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Open letter from Salman Ahmed to Bilal Musharraf

I share with you an open letter sent by Salman Ahmed of Junoon to Bilal Musharraf, son of General Pervaiz Muhsarraf, I had received the email directly from Salman but had resisted the urge to post it since I thought he may have not meant it to go public, but when I read that this email exchange was posted up on PkPolitics.com i decided to share it with my readers as well –
Post updated at 20:17 with a letter from a Pakistani asking Bilal Musharraf some honest questions

The first email from Bilal Musharraf to Salman Ahmed

I am compelled once again to share another personal anecdote, rather a saga¦ and apologize in advance for the length of the account. This one is about Salman Ahmed.


You read heaps and write heaps
And bury your head in books
Light is everywhere but where you are
And you haven’t a clue how to reach it

Marking time in extra prayers
Climbing a minaret and screeching
Mounting a pulpit and preaching – –
All this has nothing to do with knowledge

Cryptic Sciences? Enough already!

Aleph is all you need ¦. Iko aleph teray darkaar

Title: Aleph
Album: Parvaaz
Lyrics: Bulley Shah
Music: Salman Ahmad

Salman has been a close friend and a spiritual guide of sorts since 1998. It started with an email I wrote to Salman (got his email address from my brother-in-law) in a moment of unabashed inspiration after listening to Ali Azmat sing “Aleph? over and over again. From what I remember, “Aleph: A Call to Basics? was the subject line of that email. I was star struck when I heard back from Salman, and pursued further correspondence that developed into a friendship. My brother-in-law Asim had made Junoon’s first video ‘Sayonee,? The video, along with the amazing album ‘Azadi’ had propelled Junoon to become the best international band by Channel V in 1998. Asim went on to make videos for Junoon’s live concert at central park in 1998 (a tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali), “Yaar Bina,? “Bulleya?, and “Saqi Nama.?

It was the live concert in NY where I finally met Salman for the very first time. I had been married six months and my wife and I drove down from Boston as typical “groupies? singing Junoon’s songs all the way on the drive over to the concert. The attached picture below will probably better articulate our “junooni? state. In the packed to capacity crowd of 20,000 at the summer stage, I had picked my wife up on my shoulders because she couldn’t see anything¦. In fact a Friday Times journalist who wrote about the concert included an image of the of us swooning to the music, and captioning the picture “On Top of the World?. This was 1998, prior to the anomalous events that were to happen in my life and I remember my parents and my in-laws getting a good laugh out of the embarrassing moment caught on camera. I also remember this concert as the high point of Junoon’s fame.

So what began as a random email exchange led to a friendship that is now close to a decade old. The events of this year have unfortunately cast a shadow on the authenticity of the relationship, and I stand guarded with regard to where we stand today. Salman was one of very few individuals that I reached out to on a regular basis to bounce off thoughts and ideas, seeking guidance in managing my emotional and psychological self. He has been a source of support and inspiration, and I truly grateful to him for that. His valuable insights (Salman’s extremely well read), were meaningful for me in negotiating with circumstances that I unexpectedly found myself in. I feel that for Salman, music is a platform but I really feel he is best suited to play a bigger role in the scheme of things. I used to describe Salman as a Sufi to the core. He walked the walk and talked the talk, when it came to standing up for what he believed in. However here is where I start feeling sad and disappointed¦. Because I don’t know what he believes in anymore. Please allow me to explain.

The first time my alarm bells rang were regarding the future of the band Junoon itself. I remember having a conversation in which I tried to persuade husband and wife, Salman and Samina, that since Ali and Brian were dropping out of the band, that Salman no longer use junoon’s name. Why? Because Salman’s personal musical and intellectual journey was going in a direction that Junoon’s music might not have gone, had the band and the fans stayed together. Not that I could speak for “the fans?, I was just one of them. In my humble opinion the “junoon? phenomenon was not just Salman, Ali and Brian, it was also the 1990s, the newly unleashed power of rock, and a youth bulge feeling stifled and desperately looking for change. For any one band member to unilaterally try to run with junoon might take away from the junoon experience, similar to how Matrix II and III actually ended up eroding Matrix I. Let it be, was my verdict. So many new bands had come up, who paid homage to Junoon (Noori, Jal etc.) for opening the doors, but were much better at riding the youth’s passion. In fact I made a half baked pitch to take the character “Jeem? from Junoon perhaps, and broaden its domain as being “Jeem? for “jiddojehed, jurrat, jazba? etc. not just passion ala junoon. In a shallow vein, I suggested looking at what happened to the men’s clothing store “Structure? as an example. “Express?, which was a women’s clothing line acquired “Structure? and started calling it “Express for Men? but it failed. Men simply refused to wear clothes that said Express on them because they didn’t feel it was right. I feel something similar is happening to Junoon.

The second context of the alarm bells had to do with feeling uncomfortable hearing messianic verdicts from Salman regarding my father until maybe last year, to the extent that I felt a need to discount the faith in autocracy as being able to deliver on all fronts. As Joel Polodny (current Dean at Yale, former OB professor at GSB) put it, “In the short term, performance can almost always be enhanced by foregoing logic of person and emphasizing logic of position. In the long term however, logic of person (read: vision) facilitates accountability, flexibility, and motivation. Leadership depends on a balance.? I was a bit disappointed when a picture of Salman and my father that I had taken some years back when Salman met me in Pindi appeared on Junoon’s website (http://www.junoon.com/news_archive2003.htm). Although Salman had asked for the picture, he had not indicated that it would go on the website, let alone also be credited to me publicly! In any case, I reconciled with that as no big deal.

This year though, has left me truly disappointed and hurt. If Salman feels the need to neutralize the burden of prior public contact with my father with his venomous rhetoric, I find it not just unjust but truly unfair. Looking back today, I am unable to decipher whether his motivation for prior public overtures towards my father were selfless or selfish in nature. I told him just last month in Calgary (at the Mystical Journey Tour: http://www.theismaili.org/he2-3.htm) the difference between him and Bono is that Bono wouldn’t post a picture with Bush on his own website, even if he sees the President as an instrument of change and not the personification of it.

No one is perfect, I realize. However to the extent one can, one must try to reduce one’s integrity gap which someone defined aptly as the difference between lived values and stated values.

Bilal [Musharraf]

Response by Salman Ahmed to Bilal Musharraf

Dear Bilal,

Thanks for this shared e-mail. I’ve never publicly responded to you but am compelled to do so now. I’ll respond to the public part of your criticism of my changed stance against your father’s policies. For the record, my support for your father’s vision of “enlightened moderation” was never based on any personal expectations or “marketing” (rock musicians dont usually like hanging out with military dictators) My prior public support to your father’s govt. along with that of the vast majority of Pakistanis was given in the belief that he would deliver on his public promises to fight extremism, respect civil institutions,bring accountability to corrupt politicians, open up a free and independent media and reduce the immoral gap between Pakistan’s rich and poor. The picture that you took of me with your dad was taken in 2003,when I felt that the international media was cynically and wrongly depicting Pakistan as a total terrorist state being defended by “only” one pro-western moderate Pakistani, your father. Although i was ridiculed by many for doing so, but i chose to put that picture on the Junoon website after the assasination attempts on your father in December 2003. The picture was meant to symbolise the majority support of Pakistan’s civil society for the fight against extremism and lawlessness. That picture and my support for your father’s govt (WHICH YOU WOULD VOUCH,I HAVE NEVER ABUSED FOR PERSONAL GAIN NOR HAVE MY FAMILY OR FRIENDS) was never meant to be taken as a blank check for the state machinery to run amok and start dismantling civil institutions, making deals with crooks and plunderers, treating civil servants like common criminals, kidnapping and killing innocent Pakistanis under the guise of the “war on terror” and illegally spying, torturing and jailing thousands of Pakistanis (which include national heroes, supreme court judges, lawyers, rights activists, house wives and students).

My recent op-ed in the Washington post and my public disassociation with your father should not be a surprise to you. I wrote many candid e-mails to you in August and September of this year,sharing my concern about your father’s policies and his govt’s high handed tactics.You responded by saying I was being too harsh to which I reminded you that true friends are not meant to be mistaken for sycophants and cronies but are a True barometer of the public’s perceptions.You chose to ignore these warning e-mails and dismissed them as “emotionalism”. Even when you visited me while I was on tour in Canada in October, you promised that there would be no reason to impose emergency in Pakistan and you assured me that your father respects the judiciary and has spoken to the chief justice of the supreme court in this regard. Alas, even that myth has now been totally shattered. The supreme court judges are also citizens of Pakistan who have courageously tried to stick to the letter and the spirit of the law for which they are being punished by your father’s govt. Why is this so?

All that I write above is not just my view but the view of millions of Pakistanis and independent observers. I’m not writing out of spite or revenge but conveying the voice of Pakistan’s not so silent majority. As an artist I have also publicly criticized previous Pakistani rulers who like your dad made the mistake of not respecting civil society or civil institutions and I will continue to do so in the future as well. Staying silent is no longer an option, Art disturbs and artists have no choice but to listen to their conscience.

Yours Sincerely,
Salman Ahmad

P.S. I still have the e-mails that I wrote to you privately which reflect my public disapproval of your father’s deviation from his self confessed path of enlightened moderation, I can resend them if you’d like.

Updated with a response from a Pakistani

Dear Mr Bilal Musharraf,

I don’t know you personally and have absolutely nothing personally against you or your father. Since the civil society and those understanding law i.e. lawyers are up against the way things have unfolded in our beloved nation, I have decided to write to you. Can you please care to answer the following questions ( no I am not on any agenda nor any foreign govt has paid me to protest against your father, I am just an ordinary citizen)

  1. Are we children of lesser God that your father while addressing western audience time and again declares that this country cannot have western way of democracy
  2. What divine right he has to give himself extension after extension what agenda he has to finish or is it personal lust of power he seems to have
  3. What personal grudge he has against civil society while fighting a war on terror against fundamentalists
  4. Do you think it is possible in western society (barring Bush) to govern a country like your father is doing. He is making amendments after amendment to keep himself at hem of affairs courtesy, Malik Qayyum, Peerzada and many more like them
  5. A man is known by the company he keeps, look at the people he is surrounded by Big arm Wasi Zafar, Sher afghan, Shujjat, Sheikh Rashid, Ahmad Raza Qasuri. They are national embarrassment. Can you put your hand on your heart and say your father could not find any bright, intellectual patriotic Pakistan amongst 160 million people or he convenient has surrounded by pathetic, sycophants who say only things he wants to hear. THEY ARE AN INSULT TO OUR INTELLIGENCE
  6. .

  7. Why has democracy not been allowed to flourish. I want these corrupt politicians to be voted out by not hounded by ISI, NAB. Why are Nab-wanted politicians like Saleh Hayat, Sherpao in your father’s cabinet. I am not for any current politicians but like a child learns to walk and falters many time before start walking, I want people 160 millions of them to learn to walk and vote them out. For God sake give these people a chance to walk and learn
  8. .

Bad democracy is better than good dictatorship. We are not serfs or subhumans, we can learn too you know. Imagine if your father while he was teaching you how to walk had treated you with similar disdain and impatience

We want rule of law. I as an ordinary citizen can understand the contradictions in your father’s statement no matter how much links his personal ambition with national interest he fails to do so. I am 45 years old and have seen a few eras in my life. I had looked for heroes for my time and couldnot find any until recently. I am proud to live in this time and witness scores of lawyers, judges, students ordinary civil society, media anchor people standing up for one thing rule of law. My nation has a hope. This hope is not from privileged people in power but the above mentioned heroes.

Dear Sir, I will not be surprised if suddenly I am hounded by your agencies and may end up with renal failure. (isn’t it the fate of many brave men who dare to criticize your father) But remember, history is very cruel and Khuda ki lathee bay awaz hoti hay. have some perspective and comes of delusions and paranoia. zaban-e-khalq ko naqaar-e-khuda samjho

I salute Salman Ahmad for his stand. Music has come alive again. John Lennon will be proud of you. As far as Mr President is concerned “Grave yard of this world if full of indispensible people” Sirf allah ka naam raya ga.

Best wishes


  • farzana |

    KHUDA KABHI US QOUM KI KISMAT NAHIN BADALTA JO KHUD APNI QISMAT NA BADLE.Mulk men itna kuch ho giya aur loog aram se gharon men baithe hain.Pakistani bechare apne rights nahin jante wesay hum sub be gayrat bhi hain.Lal masjid aur Waziristan ke logon ka khoon hum sub ki gardanon per hai.khas tor se qiamat ke din un ka hisab bauhat sakht ho ga jinke pait men ziada rooti hai aur jo ba ikhtiar hain.ALLAH TALA pakistanis per reham karay ameen

  • kaiser |

    I pitty all the writers above. Musharrafs son is not Musharraf.Please be straightforward to address Musharraf yourself on his website if you all feel so strong about your feelings.Let Bilal enjoy his life, spare him.
    I suggest you all devote your time to educate the people of Pakistan to take independent decisions and not be slave to your ideas.

  • Dr.Tariq |

    “Butcher of Waziristan meets Butcher of Palestine”

    Recent reports have reached Pakistan that General Musharraf held a clandestine meeting with Ehud Barak in Paris on 23/1/08. According to a report on a pro-Israeli web-site ynetnews Barak said, “We support your people and back you due to your significance in securing world peace,” Barak said. Musharraf placed his hand on Barak’s shoulder and replied, “Thank you very much. God willing, I hope you will make progress in the peace process.” In fact so eager was Musharraf to strengthen his relationship with Israel that he convened a second meeting which lasted for an hour. With the spilt blood of Muslims as a common platform between the two leaders, it was reported that they discussed Iran and extremism as mutual topics of interest.

    Over the years Musharraf has tirelessly positioned himself before the Pakistani people as the champion of the Palestinian cause; however, Musharraf like the other rulers of the Muslim world has already abandoned Palestinians in exchange for Israeli recognition. Once again, Musharraf like the other rulers is looking for a convenient opportunity to publicly announce his full fledged support for Israel and its belligerent policies against the Palestinians.

    The problem of Palestine like the other burning issues of the Muslim world must be treated comprehensively, and the ummah must work hard to remove the despotic leaders who readily embrace her enemies by working hard to re-establish the Islamic Khilafah.


  • zohaib |

    asalam o alaikum to all ma pakistani,
    plz stop this fighting in our own country.we have to solve our problems n this rubbish issues instead of using abusing lang n words to each othern we should stop this bloody indians y they r posting their idiotic view..they want us to fight,they r happy,i think their is a big plans in their mindwe must stop them,we should solve our problems that our contry may become happy n peaceful.n plz dont using abusive word if ur psting comments
    please leave all politics only you.
    Jeevay jeevay MUsharraff jeevay
    Geo Musharraf Geo pakistan
    zohaib akhter

  • Kashif Naseem |


    Please restore judiciary, democracy and Media. Please get lost forever.

    Long live Iftikhar Chaudhry, Imran Khan and Aitezaz Ehsan

    Many Thanks,

  • asifa |

    I completely agree with Dr.J Mughal. Although i am an indian but i think that the socities of both india and pakistan suffer from the same problem. we always blame it on our leaders without looking at what we do ourselves. but how long can this continue. ultimately the country is ours. the power lies in our own hands. the sucess of a country depends on the citizens as well as the leaders. instead of blaming others atleast we can change our atttitude and come up to do something for our country. aur agar leaders achhe nahin hain toh khud aage aao. koshish toh karo. inshallah you will prosper and you will succeed in all your endevours. allah hafiz.

  • Laila Ahmed |

    I do not care about Salman or Bilal. I am concerned with issues of democracy, judiciary, fair elections, inflation, scandals involving wheat, atta, sugar, cement, stocks because they are hurting Pakistan. I am concerned about the fact that our Army is geeting weaker by fighting its own people because it is being ordered to do so by a General takes orders from the U.S. and is not accountable to a parliament or a court. This is the important stuff. Salman or Bilal are no bodies.

  • saqlain |

    hello bilal bahi im saqlain from karachi my best whisies 4 u in u r life ok by

  • Javed Musharraf |

    Telegraph was wrong in calling Musharraf "our sonofabitch".

    Musharraf was also wrong in calling his mother Zareen Musharraf a kanjree in his book. He alleges that his mother won an award for public dancing. It is a lie, Zareen Musharraf is not a kanjri.

    Shame on Musharraf and on Telegraph for piling dirt on an old woman. Keep her out of politics.

  • Saroor Zaidi |

    Salman Ahmed is a user. He has unrealistc views. Thanks to some idiotic people in the media, you guys give Pakistan a bad name.

    Geo Musharraf Geo

  • SadOnTheStateOfPakistanis |

    The level of thoughts and expressions saddens me deeply.
    Its hard to perceive:
    How people of our nation demonstrate such a hatred for anyone?
    How we consider ourselves Muslims and the sow the seeds of hatred along ethnic & regional dividing lines?
    How we are quick to blame others for not delivering our rights yet we fail to even recognize our duties as a responsible citizen?
    How we chose to be abusive in our expression to someone who is not even responsible for anything even if it has gone wrong?
    We consider ourselves Muslims and that is the foremost since the claim was to acquire a separate nation for “Muslims” yet we forget who we are when we converse?
    One should not fail to recognize the sacrifice of those who migrated to found the nation of Pakistan, which also includes the founder of the nation Qaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.
    It is so clearly observed even in the comments posted here that while several commentators do not wish to credit Pres. Musharaf for the foreign exchange that is coming to Pakistan still count that on behalf of remittances yet they pick in an abusive manner against the same people who live abroad and contribute to these remittances!
    John F. Kennedy said, “ask what you can do for your country, and not, what your country can do for you.”
    For those who hate Urdu speaking Pakistanis and use abusive language towards them I would like to only say this much and hope that Allah SWT will forgive me for mentioning this, when the country of Pakistan was established the Govt. of Pakistan did not have funds to pay the salary of Govt. employees and it came from the wealth of those immigrants.
    When the State Bank of Pakistan wanted to print the monetary instruments and issue currency there were no gold reserves in the treasury to provide monetary backing as customary for issuance of currency, and the GOLD that was needed to provide this monetary backing came from the immigrants.
    When Pakistan was founded there were very few people from the local population that were educated enough to take charge of various govt. institutions while the wave of Migrants otherwise also known as Mohajirs brought plenty of intellectuals who left their well established lives to answer the call for establishing the nation of Muslims.
    These migrants left all their property, wealth and belongings in the name of Islam for the establishment of a country of Muslims, not to mention a great majority also left their families behind, while a great number were also massacred by Indians while on their way to Pakistan.
    The migrants also greatly contributed to the education of Pakistan in a great proportion, by establishing institutions and imparting education.
    The question is that even after all these sacrifices by the migrating population which came to Pakistan only in the name of Islam why there is such an outcry against them by some people of Pakistan.
    Since their embarking in Pakistan these migrants have been ill-treated by some people and have been called by names such as, Panah Geer, Makar, Matharwa and many more indignities, but why?
    They brought whatever they could, they contributed whatever they could, they even gave their lives and lost families in a split yet those who appear to be muslims of local population continue to conveniently target the mohajirs/Urdu speaking.
    What is their fault, why are they being treated in such a poor manner?
    It is a matter of common knowledge and observation that most of the people clean their homes and send the trash out in the street which are filled with filth of all types not to mention the stink, and yet we consider ourselves Muslims, this would be Muslims with only half the Iman if there is any since a very basic hadith says that, cleanliness is half the iman, whatever happened to the rest of iman/faith? and, how with only half the faith we consider ourselves to be a Muslim since the 50% of our iman is not intact.
    We have more faith in USA and it’s authorities than we have in Allah SWT, if we had that faith in Allah SWT imagine what all the Almighty would have blessed us with?
    It is so shameful to even think that we expect humans like us to fulfill our requirements and fail to seek from Allah SWT who is the most supreme power and there is no end to HIS blessings.
    Like one of the commentators mentioned above, Allah SWT does not help the one who does not first help themselves.
    It is only my humble request that those who chose to inflict abusive language on their own Muslim brothers offer a small prayer and ask Allah SWT to help us all build our nation along the principles of our deen and seek HIS forgiveness on our intended and unintended inflictions.
    A good Muslim does not allow his/her emotions to take over and does not insult or abuse his brothers tied together by the rope of Islam.
    If each of us is able to assess our weaknesses and seek guidance from the Almighty with good intention there is no reason that could keep us from becoming the best nation in the entire world, but we have to be sincere in what we seek and what we practice only then we can expect the help and guidance from the Almighty Allah until then all of us are no more than maggots.

  • Bilal |

    Mr.President can be a president for decades, we never mind. B.Musharraf should not be brought into politics. look at our formal politicians like benazir and Sharif’s who ran away from the country when their time came to be punished by the people, and “Mr. Nawaz says the problem is Musharraf” with whom he sought mercy form secretly in Saudi Arab.Shame on Mr. Nawaz. But they should know that they will be punished for their bad deeds with the people of pakistan on the day of judgement, where they will never be able to run away to their looted palaces.

    Thanks To Allah,
    who have saved and given chances to Mr. President after world record assasinations attempts.


  • Fasih Ali Khan |

    Musharraf is A Blessing for Pakistan. May Allah Almighty Save President Musharraf. Ameen.

    Musharrafs Fight For Pakistan

    So Who’s Real Traitor Dig Out …

    President Musharraf took over the Power on 12th October 1999 in a BloodLess Coup in Pakistan amid International Condemnation. The days he came in Power were one of the worst times Pakistan has ever seen in its history. There was Mismanagement in Every Field, Mass Lootings by the politicians of Nations Resources. Pakistan was on edge of being declared as A Failed State and our economy was near Defaulting. There was Lawlessness, Religious Tensions and a Very Strong sense of Inter provincial Disharmony. This was all the result of Selfish, Power Hungry and embattled politicians who were fighting for their vested Interests.

    When Musharraf was dragged into Power by thens Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in an awkward manner by risking his (Musharrafs) life and about two hundered other people on board, Musharraf Mangaged to escape and Imposed Army Coup in Pakistan and promised Pakistani Nation that he would Introduce the Real Democracy instead of a Sham once, Which existed before him. Nawaz Sharif was sent into Exile on Request of him and a Friendly Country who agreed to host him.

    Here Started the time of Musharraf as the Chief Executive of Pakistan. Over the years he had a lot of Problems with International Community (Mostly the Big Powers Such As US and UK like calling themselves) for taking the power over, from the Democratic leaders, But he could not care less about all this and Kept Working in the Interest of Pakistan. Then happened the 9/11 Which has brought a Total Change in Wests Attitude towards Musharraf. All of Pakistans neighboring countries Including India have started reaching out to US to show support in its campaign against what they called Terrorists (The Old Allies of Soviet Times). US wanted to get into Afghanistan to Occupy It and Bring the culprits of 9/11 to Justice hinting at Alqaida and Usama Bin Laden. Pakistan was at crossroads, If we would have opted for Taliban (a Friendly Regime in Afghanistan) So had to face the wrath of International Community and if we were to Opt for West it could bring dangerous Afghan war to our own streets. By the way we had to go for one Option. In Short President Musharraf has Opted for being Neutral and just offered to provide the West with Logistical Support . By doing this he has turned from a ”Dictator” to ”Most Important Ally of US” and Personally saved Pakistan from being Isolated and feel the heat of the Worlds Anger at Non Cooperation, At the other hand Did Not become the Direct Aggressor on the Neighboring Country.

    In Those Times Chief Executive of Pakistan General Pervaiz Musharraf was seen as a Heroic Personality in the West and President Bush had The Privilege to host Mr Musharraf many times in his Country with open arms and Unfinishing Praising Words. Even, All that did Not Stopped Musharraf to tell Bush in US, That The Pakistanis feel ‘US is not their Real Ally Afterall, US gets its Interests solved by Pakistan and always betray us in the End’. In answer to this, Mr Bush came up with these historic words that This time around US , Pakistan friendship would not be like a short dance But again he has proved that those remarks Were Nothing But Empty Words used for US Interests. By the way MR Musharraf gained the Reputation worldwide as a Straight Forward, Truthful and Honest person in all these times.

    In the mean time Afghanistans Ugly war has entered into Pakistan as feared, and Embattled Pakistani Soldiers started giving their lives to save their homeland and Their Citizens. Now Americas demands started growing, After unfinishing Do More Rantings for our Border War, they started expecting Alot more from Pakistanis. They had their Misadventure done in Iraq after Afghanistan and when unexpectedly had The Real Tough Time in that Invasion, US Asked Pakistani Government to send its forces in Iraq to Replace US Forces. Around six months US used UN Platform for these demands, after got exhausted with Pakistani Government. But Musharraf had the Stance that we can Not Afford to fight someone elses wars and would Not involve in that fight. Obviously it has angered US Gravely. Plus Musharrafs refusal to Assist US in Latest Iran Plans and by him Refusal to US Demands of Infiltration in Waziristan in wake of ‘Taliban Threat’ , Not to mention Pakistans Firm Stance to Go Ahead with Iran- Pakistan- India Gas Pipeline (IPI), Which US did not want to see happening.

    All this made Musharraf from a Hero to a Dictator Again. The Rants of Democracy in Pakistan started pouring from Whole of the Western Media day in, day out. When the Do More Stance has been answered by Pakistani Forighn Minister Khursheed Kasuri in a way that Pakistan is the Country whos been facing the harshest consequences in War On Terror and its Others Not Pakistan who need to Do More.

    All this was Just too much for the West to bare . SO Much Independence by a Non-Western Country Specially An Important Islamic Country was like a Nighmare That wasnt Quite Right they Supposed . So Thanks to Our Traitors . They got Sold off Yet Again …. Keeping the history alive and there came the Democracy Chants from Every corner of The World and our SoldOuts Got what they Wanted

    Now Thank God wer back in Democracy .. Who REALLY Cares about Sovereignty.

    Fasih Ali Khan
    Lahore, Pakistan

  • gibran |

    Bilal, you are not alone in this fight. You have the support of many like us.

    Salman is a great musician, but not many will disagree that he is an attention seeking, bono wannabe middle aged man who finds himself without the popularity he enjoyed a few years ago.

    Your father is a great leader, regardless of the company he has chosen to kept. It is unfortunate that some bad decisions have been made. But if you look at our country today, no one has done as much for Pakistan as much as Pervaiz Musharraf. I hope history will do him justice.

  • Shaukat Azim |

    Belated congrats on your grandma winning a public dancing award.

    It is amazing how the son of a public dancer can become the president, only in Pakistan.

  • najmi |

    sham on u
    biggest liar in our country spreading false news.where all these people died?
    killing terrorist is 100% halal in islam

  • Shaukat Azim |

    Pervez Musharraf should be locked in with 10 donkeys.

  • Akber Ali |

    Dear friends (in favor and against of both General Musharraf and Bilal Musharraf)

    I am a personal victim of the Perviz Musharraf and I lost my carrier job in Pakistan just because that I send an email to the presidency. Oh My God Why I made that mistake? I then left Pakistan and came here to US.

    Anyways – Musharraf has a clear and simple agenda “Pakistan First” which means that first it should be destroyed. He is successfully working on this agenda and almost completed the task.

    His son Bilal had no option to be the son of Musharraf otherwise I am sure he would have opted for it, by looking at the false promises which his father made with 160 million people of Pakistan on TV.

    Bilal is enjoying life in US and let him enjoy because if God wants him to enjoy then he should enjoy.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |


  • AMMAR |

    Oh come one guys, let now talk about Mushy and Salman. Every one knows about Mushy, but why are we talking about Salman. Salman is the friend of Zani-e-Azam of pakistan, his excellency Imran Khan, working for the justice in the country (SO CALLED I GUESS). Salman claims to be Imran’s friend and if birds of same feather fly togther notion is right then lets think Salman of the same cadre. Point to think Dr. Samina (Salman’s wife) whether she want to stay with him or want to get the divorce.

  • Common Man |

    This is all about about your mental attitude and atmosphere you have. You seem adicted of such stuff. If even you are abandoned you request to get involved in it. Just stop spitting around and think to be gentle. This is not enough that nobody sees you then you are out of your control. Sobre people have a strong controll they don’t care what comes around the corner.

  • Waqar |

    Dear Bilal,

    Your father is great man he killed all terrorist, in northern area, Balochistan, and Sawat.

    We need a leader like your father who can make us free from this rubbish extremist.

    Geo Musharraf (Amin)

  • Azeem |

    short memmory – our national charector. we want change nothing else. we are the one so called cevil society who forced Musharaf for what he has done in the past year. Let me tel you that Musharaf is the one who told us what is free media. Dont for get that we are a corrupt nation and our media is part of that. Our private chanells are infact working for the corrupt politicians. We dont deserve honest rulers this is why I advise Musharef to quit.

  • Masroor |

    Dear Mr.Bilal

    Please do not mind the comments of these people.Actually, our nation has got a very short memory.They have forgot what your father has done good for country. I wish we would have in stone age then perhaps they realized.We are not like Iran.To stop US intervention we will have to produce a man like Mr. Khomayni, but problem is that we have got 72 sects so there will be 72 khomaymies, again big problem for this pakistani nation.Very simple ,when Harzat Ali (K.A.W), the Honest and most brave man in world after Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) could not led the whole muslim nation on track so how come Mr.President Musharf can do alone.I wish this country would have 53rd state of US, atleast all would have in peace, as all our pakistanies are living peacefully in US, Canada,UK etc under christians society and observing their isalamic practices freely but in our country Lal musjid provided an issue to nation to criticize Mr.Musharaf who provided the freedom to criticize himself,thankless and short minded nation. I really do pray for this brave man and may God be an safe guard to him.

  • Tariq Khan |

    President Mushraff
    A great personality to save Pakistan from draughts / rags
    and extension.

    I personaly think that P.Musharaf will prove to be a hero in future, time to come .

    Now Pakistan is facing another curb, new sitting Govt of PPP and coalition are trying to bring back pakistan to dark ages, to cutover Pakistan from rest of World.

    Pakistan is facing Power and Energy crisis,added with Wheat and eatable items, which is becoming out of reach for poor.

    and we are fighting for Judges and supreme court, remember that day when Mr.Nawaz Sharif attacked Supreme Court.

    A Pakistani
    Tariq Khan.

  • Salman |

    Dear respondents (Busharraf lovers) and Mr. Bilal,

    I only like to put the facts straight which you might be oblivious to in the lawns of Yale and the winds of America, it only needs to be a middle class citizen of this country to realise what your Retd. (honorable) father has done to this country and continues to do so… the visions, missions, are the easiest things to be crafted by ordinary managers hence i dont take any pride in hollow slogans of enlighted (read; fused moderation) whats more important are the actions and the results with which your dad has left us to deal with, since Bilal likes to quote mgmt gurus of Yale to justify his claims it would be appropriate if he tastes the answers in the same tone.

    Dateline Pakistan 2008;
    Pakistan a more dangerous place than it was in 99 after Busharraf’s coup… Pakistan close to the bring of being called a failed state with the policies of Busharraf…
    Busharraf had to join hands with the most corrupt elite of Punjab’s chouwdaries and NABbed politicians to continue his illigitimate rule…

    Busharraf forced AQ Khan the hero of the nation, the man who empowered Busharraf & Pakistanis to look eye ball to eye ball into its 6 times larger enemy, Busharraf not only insulted him he publicly maligned his character as if he was sleeping when the centrifuges were transferred to N Korea, (or in the other words he was the MOST ignorant army chief)of whats happening in Kahuta and with Nukes. Busharraf was the mastermind of Kargil misadventure and he refused to acknowledge his own soldiers bodies after Kargil’s fiasco (to date indian news papers make fun of us)

    Busharraf enjoyed his illigitimacy only and only thru the support of Bush admin, his popularity has gone down the drain now

    Busharraf never liked anyone in his cabinet who can think his best friends were Shujaat and Ilahi, Wasi Zafar (scum of the earth),

    Busharraf sold the Steel mills with corruption at throw away prices and when supreme court turned ruling against him, his dictator inside woke up with a yawn, and then he did what no other country has ever done… elightened moderation… huh.. my foot..

    Busharraf gace hundreds of youth to CIA secretly and received tons of $$$ from them, and when the CJ took notice of his wrong doings or asked his stooges to produce evidence or the person and then he did what no other country has ever done to its judiciary… elightened moderation… huh.. my foot..

    Busharraf got slammed with hatred / dirty cartoons worldwide for being a loyal servant of US while CJ Iftikhar got the “Independence Award” from Harvard Law School, I am sure mr. Bilal rates Harvard slightly above Yale…!!

    Busharraf’s spoons and chamchas got thwarted in the elections, he is still adamant that he is the ligitimate ruler, he openly asked for votes in army uniform for corrupt chawdries, and the result is clear… shame on the chamcha culture,

    Pakistan army never was so threatened in its own country, its his policies that a 3 star general was killed within Kms of GHQ, hundreds of jawans get killed every month thru their own citizens,

    Pakistan now has most suicide bombings than Iraq or Afghanistan, and more killings than anyother country,

    Economy wise Busharraf is another flop, power crisis, flour crisis, law and order, depreciated $ at 73, stocks crashing daily, investors running away, Cricketers refusing to tour pakistan…

    I can go on and on my dear countrymen, pls wake up to the reality, fight for the restoration of judges, the country which couldnt honor its Judges, and honors ppl like mr. 10% and chawdries, will be broken in 4 pieces like we suffered one defeat in 71. with Busharraf being the only beneficiary living in Ankara in his villa…

    open challenge to any loyalist of Busharraf to respond to any point.

  • Safdar Mahmood |

    those all people blaming karachi and its people while including the ruling party over here… even don't know about themselves… how can they criticize people of karachi and insult them… yes.. you are the people who are distibuting gifts of hatred between us.. you people divide the nation by callinhg them sindhi, panjabi, sarhadi, balochi.. and … mahajirs…. why man? why are you calling us mahajirs? i am a pakistani who was born in my great city karachi….. and i am a pure pakistani…. how can you say that i am a mahajir…. you people keep your mouth shut…. nonsense…. we are one… and you are not included in it…. who divide us by calling sindhi balochi etc….. we live in karachi, not you…. you don't know about a single pinch of reality about us and our city….. you say what your privately owned political parties tell you, what your sold out media tells you… you do not know about its streets, roads, homes and houses, communities, you people even don't know how to talk because you are using "abusive words" for the people of pakistan.. shame on you… shame on you….we karachites are pakistani…. we are born here….. this pakistan was made for muslims… not for people who divide muslims due to their nationalities….. just tell us why there was an operation against us in the past….??? nobody talks about that..?? it was nothing… we saw our brothers… young boys…. elders dying in front of us, in the city of lights, for no reason, .. in their streets where they lived… …. and mind that do not dare us to call mahajirs… because we are pakistanis… you hate us…but not pakistanis…. that is all "us", "we", "i" = pakistani!

    allah nigahban

    pakistan paenda baaad

  • Shah |

    Since when Pakistanis became intellectuals to decide that Musharaf is not good for them. Just to show the mirror to them who say Musharaf has destroyed the country that as far as I can remember Asif Ali Zardari use to be called MR. PERCENT and was in Jail before becoming hero national hero, Nawaz Sharif has preferred to be in exile for eight years rather then facing corruption charges. You Pakistanis again selected the two most corrupt people in the world and then try to pretend that you are educated and intellectual enough to decide. Stop fooling yourself guys. I would rather support an intellectual dictator then a corrupt politician.

  • Safdar Mahmood |

    Yes Mr. Shah, I 100% agree with you… I also prefer a dictator over these “OFF-THE-SCENE USA BACKED, ON-THE-SCENE ANTI-AMERICAN…. ELECTED DOGS OF THE PARLIAMENT”, sorry for being rude… but it’s reality…. and these political parties NAWAZ AND ZARDARI are drama actors with enormous amount of wealth in their underpants and MEDIA is their is their shared wife…. now they are tightening their belts to rule over us again…


  • Ali Sadiq |

    It is truly quite astonishing and at the same time very disappointing and sad to see how the discussions on this forum have been going about. In many a way they seem to reflect exactly the state the country is in; and the reason Pakistan is in such a mess.

    Hardly anyone has proposed a solution towards the ongoing crisis, but everyone has played the blame game and pointed fingers towards each other.

    The harsh truth is that we as a nation do not use our God given capacity and ability to actually tell right from wrong and then move towards a path of betterment. Today our political figures are people like Musahraf , Asif Zaradri, Nawaz Sharif etc, the only reason they are in such commanding positions is because we as a nation have allowed them to be there.

    I think no one will disagree with me when I say that is it of utmost importance that Pakistan needs a change in its political leadership all together, what’s even more important is that the change should be positive. I have no respect for any of the above mentioned political figures. This may sound harsh but personally I believe each one of them needs to be jailed for life and not to allow their family members to ever uphold any political posts unless or until they have earned ot so completely on merit as other people in other countries do.

    Musharaf maybe clean of his intentions but he has failed to govern the country and his failure has led in massive economic down fall and killings of innocent people. The others as we have seen through generations are simply corrupt and cannot careless of Pakistan and its citizens. To say the least they are butchers and will kill each and everyone of us for another penny in their pocket.

    Have I said anything that no one is aware off, I think not. So what to do? Where to go? And whom to go to? My answer is that the middle class (educated) people go out in the streets, educate the poor, do community work, and fight for each other rights and demand the government to follow only what is in the constitution and that no man is above the law whether he be rich or poor. Justice and law are the Foundations of any successful country.

    However inorder to do this we need to unite under one common banner, one true honest leader ……. Who better then Imran Khan, A person who has already done so much, he has worked towards both education and charity. He dreams of a peaceful and fair Pakistan, it’s a dream only because we are not with him. He fights for the public, he speaks on their behalf and he allows them unlike any other Pakistani leader to hold him answerable for his actions and to punish him like any corrupt man in Pakistan should be or would be punished.

    In the end, do not forget where the people of this country come from, we are the people who made the Taj Maha, the Red Fort, who ruled one of the biggest empire the world has ever seen. We have a culture and history that is rarely found in any part of the world, and yet sad as it is, India is the country who sits on top of this and we cannot even claim what is ours. People like Jahangir, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Mirza Ghalib, Ilama Iqbal etc were produced when society allowed to flourish and appreciate genius and talent. We were great once,we can be again.

    I am sitting thousands of miles away from Pakistan, writing this, it is heart breaking and brings tears to my eyes that millions sacrificed their leaves for people like us to have a better future, The eye of the older generation closes in sadness, for I too am amongst you just sitting down and writing rather then working towards a solution and acting upon it. What a shame , what a disgrace we are to ourselves and how are we ever going to redeem ourselves ?

  • Saad Rizwan |

    aaahhh…. so finally its the start of a new era, Mush is gone nowm along with his Pakistan-crushing policies. Now there is just one thing left to do. A fair trial of Mush’s crimes. So that, if found guilty, which he most probably would, he should be made Nishan-e-Ibrat. so that NEVER in a million years would a dictator think about ruling the country again.

  • Khan |

    May Allah have mercy on Pakistan because the fact of the matter is the two tested failures in power will not bring an end to the problems of the common man of Pakistan. Musharraf was being blamed throughout and even when this government took over they were continuing to blame him. With him gone, who are they going to blame now? Is he still going to be planning conspiracies? And as for a dictator coming in power, you can blame your very politicians who never led the nation, always misled. They have always and will continue to put themselves before Pakistan and take whatever is left of this country

    The real problem is that these folks in power who term themselves as the ‘torch-bearers’ of democracy are simply incompetent. During the past 100+ days they have achieved nothing. And to their defense, they say that they have been given these problems from the previous government. Will then solve them will ya? That’s why you were elected.

    As the opposition stated, these folks are suffering from the ‘Virsa Syndrome’ and they will continue to use this to defy their incompetence. They are not willing to take accountability for anything and a big question remains as to how long this ‘coalition’ will run.

  • Masood |

    (Dedicated to our Pride – Gen. (R) Pervez Musharraf)

    O Pakistani People…!

    Deaf, dumb and blind, can YOU not SEE…?
    It’s THIS, YOU call, DEMOCRACY!?
    It’s NOTHING, but sheer MOCKERY!
    Conned NATION! Awake!!
    To what’s REAL,…. what’s FAKE!
    Thugs and Looters, NEVER heroes are…!
    Nawaz? Zardari? THESE are your ‘AVATARS’??
    Who REJOICES at one’s OWN EXPENSE??
    Dead-minded NATION! Have you no SENSE?

    You let Him GO? Who made you STAND?
    Found RECOGNITION for your HOMELAND?
    HE in whose EYES were YOUR AMBITIONS…
    HE who devoted YOU, a DEFINITION…
    Made YOUR progress, His ONLY MISSION…
    From CLIMBING heights to DIRT! What a RENDITION!!
    Pakistanis! YOU’ve chosen, the ROAD to PERDITION!

    You LABEL Musharraf’s reign as COERCED?
    Eight years that have been Pakistan’s WORST???
    He freed YOUR Press… Call that a CRIME?
    Gave YOU a VOICE…. For THAT you WHINE?
    SAVED you from being LABELLED a TERRORIST….
    Took YOU OUT of times that were the BLEARIEST….
    That’s His OFFENCE? Well I call that NOBLE!
    YOU EXIST on the WORLD map…and guess what? That KNOWLEDGE’s now GLOBAL!

    Feed YOUR EGOS on BIASED opinions from GEO…
    Altaf-Zardari-Nawaz… Couldn’t you FIND a more capable TRIO!?
    YOU Listen to THEIR slogans… the HYPOCRITES!!
    Whose WORDS, whose PROMISES are all COUNTERFEIT!
    DEAF-eared NATION, their LINES are REHEARSED!
    What will it TAKE? For YOUR bubble to BURST?

    ‘Pakistan ka Khuda Hafiz,’ HE SAID….
    What NOW lies AHEAD?
    Did YOUR heart not BLEED?
    Could you not READ?
    The TRUTH, so plainly laid…
    Still CAN’T see how YOU’ve been BETRAYED?

    YOUR PRIDE has stepped DOWN…. for YOUR sake.

    FATE once written cannot be REVERSED….
    I SALUTE you GENERAL!…. YOUR loyalty, YOUR regime, YOUR honesty was WELL-VERSED…
    Pakistan, WAKE-UP! Carry forth HIS VISION in the BELIEF immersed….
    That His TRUTH was NEVER more than… ‘PAKISTAN FIRST!!’

  • dildar |

    I don’t really understand why Masood thinks so high about Musharraf? Why is he singing songs in praise of some one who is a declared liar and a hypocrite beyond doubt.Some one who religiously and faithfully followed what was dictated to him.A self proclaimed genius who never could do any wrong.The only who well versed with the ideals of Quaid and for whom nothing but Pakistan matters.Musharraf is nothing but the product of circumstances…a consequence of the war on terror. All his actions were directed to prove to his masters that he was the only one to be trusted and and that it is in their best interest to support him to the hilt.

    Well that was good for as long as it worked.When the US was convinced that the continuation of Musharraf was no longer necessary and that they have a better option in Zardari,he was cornered and dumped.The so called achievements of Musharraf are far less compared to what he has bequeathed us.His legacy include bringing the war on terror to Pakistan,weakening the federation,murder of the judiciary and creating a wide rift between the armed forces and the public.His so called achievements include building of foreign exchange reserves and initiating mega projects( not power generation).These were, of course, the rewards we reaped as a result of being the front line state in the war on terror.It had nothing to do with Musharraf’s arrogant style of governance or his vision of enlightened moderation.

    Well we can not expect miracles from the democratic set up.What change in policy or action has been taken by this government which seem different?If things are going wrong,it is not those in power to be blamed but the policies of Musharraf which are blindly being followed.Of course those in power would not be there if they had not assured the powers of their loyality and doing a better job than Musharraf.

  • Safdar Mahmood |

    Still blaming musharraf??? contact any psychaitrist PHONE # XXX-XXXX… still singing songs like “His policies, his policies…” contact phone # XXX-XXXX, STILL LOVING YOUR FREE BIASED MEDIA JIYO AND JEENEY DO? on one phase AALIM ONLINE and on other phase INDIAN DANCE NIGHTS…YEh? loving it..? then contact phone # XXX-XXXX as quick as possible…. well, well, well. … now you people have the “DEMOCRATIC SETUP”.. why don’t you change those “MUSHARRAF POLICIES”… as YOU have a democratic setup after all… you have started your greatest practice of all times “THE DEMOCRACY” after all… YOU have your ministers now… you have your political parties now… all these political parties are liar… not anyone else… AND YOUR SO-CALLED THE GREATEST JUDICIARY OF THE WORLD AND IN HISTORY…of which more than 60%-70% deposed judges have taken oath for their jobs again.. without any further demands…leaving their SELF-PROCLAIMED LEADER THE SUO MOTOR OF TRAFFIC JAMS..”JUSTICE I.C”…… how can such a judiciary be the greatest judiciary of the world…”the compromisors”…this clearly indicates that these were raised up through backing of some foreign people inlcuding some local political parties for some agenda of destabilizing the previous Pakistani governmental setup…. AND hahahahahaha…….. NOW FACE YOUR NEW DEMOCRATIC LEADER GREATEST OF ALL PRESIDENTS ANTI-DICTATOR HOPE OF THE POOR THE ONE AND ONLY MR. ZARDARI….; ALONGWITH SARAH PALIN!!!

  • nausheenijaz |

    i disagree with ali azmat….i neither know him personally nor salman.he may have problems with sulman because everone know the fact they are not together now……but mr ali what salman had written is the voice of lay men and when even our enemy tried to do some good effort we have courage to appreciate him……..in which world you are living….thousands of people gave sacrifices for suprmacy of law……what should we tell our kids..

  • hayat |

    well guys…instead of suggestionz let be practile and do something for pakistan…plz stop blaming eachother..itz time 4change.al we need to do is make ourself a better muslim~!

  • wajid shaukat |

    lol at salman !!! bilal ur dad is the faithful leader for us the outlander … he is quite soothe me n millions of pakistani out of pak ..

    Bilal you're tycoon!! n Salman is jus a brooker singer of lollywood loolz

    Bilal plz rise pakistan elsewhere cuz i travels alot n unfort. i ve pakistani passport.. loool my bad u got wat i mean


  • Sultan Fatima |

    It is very sad to note Pervez Musharaf is bieng dragged into a power theft scandal. He has not shifted to the new premisis yet , and he is being dragged just for the sake of defamation. No such scandal has been reported on Raiwand State. Pervez Musharaf is doing his best to improve the image of Pakistan. In Pakistan there are few paid jourrnalist continue bring such scandals to to serve the vested interests of politicians

  • raja |

    musharraf rather busharraf is a dog,a traitor who killed innocent people and sold pakistan to america.our hero is mir aimal kasi ,a pakistani brave son,a martyr.

  • yasir |

    one question only


    normal human reply is lion not the rats. Dictator is a lion and present democracy or any democracy produce 1000 Rats. so please islamic system is social and short of dictator, i know you all would talk about SHURA the counsil of KHULUFA e RASHIDIN but please have a very deep sight of it.