Nawaz Sharif pulls out of the Elections, while PML-Q, MQM & JUI – Silent

After the assassination of Benazir Bhutto the nation plunged into a confusing shock. Many loved this leader, while quite a few despised her since she was ruthlessly famous for her underhanded tricks which she used to manipulate her way around the political hurdles for the sake another chance on the throne of power. Its interesting to note that with the sudden death of a person how quickly has the love hate relationship changes to be more of sympathy for the departed soul.

Her arch rival Nawaz Sharif quickly rushed to the hospital in Rawalpindi to show his support and immediately announced his parties withdrawal from the elections. The bottom line, according to me, was that PML-N should have in the first place boycotted the elections but even then I am ready to give him credit to have taken the initiative and become the first few to turn up the heat on Musharraf who surprisingly being aware of the sensitivities of this tragic loss choose to come on live television, announced a a three day country wide morning but did not say a word about the elections.

What is really interesting, is to sit an observe a pin=drop hushed silence from MQM, PML-Q, and JUI – all prime pedigree lapdogs of Pervez Musharraf who dare not even sneeze without the expressive and written permission from the Retired President-General himself. Are all these too faithful to their masters, lets keep a careful watch on all these King’s parties aka election favorites and hope that wisdom prevails


One response to “Nawaz Sharif pulls out of the Elections, while PML-Q, MQM & JUI – Silent”

  1. waris junejo Avatar
    waris junejo

    what will they say???

    the just take dictations from their master “MUSHY”….

    now PPP and PML should make pne party together…joint party…n kick those generals outa the presidency and make them do what they r supposed to do…PROTECT THE NATION…not destroy it!