….the [word] Emergency has been LIFTED

Dawn News reports that the President General (retired) Pervaiz Musharraf has lifted the state of emergency today only weeks before the January 8th elections, with a nurtured Judiciary, a limping media and a lap dog called ‘Democracy’ – “Yes, the emergency has been lifted, said a government official who declined to be identified !!!! [whats with all the secrecy!!!!]

It must be noted that all essential (country debilitating) items as initially prescribed under the PCO are now fully forcibly (unchallengeable) an integral part of a constitutional amendment, In all honesty (which the government refuses to highlight) only the WORD Emergency has been deleted from the vocabulary of the Government of Pakistan for now, everything else stays exactly the same.

The Judiciary as we know is non-existent instead filled to the brim with Pro-Musharraf judges, the PEMRA Ordinance continues to control all TV channels with an iron-clad grip for any anti-government propaganda [sorry its officially called objectionable material], with the NRO in effect Benazir Bhutto heaves a sigh of relief finally whitewashed of her corruption sins while simultaneously over 1300 proven MQM convicted thugs walk out into the streets of Karachi (with a vengeance) to reign terror supreme on this city yet again. I assure you this is no conspiracy theory, just plain facts, albeit a few intricate details which the government ‘accidentally forgets to acknowledge or mention’

The new propaganda keyword to watch out for is ‘Free and Fair Elections’, another ploy to cover up a heavily rigged elections. The logic is simple, Musharraf and his collection of strategically placed political crooks PML-Q [Punjab], MQM [Karachi and Hyderabad], PPP [Interior Sindh] & JUI-F [NWFP] cannot afford to have free and fair elections. The greedy bunch is here to simply make money, there has never been an issue of standing up for principles, hence the apparent reason not to boycott, as they stand too loose a major cut of the cake if they were to sit out the elections, the more seats the merrier. The lap dogs of Musharraf (PML-Q, MQM, JUI-F & PPP) are already engaged in exploiting the state machinery for their own electoral advantage, an elaborate plan is already in place to ensure their success in its entirety. Benazir might apparently be playing the role of anti-Musharraf, but its her ploy to get votes, but her goal is to come into power, by hook or by crook, even to the extent being accused of having been bed fellows with her arch nemesis Musharraf, lets not be fooled by her elaborate ballet dance of lies, she has often switched her principles and allegiance with no hint of any blushing embarrassment.

Musharraf on the other hand will make sure his rivals are disgraced, to create a chance for him to have a finger pointing ‘last laugh – I told you so’. He now sits back to watch the circus play out and would prefer to have a hung parliament with no ball-crushing control sway towards any one single party, amidst this confused legislature which Musharraf has conspired to have he then hopes to have a far more peaceful ride for the upcoming five year term, an ability to buy and sell voters [politicians] as and when required, he has done that before and will not hesitate a moment to do it again. Its a perfect plan for Musharraf, while the country can go to hell