Dr Safdar Sarki – The ‘Disappeared’ have again Disappeared

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Dr Safdar SarkiIn all the fracas, the ‘disappeared’ have again disappeared. The detained activist (and US citizen) Dr Safdar Sarki, general secretary of Jeay Sindh Mahaz (JSQM) was finally granted bail only to have it revoked — on Nov 2, the day before the martial law. Instead of being released on bail, he was taken to farflung Zhob jail in Balochistan from Hub (closer to Karachi), said JQSM activists who had come to the Press Club on Dec 10, Human Rights Day, to agitate for his release. They handed out material about his current ill-health (an Out-Door Patients Ticket) dated Nov 23, 2007, which stated that he has retinal degeneration (they said he is in danger of losing his eyesight). The prison doctors in Zhob have advised that he should be sent for consultation to Agha Khan Medical University Karachi as he is also suffering from arthritis and hernia.

Dr Sarki, former chairman of the World Sindhi Congress (London) was one of the victims of enforced disappearances that the Supreme Court was looking into. He was reportedly beaten and taken away from his relatives flat in Karachi on in March 2006, blindfolded, to an unknown location by security personnel who also confiscated his belongings (including laptop, driving license, US passport, money etc). After months of holding him incommunicado and denying his custody, security agencies finally produced him in court in October, 2007, along with two other missing Sindhi nationalist leaders G M Bhagat and Chaitin Bajer. Police then officially arrested all three. Dr Sarki was charged with possessing explosives.

The judge who finally granted Dr Sarki bail was transferred on Nov 2 and recalled the bail before Dr Sarki could be released although the surety had been duly provided and everything was ready for his release. The JQSM activists feared that for Dr Sarkis life because of being denied proper medical care. He is very weak, his shoulders are dysfunctional, he has almost lost his eyesight, and he cannot even walk. “Please help our brother somehow, pleaded Dr Sarkis younger sister Prof Abida Parveen when contacted on the phone.


3 responses to “Dr Safdar Sarki – The ‘Disappeared’ have again Disappeared”

  1. shobz Avatar

    how can they be so cruel to subject a human being to such torture? dont they know that we all have human rights. why do brutus and his gang of khaki men have to torture people who have the courage to speak against them?

  2. YesSir Avatar

    Who cares this doc should be in jail any ways for spreading hate.

    How can Muhajir Qaum Parasts be Terrorists and Sindhi Qaum Parasts ‘Human Right activist’…thats BS.

    This doc should have gone long ago, and same for other Qaum Parasts who spread hate based on ethnic background.

  3. Muhammad Moosa Avatar

    Pain full shock to just not a dr.Sarki but as well as family, freinds as well as Sindhi nation who are waiting to this messenger…