Eid morning Police Action in Islamabad

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Activists, mainly lawyers, gathered at the entrance to the judges colony at 7:30 this morning. The police had completely blocked the way to the Chief Justice’s residence with concrete blocks and barbed wires. The protesters gathered at the police barrier which happened to be at the entrance to the ministers’ enclave also. After the police refused to let them through into the judges colony, the protesters arranged an Eid congregation right there on the road, and offered prayers with Khutba and all.

Interestingly, some ministers emerged from their enclave to go for prayers, and found their way blocked by the protesters’ congregation. They pleaded hard for a passage, but did not get any. Apparently there is only one access to their enclave. Serves them right. They remained deprived of the opportunity to kiss the hands (?) of their benefactor.

After the prayers, which was also attended by some policemen, the protesters remained at the barrier and chanted slogans. They then all drove to the residence of Justice(r) Tariq Mahmood in sector I-8, some 8 kilometers away. Tariq Mahmood was under house arrest with a heavy police presence outside his house. He came to the boundary wall and accepted flowers and greetings from his lawyer colleagues and other activists.

A. H. Nayyar
Visiting Fellow,
Sustainable Development Policy Institute


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  1. Aamir Altaf Avatar
    Aamir Altaf

    Great gesture, any photos?