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Flowers for Muneer A. Malik

Concerned Citizens in Islamabad took the initiative to visit Muneer Malik while he has been admitted in a critical medical condition at PIMS Islamabad, his ailing condition was solely created by shear neglect on the part of the government of Pakistan aka Pervaiz Musharraf. These pictures were passed to us in an email to the People’s Resistance network, well done Pakistanis we must respect our hero’s who have genuinely stood up against this tyrant.

Pictures found on Funkor’s Flickr Photostream and © copyright of Fauzia Minallah

















  • Amir Habib |

    I would like to extend my heartiest congrats to our brave lawyer Mr. Muneer A Malik, who fought for the just cause.

    May Allah gave you and to your all family health and joyous life.

    Pakistan will always remember you and your teams struggle for the independence of judiciary.

    Best Regards

    From Amir
    Veinna, Austria

  • Asim Mansha |

    We regards our brave layers, Muneer Malik is one of them. Our prayers and wishes are with them. Off course one day we all learn the importance of judiciary and you will be hero of that day
    Best regards,
    Asim Mansha
    Graz, Austria

  • Sadaf |

    My special prayers for the great man, Muneer malik.May Allah swt bless u long healthy life and strength to fight for th right cause.People like u r asset of Pakistan.You r proud of Pakistan.

    Warm Wishes & get well soon!

  • Asad Mahmud |

    ‘NEVER GIVE IN’,’ONWARDS AND UP WARDS’You are leading the PEOPLE of CONSCIOUS to fight and attain the FREEDOM,UNCLE SAM and his US$ are agaist FREEDOM,they are supporting the DICTATOR,They are not HAPPY WITH YOU.You are the tourchbearer of HUMAN RIGHTS,MR.ANSAR BURNY is Now in GOVERNMENT to protect him self only.The FIGHT has only begun,it is along BATTLE

  • Aisha Iftiikhar |

    My all the prayers and best wishes for my Hero Muneer Uncle.
    I am missing you Uncle.
    May Allah shower His Blessing upon you. May Allah Grant you health and prosperity. We are praying for you. You don’t know how much you are loved and missed.
    Sir, now the students, Civil Society, Journalists, Lawyers and Respected Suspend Judges are at one side, struggling and striving against Brutality of this scared Govt.
    Inshallah the truth will get victory.
    Get well Soon.

  • Larry Jorstad |

    Dear Muneer,
    We are praying that you will fully recover and very soon. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.
    Best regards.

  • muneer |

    we apreciate your sophisticated struggles and efforts for restoration of judiciary

    by muneer.a.rajper&fahim.panhwer

  • abdullah nizamani |

    Sir I really appreciate your unending efforts.musharraf’s taking off uniform is result of your efforts.i wish you to live long,i appeal to all pakistanis to stand applaud with lawyers to get rid of these consistent victamization.
    I wish you to get well soon.

  • fahim |

    your dynamic efforts would never be forgotten and i appreciate and i pray for your health and long life, that our country could get rid from the frequently intervintion of army in political scionorio of pakistan, so i chant a slogan of go mushraf go.