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The Silence of Friends

Guest post by Salman Ahmad

“In the end, what we will remember is not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friendsMartin Luther King Jr

The Chinese proverb goes May you live in interesting times and the past week has been nothing if not that. The openly accusatory e-mail exchange between Bilal Musharraf and myself, has been following a volatile trajectory in cyberspace.Its sparked off an intense cyber debate about whether I was right or not to disassociate myself publicly from Bilal’s father, Pakistan’s Pervez Musharraf. When the destiny of millions of people is being jeopardized by a flawed regime, personal friendships have to take a back seat.

Artists by nature represent a global civil society. In Pakistan, as in much of the subcontinent, this role is misunderstood by many who think that dissent is reserved only for political opposition,media pundits, human rights activists and religious extremists.The people who think that I’m jumping on the post-emergency Musharraf-bashing bandwagon should know that ever since I can remember Pakistani governments have sought to muzzle artists and poets who show dissent and protest.The celebrated Pakistani poet,Faiz Ahmed Faiz wrote “Bol kay lab azad hain terey” but Pakistani leaders’ favorite artists have been those who behave like court jesters — nacho,gao,khush karo aur bhaag jao — rather than informed citizens who have an independent view of politics and society. Most of my career has focused on entertainment blended with social themes expressed through music, poetry and documentary films.

In todays’s hyperconnected world,where pop culture drives politics, young music fans and college students openly confess that they no longer rely on cable news networks or mainstream radio for their socio-political news but are turning more toward musicians, actors and celebrities to inform them through facebook, myspace and youtube. Todays info-technology has also empowered Pakistani civil societyand indeed, that of the world — to participate in political debate in ways that counter the states desire to censor independent voices.

As a Pakistani, I’m affected by the local and global concerns for peace,justice and equality on our deeply polarized planet. As a world community we are intimately entwined in a dance of destiny and its our public role to keep governments honest and focused on serving the people not themselves or their cronies.

One of Musharraf’s staunch political allies is the MQM, who took part in a massacre in Karachi on May 12 which killed 40 people who were amongst thousands raising slogans against the govt and supporting the Pakistani lawyer’s movement for the restoration of the twice removed Chief justice of the supreme court,Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.In the past, MQM party workers have issued death threats to anyone who doesn’t toe their line.A few years back, when I refused to perform at their exiled leader, Altaf Hussain’s, wedding they also threatened my life. When I discussed the matter with lawyers I was told that no court would be strong enough to stand up to the MQM. President Musharraf has turned a blind eye to those who practice fascist politics and instead focused his attention on dismantling the independence of the judiciary by arresting supreme court judges who threatened to delegitmize his Presidency.

Like many members of my generation, I initially had faith in Musharrafs commitment to promote “enlightened moderation in Pakistan. We supported Musharraf because he assured the country that he would make politics accountable and transparent, fight extremism, remove media repression, and bridge the staggering chasm between Pakistans rich and poor people. Surely it can not be labelled opportunistic if we are disenchanted while he arbitrarily imposes emergency rule, bullies the media and arrests Govt. opponents.His contempt of civil institutions is a devastating betrayal of his earlier promises. Even a rock musician can understand that Pakistans civil liberties and laws are often abused by its leaders’ like unfaithful spouses cheating on their loved ones. Right from January of this year, I had been urging people close to Musharraf that he should think about his legacy and bow out gracefully.In August and September,these communications included very candid e-mails to Bilal Musharraf whom I have known for over a decade.All these concerns fell on deaf ears.

Ironically, the opening of the media and televised political debate is something that Musharraf can take a lot of credit for but when the same media started criticizing his govt’s high handed tactics he clamped down on it. The political crisis in Pakistan represent the birth pangs of a newly empowered civil society yearning for the rule of law. The recent struggles and sacrifices of lawyers, judges, journalists, students and civil rights activists should not be dumped into Pakistan’s long history of social apathy but needs to be nurtured by a return to the rule of law. The rewards could one day be a democratic Muslim country at peace with itself and the world. Religious extremists would be no match for a united Pakistan.

I have dedicated my upcoming performance at the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony on Dec 11 in Oslo to the Pakistan lawyer’s movement and civil society’s peaceful protests against an illegal Emergency and restoration of the deposed judges of the Supreme court.


  • Bilal Ijaz |

    It’s great to see artists like Salman take a stand in the current crisis – and more importantly the correct stand. The silence of other so-called “artists” is very telling regarding how artistic they really are.

    Fasi Zaka rightly said that it is time that we realized that many of our celebrated “artists” are only entertainers – not artists with a social message or concern for the society they live in.

    Salman if you’re reading this, please remember to mention the brave judges and the lawyers’ movement for their restoration by name before or after your performance at the prize ceremony. As a Pakistani and naturally a Junoon fan, I appreciate your stance and fully support it. We need more people like you to show leadership, speak out on the current crisis and educate the sleepy, self-indulgent, burger upper-middle class that this is their fight as much as it is the fight of the lawyers, judges, students and human right activists.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Kruman |

    God bless you Salman! You don’t need to explain to us why you supported Musharraf in the past and why your stance has changed.

    We fully support your stance in support of the civil society in Pakistan!

    Using this forum I also want to urge our circketers that whenever they win a man of the match award they should go on the podium and dedicate their effort to the civil society, CJP Iftikhar, Munir Malik, Justice Shahid Siddiqui or another hero.

  • Shaikh Rahman |

    I agree with everything you have said in this post, except for the fact that you seem to think that you’re a “Rock Musician.” LOL

  • Israr |

    Bravo, I hope every one realizes that any one who is quite now, remember we the citizens are taking notes and I urge that every one take notes, take names, Mushes poodles may be on the high ride now but soon ,soon, and this time we are not going to forget. If each group accepted responsibility like this , There will be rule of LAW.

  • Faisalk |

    It is in times of crises like these that leaders in the form of common people emerge, but what of those who the masses have been thronging to for years. Is it not their duty like Salman is aptly performing his, to this nation to stand up and become the peoples voice? If you can not do it through voice then do it through art…where are you? why are you silent?

  • Kruman |

    Pakistan will emerge as a major power with moral authority on issues like democracy, human rights and freedom of press after the civil society triumph over Musharraf and his cronies.

    Sabaq phir parh sadaqat ka adalat ka shuja’at ka
    Liya jaey ga tujh say kaam phir duniya ki imamat ka


  • Dr.Tariq |

    Beware of New Words

    Asalamo Alikum dear Brother Salman,
    I really appreciate your courage and afford to speak the truth. As a Muslim brother it our duty do Nasehat to each other because once some one asked Prophet(saw) that what is deen so Prophet (saw) replied “Adeen-un-naseeha” deen aik naseehat hia.
    Brother most of the time we stand up out of reaction like nee jerk and we dont think about our problems as a whole and dont reach to the main essence of all our problems. As a Medical Doctor you know very well that if a Doctor does not diagnose the disease properly he can not treat that patient and therefore it is said that right diagnosing is half treatment. Becaouse of wrong diagnoseing an Ummah who ruled the world for centuries is suffering from a severe physical and intellectual decay and despite of having all those qualities which is required for a nation to become a super power we are nothing in terms of influencing world politics and economics. The main problem which I have diagnosed is that we have lost khilafah state which was like a shield for the ummah and protected the Ummah and its blood, dignity, wealth and Aqeeda for many centuries, instead we adopt a new system called democracy.
    There is a severe misconception about Democracy and even many of our so called scholars think that it is a part of Islam and even they go up to the extent and say that in fact Democracy is a system given to the world by prophet(saw). In order to clarify this fatal misconception about democracy I would mention some points in detail. I hope you will read it and will let me know about your opinion regarding this.
    The boundaries of Islam and Kufr (disbelief) are demarcated clearly for all to see there are some who remain steadfast in trying to appease both armies by playing with words and using loose talk. They try to give a watered down version of Islam so it can appeal and fit with the current status quo. In reality they are only fooling themselves and gathering ammunition that will only be fired against them on the Day of Judgment (Yawm-ul-Akhir). The only way to treat this behavior is to deal with it uncompromisingly and clinically by striking its roots with the sword so it never has the audacity to stand up again. Language used must have the attributes of purity (Al Safaa) and clarity (Al-Naqaa) other wise it will create confusion, doubt and chaos.


    Communication is a process that is easily taken for granted and yet it is the backbone of delineating a paradigm. Without it what would we do! When we wake up all the way until we go to sleep we are part of this cyclical process of communicating. The medium used to communicate a concept is formally done by using a particular language. The language and the words that are being used to present a scenario must be understood and the consequences realised. Words by themselves are merely lexicons with a multitude of possible definitions without application, but once they are syntactically constructed into sentences and statements, for communication, these words not only have specifically defined meanings but they have an application as well. These are the very words that we use whilst speaking, listening to and acting upon, yet it is the very application of these words that determine its meaning and how we understand each other.

    The datum from which Muslims determine whether such words can be utilised in conversations or any written material is naturally the Quran or the authentic Sunnah. There is no substitute for these two tenets; they are the only source of life and complete guidance for the whole of mankind as was confirmed by the beloved messenger Muhammad who said: I leave behind me two things if you cling on to them you will never be misguided that is the book of Allah (Quran) and my teachings (Sunnah) [Muwatta Malik] Having established and highlighted this basic undisputable principle one can quite readily measure everything around him by referring to these tenets or asking the people (Ahlul Zikr) those who have the capability of accessing the cognisance held in these tenets.


    Muslims for generations are well aware that swearing (Al-Shatem) or using dirty sign language (Al-Sabb) is not deemed acceptable by the Islamic law (Shariah) and is prohibited (Al-Mahzoor). Islamically prohibited (Al-Mahzoor) is defined as:

    The address of the legislator related to the actions of individuals, whereby they are requested not to do something decisively’
    Al-Shatem and Al-Sabb form a part of the elementary Islamic knowledge we are all supposed to have which falls under the category of what is obliged on every Muslim to know about Islam (Al-Ma’loom min Al-Deen bil Zaroorah). The sincere nongovernmental scholar and the student of Islam are equal in this knowledge and no Muslim has any excuse of being ignorant about this compulsory knowledge. Vulgar language and its illicitness has been attested to by the prophet of Allah by the authority of Abu Hurairah who reported that Muhammad said: ‘A Muslim does not swear a Muslim does not ridicule and a Muslim does not shout in the market’ [Sahih Muslim]

    New Words

    However there are some innovations (Bida’) that have been introduced by various bodies into the vocabulary of Islam that cannot be so readily identified by the layperson and are being used as slogans to promote Islamic values and views. The seriousness of these words is that it can be tantamount to disbelief (Kufr) if you fully understand the meaning and origination of these words. These words are increasingly becoming prefixes or postfixes of Islamic names and words e.g. Muslim Church, Islamic Democracy, Mohammadan Laws, Jesus Christ, Islamic Secularism, Halaal pork,Muslim boyfriend, Islamic Priest, Gay Muslim, Abrahamic Faiths, New Year Eid, Islamic Chaplaincy Islamic Mortgages etc. The reader should be able to see the apparent contradictions in a few of the words used.

    Abrogated Words

    To give an example I will refer to an incident that took place at the time of Muhammad it involved the word Raa’inah. The word Raa’nah was a good word to be used in the context of a conversation and it meant looking after us, guide us, lead us, please attend to us. The mischievous Jews started to use this particular word in a customarily fashion that was explicitly derogatory and insulting which automatically changed its meaning to one of ridiculing yourself in front of us, humiliating yourself, making yourselves look like fools or our bad one.

    Some of those Jews change words from their context and say: We hear and we disobey’; and ‘Hear what is not heard; and listen to us (Raa’inah)! Distorting with their tongues and slandering religion. If only they had said: We hear and we obey; and Do hear and Do look at us (Unzurna): it would have been better for them and more upright. But Allah has cursed them for their disbelief, so they believe not, except a few who will believe [ 4: 46].

    In another chapter of the Quran Allah not only commands us not to use words of this nature but replace them with something better that is not distorted.

    O you who believe do not say Raa’inah, but say Unzurna and listen; and for the disbelievers there is a painful punishment [ 2: 104].

    Another beautiful narration of the messenger of Allah instructs the believers “not to say to those under their charge my Abdee (male slave) or my Amtee (female slave) but say my lad , my lass’ [Sahih Muslim] and this is to attest that we are all slaves of Allah and not the slaves of creation. It has also been reported that the word Al I’naab (a grape), Al Hablah (bunch of grapes hanging down) and Al Karm (the strutting used to hold the grapes) could all be used interchangeably to describe the status of grapes. However the word Karm was understood to mean that this child is not legitimate i.e. illegitimate child, so the saying of Muhammad said ‘do not say Karm anymore say AI’naab and Hablah’.

    The above scenarios point to one ruling and that is if a word (old, hybrid or new) is not in accordance with the tenets of Islam then a thorough study needs to be carried out whereby its own reality and history is understood (epistemology & philology). Then a qualified judgement is made based upon the Islamic tenets on whether it is permissible (Al-Mubah) to use the word under investigation. Or it could be the case that the word breaches the principles of Islam and is prohibited (Al-Mahzoor) to be used in an Islamic context. This whole process of research and conclusion is referred to as Ijthihaad.

    The word under question is the noun ‘Democracy’. The ancient Greek word Demokratia is derived from combining two common words together:

    1. Demos which means ‘the people’ or ‘populace’
    2. Kratos which means ‘to rule’ or ‘power’ or “strength’ however in modern day Greek Kratos is referred to as the ‘state’. Demokratia literally means ‘the people rule’ or ‘people power’ or in a modern sense ‘government of the people’ and even ‘power to the state’.
    When the two words are combined together to make democracy, which is a relatively new term dating back to 1576 when it was first used, it renders a singular message ‘power of the people’ based upon this fundamental meaning there is no country in the world that gives absolute power to the people (polity) that is why democracy is termed as an abstract form of polity. Due to the theoretical absoluteness of polity (whereby every law and decision are put to a vote) and practicalities encountered there have evolved a number of modifications and types of democracies e.g. direct democracy, representative democracy, parliamentary democracy, presidential democracy, statists democracy, participatory democracy, consensus democracy etc. Ironically all the ‘modern’ states (from illegitimate Israel to India) seem to declare to the idea of democracy whereas in actuality they conflict heavily.

    All these denominations have one common factor and that is human beings are vested the right of making laws, deciding for themselves (individually or collectively) what is acceptable and what is abhorred. Abraham Lincoln a former leader of the U.S.A summed up democracy as the ‘government of the people by the people for the people’. In other words the people hold the right of sovereignty and more specifically the ability to legislate (i.e. make laws).

    Today this evil concept (democracy and its mutations) is being advocated as a champion and a guaranteed remedy for a prosperous world order, society and life. Furthermore all international organisations, conventions, charters and western governments claim to be following these ideals and see it as a universal cloak that all nation states have to wear. However, anyone who opposes it (democracy) stands against the advancement of a civilised world and is deemed to be an enemy for future success. Unfortunately many Muslims have also fallen into this trap of jumping onto the bandwagon by calling for democracy with or without understanding its severe consequences. Interestingly democracy and dictatorship are two sides of the same coin, democracy being the civilised face of a dictatorship.

    The Greek idolaters believed that the god ruling earth was democracy (collective will of humans) and the god that ruled in the heavens was called Zeus (the Roman equivalent was named Jupiter or Jove). The Christians went one step further and tried to prove it (secularism & democracy) from their distorted scriptures by saying Render unto Caesar what is Caesars and render unto God what is Gods (theo-democracy).

    A practical but realistic demonstration of manmade laws is illustrated chronologically in the table below. The timeline shows the absurdity and farcical nature of the homosexuality laws in England. The goal posts have gradually shifted from one end of the spectrum (criminal) all the way to the other end (norm).

    1290 Illegal Buried alive
    1300 Illegal Burned alive
    1533 Illegal Hanging until dead
    1885 Illegal Maximum 2 years in prison
    1967 Legalised Only for 2 men over 21 in private
    1994 Legal Age of consent reduced from 21 to 18
    1998 Illegal Failed to promote gay education in schools
    2001 Legal Age of consent reduced from 18 to 16
    2003 Legal Government proposes legal gay marriages

    The formula for the Muslims is easy and simple to follow:

    Verily the absolute right of legislating is for none but Allah [ 6:57]
    The judgement or order of Allah cannot be annulled or set aside. His judgement is ultimate and His order is final. Allah decides what is good and bad, and what is true or false and nobody else.

    Allah(swt)’s Laws v Manmade Laws

    We can take lessons from a real life example from the time of Muhammad (saw) where the pagans of Mecca tried to entertain a so-called ‘Democratic’ solution with the last and final prophet Muhammad . As we know some of the pagans had denounced the call of Islamic monotheism (Tawheed) and they were looking for ways in which they could stop this divine call. After weighing up various possibilities from giving money to assassinating Muhammad they decided to lay down an offer that was acceptable to both parties. Ibn Ishaaq reported that Ibn Abbas reports that the bourgeoiuse of Quraish went to Muhammad and put forward a solution whereby the people would worship your lord for one year and the following year the people would worship their idols [Tafsir Qurtubi]. Once having completed the second year the people would then gather to decide which of the two systems they preferred over them and they would rule according to what the people were in favour of. Muhammad listened to what the pagans had to offer and he did not say anything, we are informed in the Quran by Allah

    Nor does he speak (aught) of (his own) desire [ 53:3]
    The above incident gave cause for a famous chapter of the Quran to be revealed, Surah Al-Kafiroon, Muhammad recited the chapter to the mystic heathens, it responded to the pagans request explicitly:
    Say: Oh disbelievers!
    I Do not worship what you worship.
    Nor do you worship what I worship.
    I shall never worship what you worship.
    Nor will you ever worship what I worship.
    To you belongs your way of life and to me my way of life. [ 109: 1-6]

    The above verses were straight to the point, Islam did not except manmade laws as the arbitrator for any dispute, no matter how small or big the problem is.

    Majority versus Minority

    The promoters of democracy and their sympathisers like to bank on the formula that the majority vote overrules all the other views. So if 100 people sat down to decide if paedophilia was regarded as an acceptable act or not and 80 of them voted yes the other 20 votes would be discarded and paedophilia would be legalised. Allah gives a fitting answer to the majoritists.

    Yet most of mankind do not believe [ 40:59]

    In Islam no one could even entertain such questions because the very notion of trying to work out what is good and what is bad is to go against the commandments of Allah(swt).Allah(swt) in the Qur’an dispraises and condemns the majority who do not follow His commands. He warns us of being trapped or impressed by the opinion of the majority.
    The good and the evil (which have been decided by Allah) are not alike even if the evil looks like the good and is followed by the majority. So fear Allah, Oh you that understand; so that you may prosper. [ 5:100]
    In another chapter of the Quran Allah says:
    If you obeyed most of those on earth they would mislead you far from Allah’s way. They follow not but an opinion, and they do but guess. [ 6:116]

    Packaging the Falsehood as Truth

    Mustapha Al-Shakah said ‘it is not an exaggeration to say Islam is the father of all democracy’ [Islam Bil Mazhab (Islam Without Schools) p38].

    Muhammad Iqbal the famous poet from the Indian sub-continent stated ‘spiritual democracy is the ultimate aim of Islam’ [Reconstruction p180].

    The apostate Colonel Gadaffi (Libyan leader) tried to use slang and broken Arabic to prove that democracy originated from the Arabic script.
    Demo – stay
    Ala – over
    Cracy – chairs
    He tried to say people sit over the chairs and have a vote on what to do or not to do. It was a futile attempt to convince Muslims that Allah(swt) is not the one who defines for us what is right and what is wrong.

    The only Deen (Belief, Sayings and Actions) Allah accepts (from the believers) is what is based upon Islam [ 3:19]

    Reforming the Islamic Definitions

    Many pernicious government preachers of modern times have made statements from their cloisters that democracy and Islam are compatible. These enemies of Islam have tried hard to misguide people using Islamic terminologies i.e. Al-Shura (consultation) to dupe them into believing Islam and democracy come from the same family tree. Hasan Al-Sirkawi said ‘The first thing that correct democracy is based on and that fulfils Allah saying’ and he quotes the verse and who conduct their affairs by mutual consultation [ 42:38] [Democracy In Islam p224]

    Sayed Sabiq quotes Abraham Lincoln who said ‘the rule by the people for the people is a symbol of democracy which the whole world cries for’ and Sayid Sabiq goes on to add ‘and in Islam Al-Shura (consultation) is the brain and seed of democracy and its root. The Muslims were the first people ever to say the people are the source of legislation.whatever Abraham Lincoln said is exactly what Islam says’ [Al-Nasr Al- Quwa Fil Islam (The Pillar of Power in Islam) p199].

    When one studies the two concepts superficially it is quite apparent that Al-Shura is a restricted mutual consultation process whereas democracy purports to the idea that the people are sovereign and their will is transferred into law via a legislature. Both concepts are poles apart. The only similarity that the two have in common is that they both rely on voting and selection procedures. The Islamic legitimacy of Al-Shura is based on the following two verses:

    And those who answer the call of their Lord and establish prayer, and who conduct their affairs by mutual consultation, and who spend of what we have bestowed upon them [ 42:38]

    so pass over (their faults), and ask for (Allah’s) forgiveness and consult them in affairs (of the moment) then, when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah [ 3:159]

    However the applicability of Al-Shura is restricted to areas of permissibility only. Islamically permissible (Al-Mubah) is defined as:
    ‘The address of the legislator related to the actions of individuals, whereby they are given the option to do something or not to do something’.

    This is an area in which Al-Shura can be sought and the opinion of the majority in matters of permissibility can be turned into law. For example, in an Islamic state (Al- Khilafah) the community has the right to propose or object to a place where an airport or library should be built. A more rudimentary example would be a group of people deciding on what type of hot drink to have, coffee or tea. In essence both of these drinks fall into the Islamic category of being permissible to drink but the choice is up to you.


    We are indeed living in an era where any practicing Muslim who adheres to the Quran, Sunnah based upon the understanding of the pious predecessors (Salaf-ul- Salih) of the first three generations (Sahabah, Tabieen, Tabi Tabieen) is referred to as an anomaly. This is not something unknown to us, in fact this was prophesised. Jabir reported that our noble prophet Muhammad said Islam began as something strange, and it will return to being something (as it began). So Toobah (is a tree in paradise) for the strangers (Ghurabaa) the companions asked and who are they (strangers) Oh messenger of Allah? Muhammad said ‘they are those who rectify and make corrections when the people have become corrupted [Tabarani Majma’-ul-Zawaa’id].’
    One of the characteristics of the strangers is that they are commanding and implementing what is good and right (obligatory) and forbidding and eradicating what is bad and wrong (prohibited) (Al-Amr bil Ma’roof wa Nahi Al-Munkar). A noble manifestation of this duty is to reject manmade laws (democracy) and strive for the implementation of the laws of Allah (Al-Tawheed Al-Haakimiyyah Al-Tashriyyah) so that they dominate the entire universe (Izhaar-ul-Deen).
    Muhammad said Allah showed me the East of the East and the West of the West of the world I saw that the authority of my Ummah had reached both (whole world) [Musnad Ahmad]


    If a word goes against the Islamic teachings then it is categorically prohibited (Al-Mahzoor) to be propagated as something Islamic or connected to Islam in any format. Islam is not here for the sake of compromise, it is the truth (Haq) and the truth can never be cloned, erased, diluted down or polluted with other erroneous (Baatil) thoughts.

    Nay, we hurl the truth against falsehood and it knocks out its brain, and behold falsehood does perish [ 21:18]

    Allah legislates and no one has the right to change his commandments [ 13:41]

    Thanks and Jazakallah khair

  • Saad Sultan |

    Well no comments for the doctor brother!!
    yet all the clearification he has given truely support that pakistani nation doesnt need democracy. i support President Musharaf.
    @Salman bhai….what do u say after fake lawyers movement and aitazaz ihsan being finally exposed on 12th june at islamabad??for Allah’s sake,media people stop disinforming people.during the period of musharaf,pakistan was the second fastest growing economy(verify it from any independent source.8.3%2004-5)and after having so much pain for the justice and democracy please read the asian development bank’s economic survey for pakistan 2008.(pak’s economy grew at 7% constant rate)ull clearly differentiate that musharaf workd for whom? and why lawyer movement n justice issue ( who himself took oath on PCO)was raised.when oil n food crisis were entering pakistan, people like u were busy in supporting lawyers movement and destabilizing pakistan.not for even a second u thought about the education budget which was all alone rose to 1200 billions rs for HEC.U never thought about 5000 PH.D scholorships to brilliant students from middle n lower class?you never thought about National internship program??for u, a good news,everythign has been stopped by your democratic leaders!what a good doing for our country land pakistan??shame shame….pakistani nation can easily forget everything.how can JUNOON forget about their ban on national t.v by nawaz sharif??yes you want that 1990’s dark age again in pakistan!!musharaf is the saviour for pakistan.he did what nobody could.you people ruining yourself pakistan by your own hands and infact you dont know you are completing agenda of countries who never wanted to see pakistan progressing faster than india and korea..Applause to you salman bhai,u,so called civil society,politicians,lawyers,rightly deposed judges(who were involved in judicil activism) u made their dreams come true.where is civil society,lawyers,artists like you??now u watching burniing pakistani wthout electricity,food,stock market losing 4000 points,5 billion dollars fdi pulling out,inflation rising to 30%,unemployment which was pulled back greatly by creating 1 million jobs in 5 years again rising like hell?? where are all these people??2007 was disastrous for us but you people never realized,you brought that disaster to us…and salman bhai for your poor or good information,emergency was just impoed because of these reaons..GEO was banned because it was working against the interests of pakistan.i dont want to get into sponsorship and financing details.by now,from december u must have realized that!!
    the courage to tell the truth and oppose the 80% majority,this is what President has given us!!WE REMAIN,STAY MUSHARAF STAY!!!
    Long live PAKISTAN!!