his body. Once free the entire Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has promsed to continue its struggle for the restoration of Judiciary in Pakistan.

I have been informed that PTI is recommended to the APDM to boycott the elections with the hope that PPP and ANP will also join along and force the dictator to bring sanity into this country



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5 responses to “Update @ 1653: Imran Khan requested to Break Hunger Strike”

  1. Atif Abdul-Rahman Avatar

    I dont thnk a hunger strike outside the government custody (jail) would pressurize musharraf. Secondly, Bezamir has asked her party workers to participate in the elections…

    Imran Khan has emerged as a true leader!
    Keep blogging!

  2. bouleuterion Avatar


    Thanks for your brave reporting. This is Marit, Bouleuterion. MSM is reporting that Khan was released with the 3,000? Is this true?


    Marit (A blogger in the US)

  3. nota Avatar

    Yes boulterion MSM can be trusted for reports such as those…

  4. nota Avatar

    Speaking of MSM, here is an interesting video about US corporate media:

  5. Digital Life Avatar

    Imran Khan is a very charismatic and has emerged as a true leader. Wish you best of luck Imran