Was yesterday’s carnage in Karachi all PPP’s doing or did MQM have a hand in it? – An Eyewitness Report

I would like to share with you an email sent to me just now narrating the experience of a person who tried to get home yesterday amidst the rioting and the chaos. The government and the media continues to point fingers at emotionally charged PPP supporters but instead we kind of forget that this city (Karachi) is controlled by yet another party called MQM who happened to show its full colors not to long ago on May 12th. Did we just see a repeat telecast of that 5/12 massacre yet again

I know many are attributing the violence, burning of cars, looting of ATM machines etc in the city to the reaction of PPP workers but allow me to share something that I observed last night. Like many I was also stuck in chaotic traffic for 4 hours. The Rikshaw driver refused to go beyond Quaids mazar and abandoned me there and took off. I don’t blame him. Anyway I had no choice but to ride with a total stranger on a bike to take me home. While moving through small streets to find our way to Gulshan-e-Iqbal, I witnessed many vehicles being torched. On one such small gali, I recognized a face, in the armed mob which was about to torch a parked Hi Roof, from my previous Mohala. He is a devout MQM worker. He had a riffle in his hand and was ushering a crowd of young men with lathis in their hands.

The interesting thing is that the guy who gave me lift was also MQM supporter. So he was taking all the safe passages of MQM dominated areas to avoid getting in any trouble. I can even tell you where i saw this activity. So MQM burning vehicles in their own areas are trying to create an excuse to counter-violence? start an ethnic war in sindh? this is very scarry.

So, as far as Karachi is concerned, we cannot rule out the fascist MQM gundaas, who can capitalize on this tragedy to settle scores, indulge in looting and malign the name of other political parties. Besides, looting of money and snatching of mobiles, as is reported in some cases, is more of a MQM style gundagardi than any other party’s.



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  1. IUnknown Avatar

    may be that guy has joined PPP, who knows?
    he was just enjoying the event.

    U cant say any based on seeing single person.

    My area is MQM area and its calm and quite here.

  2. allama Avatar

    Dr. Awab Alvi is an asshole

  3. Bilal Avatar

    No allama sahib, you’re the asshole. Awab is a hero.

  4. Bilal Avatar

    No, allama sahib, you’re the asshole. Awab is a hero and a patriotic Pakistani whose blog represent the views of many, many Pakistanis.

  5. ahad Avatar


  6. ahad Avatar

    it is so very a reality that MQM are gundas they just need a chance

  7. Wonder Boy Avatar
    Wonder Boy

    Bro don’t mess with my Doc Alvi. He is Great.

    Fact is, MQM are bunch of thugs with with British mobster boss, supported by an asshole coward who hides behind army and Aiwan-e-Sadr.

  8. Dr Farrukh Malik Avatar

    It is the oldest weapon of this party.

  9. Aamir Altaf Avatar
    Aamir Altaf

    Musharraf kutta hai hai
    Fauji kuttay hai hai

  10. Wonder Boy Avatar
    Wonder Boy

    Arrest Kiyani, Musharraf and Taj, These three army bastards are ruining Pakistan.

  11. Raza Avatar

    Doc, it is common knowledge that their common worker is basically a thug – a mohallay ka ghunda so to say. To see them venturing out on their own on such occasions isn’t the least bit surprising. Heck, it was their party time out there!

    Although, there’s no telling what their party can collectively do to damage this city, but I suspect if they were directly – officially – involved in this.

  12. Naveed Avatar

    Quite likely that MQM may be behind Karachi violence. Remember what it did to Karachi on May 12, 2007? Karachi kay ladley are capable of doing anything till the time they enjoy dicatator’s support. How proudly the coward dictator had claimed in “rent a crowd” rally the same evening in Islamabad.
    Pakistan’s problems start with the dictator and will Insha Allah finish with the dictator.
    Jamhori Mastana

  13. misanthrope Avatar

    Dear Mr Teeth Maestro,

    I am a big fan of your blog and I generally find you to be a very reliable source of information, but I really do think you should rein in the irresponsible slander which might fan ethnic hatred.

    If the violence in Karachi was an MQM plot, was the violence in Thatta, Hyderabad, Larkana, Khairpur, Jacobabad, Badin, Tando Allahyar, Matiari and Mirpurkhas also part of this plot? Did the MQM have sleeper cells of ruffians throughout the province waiting to spring into action? Or was it that only in Karachi Bhutto supporters remained angels while they went on an angry rampage elsewhere?

    What about this gang of PPP youth who are patrolling the market area down the road from where I live, ‘encouraging’ shopkeepers to remain closed to mourn Benazir? Are they MQM in disguise?

    The fact of the matter is – and please dont try to avoid it – that the violence and vandalism started during angry PPP protests the day before yesterday. Later every badmash, petty criminal and vandal joined in the looting and arson, whatever their nominal party or ethnic allegiance.

    As the troubles spread there were many people who helped those who were caught up in the violence. One friend who had been beaten up and his car smashed, was helped home by a group of MQM youth who had been patrolling their neighbourhood to prevent looters from entering. Another acquaintance was escorted safely to his house by a group of PPP supporters who had come out to enforce the strike after he asked them for help. This violence was not a plot by anyone but a spontaneous outburst of anger that spiralled out of control.

    I am not and have never been an MQM supporter and I was as appalled as you by their brutal acts on May 12th, but lets not start spreading outrageous slander without some kind of evidence.

  14. schuaeb Avatar

    What happened or is happening is in front of us all, and does require anything to be proved by any debate.

    Certainely it started as a reaction by PPP’s supporters. Reason being the death of thier leader (however, she didn’t appear that popular to me before), sentiments against Punjab and frustration. I don’t think their leaders emphatically requested them to refrain from violence. Instead it was taken as an opportunity by them and they went on to cash the situation. Stupid Media and “MUFAD PARAST” leaders are primarily responsible for aggravating the situation to that extent.

    At the first place ATM Machines were targted, Bank and fuel stations were burnt after being looted. This obviously is not a protest. MQM and local thugs made use of the situation and ended up in nothing else then providing a great harm to the country.

    Even worse why the leaders and media are taking about liberation of Sindh. May Allah protect us all and bless with the right path.

    This is just my personal opinion and I may be well wrong. Furthermore, this doesn’t mean to annoy anyone and we have to be tolerant enough to peacefully leave with people having different views.

  15. Hassan Abbas Avatar

    This is totally a bull shit as I am a witness in my flats where MQM guyz save life of almost 200+ plus.

  16. javed Avatar

    The author on the one hand says that the motor cyclist was a complete starnger then he says he was a MQM supporter. Also MQM supporters can’t be that much of thugs if they help strangers out by giving them lifts. I think the report is more designed to inflame and is probably beyond the truth.

  17. Unaiza Fatima Avatar
    Unaiza Fatima

    Mr Teeth Dacay’s source of information…an email. The email…based on suspicion and a deja vu in a stressing situation. Mr Teeth Decay’s standards are obvious.

  18. Mohsin Avatar

    The author is yet another Muhajir hater. Using the power of his ink to spread more hate. Violence is violence, whoever did it…regardless of their party allegiances.

    And why is everyone forgetting the thousands of Muhajirs killed during Benazirs two terms?

  19. sheikhu Avatar

    I fully endorse the views of misanthrope.I am Punjabi living in Lahore and fully hate the views of persons blaming MQM people for riots in Karachi.What they answer about burning of properties,cars,looting of banks,damaging trains inside Sind where their is no MQM?Who raised slogans against Pakistan and abuse Punjabis and Pathans?These people are mad and blame MQM or Government for evil deeds of PPP workers?Why don’t they blame these religious fanatics and extremists who are responsible for all killings of innocent Pakistanis i/c Benazir Bhutto?Why don’t these eligious fanatics go to US and kill Americans?They only know to kill unarmed innocent Muslims?Have these Muslim Extremists been able to kill a single American inside America after 9/11,2001.Shame on them.

  20. MB Avatar

    While i was not thinking earlier that MQM could be involed. Today when i was in hotel & was speaking to a fellow from Ayesha Munzil who got stuck on NIPA few days back he told me that he saw MQM guys firing heavily (not on people but airial ) standing on rooftop & there were MQM flags fluttering everywhere over the colonies(the area is POWER BASE place of MQM). Neither my friend nor i could understand why they were doing it.

    But the friend mentioned horrible stories of how women (especially young kids ) where crying, fearing life. How an elderly baba jee with a stick in hand was rushing to save himself. Plus all the chaotics scenes of people burning property.

    Only MQM or GOD knows who did what but thats all i know about MQM involvement.

    It may well be that they were trying to protect there areas from the evil Afghans/Pathans who had gone mad that day and were looting everything they came across.

  21. MB Avatar

    to protect their** areas

  22. Mughni Raza Avatar
    Mughni Raza

    Unaiza Fatima has said it greatly regarding Teeth Decays standards of reporting issues from this site. Using a baseless email to spread hatred against MQM shows Teeth Decays prejudice and unfairness. It looks like your short term memory is screwed up as well as long term memory. If you remember that some sources tried to frame MQM for October 18 bomb blast in Karachi. Benazir Bhutto herself rejected the plot of involving MQM in the suicide attack on her arrival.

    Politically it would be suicidal for MQM to be a part of violence after her death. MQM did the right thing by staying away from the all the violence.

    Mughni Raza

  23. someone Avatar


  24. suchman Avatar

    We all know MQM is a mafia rather than a political party
    And in mafia killing others is just like having lunch and dinner. However this Mafia cannot put up a fight against the pathan baloch mafia and Sindhi dakus of interior, it seems like The Great Ayub khan said” Drive them into the sea” will eventually happen, Because pathans baloch and sindhis have also now organized into a Mafia. One pathan can tackle 10 measly mahajirs at a time as it is well known. remember Guys Mohajirs are not
    Sons of soil, they are not “Dharti kay Puttar”. they can stay here but with a low profile or expect such a severe back lash and vanish like Maratthas

    Sind may agar rehna hay
    To Salam Sain Jee Kehna hay

  25. behroz shamnae Avatar
    behroz shamnae

    I have loved this city and my fore fathers were the patrons of this city, the Parsi community has done so much positive for this city but these mqm’s beliefless people in the disguise of haq parasts have done so much damage not only to karachi but to humanity in general. These people are retarded it seems. Corruption is the hall mark of mohajirs of mqm. Mqm have cried that panjabis pathans and sindhis have ruled the people of karachi. However MQM has brought more death and sorrow and backwardness to sorrow to the mohajir community than anyone else.

    Altaf is a certified killer, say not non-mohajirs but mohajirs who vote for MQM but then they say we have no choice but to vote for this bastard, because he is mohajir bhai. I say good luck to mohajirs of karachi as they themselves are signing their death certificates by letting their own issue death orders from UK. Good luck Mohajirs I am off to Canada for good.

    Note: Dont give all your money as bhatta to MQM, save some for your decent funeral. Buh Bye

  26. basit Avatar

    lo mejor es dividir pakistan.y cada uno de su casa.es un sitio que no deberia existir en el mapa mundial.una estrategia de occidente.como muchas otras.dividieron india en dos quitando le el futuro poder que representaria en el orden mundial.crearon Pakistan nostros nos quedamos,diciendo la illa ha il lal la.sin estructura politica ni civil.el primer ministro de la historia de pakistan fue assesinados.no somos unos pais somos distintas tribus con distintas costumbres obligadas a vivir bajo la misma bandera.PAKISTAN NA KHAPE

  27. basit Avatar

    SOMEONE sahib sindh hum sindhion ka he app mohajiron ka nahi.sindh me agar rehna he to jee sindh kehna he.agar jie mohari kaho ge to wo hi bat hoi,jis thaili me 1947 se kha rahe ho use me cheed.

  28. Laila Ahmed Avatar
    Laila Ahmed

    Let me say that there is a plan to instigate ethnic riots in Karachi and the NWFP. The CIA wants to destablilize Pakistan is using MQM’s criminal elements and its agents in the intelligence agencies. Our naive people will keep on blaming each other. There is a plan to have Mohajir-Pathan riots. Please get united. Altaf Hussian is supported by the British intelligence, which is just an extension of the CIA. Any informed person should know that. If any one thinks, the Brits are letting Altaf stay due to humanitarian grounds, they are living in ‘ignorance’. The great powers do not work like that. If you doubt, go and see his multi-million pound house on the expensive Edgware Road in London.

  29. Khizr Avatar

    It’s not a CIA plot. It is MQM versus Pakistan.

    There’s enough evidence to prove MQM guilty. Ask the volunteers of Edhi who had used the Edhi facilities to harbor MQM terrorists and helped them in killing of well-placed Punjabis and Pathans in Karachi (during 1994-1996), whom MQM had named on their hit list.

    One of our friendly SHO (also a Mohajir) had negotiated with MQM terrorists in nine-zero to create a safe exit for our friends who were Punjabis.

    They have no right to bear Pakistani NICs and passports and call themselves Pakistanis, because they killed the Pakistani citizens who had provided them safe haven after they migrated from India and Bangladesh. We never treated them the same way we treat Afghan refugees, because we think of them as our brothers, but really they have proven themselves to be mentally-sick criminals.

  30. ahsan Avatar

    how cn u prove ur story…….
    meanz u r jst blaming MQM .

  31. Shoaib Avatar

    din shehr me,aur raat muzafaat me rehna
    Lazim hay k gurdish-e-halaat me rehna
    Ye Shehr hay samander k kinaray aabaad
    Is shehr me rehna to auqaat me rehna

    G.A Muhaaajir, G.A MQM, G.A Altaf

  32. Sara Avatar

    You ONE-EYED people what about Blood-shad of 27th December in Karachi was it done by MQM, NO it was all done by PPP/PPPP/PPPPP and sindhis along with crminal phathans.
    They raped Karachi women and looted billions worth things.

    You people have very nerow and one sided vision.
    – WHO attacked on Liaqatabad in 1968 they PHATHANs not MQM
    – WHO demolished KMC market in Liaquatabad they were PPP’s Sindhis not MQM
    – WHO attacked Aligarh in 1986, it again Phatans not MQM
    – What happned in Pakka Qila in Hyderabad
    – Who surrendered on the feet of Indian general it was Panjabi Army not MQM

  33. Oilart Avatar

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  34. Sarfraz Ahmed Avatar

    MQM has made its image very bad amongst us, it is true that they are considered gundas no matter how good they do, the incident of 12th may even deteriorated their image. We expect good politics from MQM "politicians" (may be), expect good comments from them on the media, expect no hatred comments.

    Let's united together, we are Muslims first and then Pakistanis, nothing else.