Cause of death, Gun Shots or Sunroof? Govt foul play suspected

Assassination of Benazir-3.jpgThe first reports arriving the day Benazir died was three gun shots to the head resulting in her death, after she was buried today the Govt of Pakistan Interior Ministry spokesman Brig. Javed Iqbal Cheema offers a complete new explanation for the cause of death, he said that she was NOT killed because of the three gun shots but in fact while collapsing into the car immediately following the explosion of the bomb ‘she collapsed and while collapsing a lever on the left side hit the right side of her head’, the left-right explanation sounds stupid enough since the gun shot came from the left. He was then quick to name Al-Qaeda as the organization behind all this.

In utter shock I feel this is yet another ploy by the government to blame the ‘terrorist organizations’, No one dares to accept that this could easily have been the outcome of Mushrraf’s eight year rule where he plunges his people in utter confusion and chaos – it is the people of Pakistan that saw Musharraf orchestrate blood shed on the streets of Karachi on May 12th killing hundreds, people seem to have forgotten the hundreds ruthlessly murdered inside Lal Masjid and their bodies were quickly buried within a matter of hours as if to hide a crime scene. Lets not also forget the annihilation being done in Swat and the northern areas.
One does not need the services of a brain surgeon to figure out that with all these incidents compounded with a poor-crushing economy contributing to the frustrations, one does not need to run to Al-Qaeda to do this dirty work. Hell you walk on the street and with a matter of minute you will easily find a person frustrated enough with life to do such dirty work, the general consensus on the street is that anyone linked to Musharraf and the US must go. Literally any one could have done it and it does not take Osama Bin Laden to send a guy with a flimsy revolver to Liaquat Bagh and miss his primary target only to hope the ‘lever’ hits her after the bomb blast. sad to say it but I feel the blame must go squarely on Musharraf and there are no two ways about it – its time for him to go.

I wish I could have yelled for a judicial inquiry following an independent autopsy, but sadly there is no judiciary, as the Supreme Court at the moment houses a few pencil pushers loyal to Musharraf’s commands.

Suspicion must be given that it took them TWENTY FOUR hours after the body left the mortuary to say that there was no bullet wound !!!. In all honesty if they had to deny the rumor they should have done it right on the spot. Lastly this press conference seems to be strategically placed after her burial so it will be difficult to demand an inquiry. Say what you may I strongly suspect foul play. Whats your take on this issue



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8 responses to “Cause of death, Gun Shots or Sunroof? Govt foul play suspected”

  1. Wonder Boy Avatar
    Wonder Boy

    Film shows three shots being (by Attacker) fired within 3 feet from her.

  2. zen Avatar

    Isn’t it strange that within a matter of hours the crime scene was being cleaned with a pressure hose?!

  3. Naveed Avatar

    Look at the effort to cover up the incident. They are making hectic efforts to somehow prove that she has neither been hit by bullet nor any debri of a sucide bomb rather she hit lever and that caused her death.

    They want to shed away from the responsibility of her death in the power base of army. The dictator wants to deceive the nation once again. If Al Qaeda was behind this, why does not Al Qaeda hits Choudhries, Durrani, Shoukat Aziz, Shaikh Rasheed, Fazal Ur Rehman etc. Why it always fail to hit Sherpao? And is so successful both the times on BB?
    We are really sorry to have fallen in the trap of the enemies of Pakistan to send another dead Prime Minister belonging to Sind from Rawalpindi.

    Dictator and his team of confidies should be arrested and the whole story will come to surface.

    Dogra adalat has been formed for the same purpose to thwart the challenge of a judicial inquiery.
    Who expects justice from puppet judges and kangroo courts except dictator and his team?

  4. shobz Avatar

    the government thinks we are so dumb that we would fall for the sunroof theory. i have never heard of anyone being injured by a sunroof and dying from it. the government may try to spin this to their own advantage but it will never work. i couldn’t believe their outlandish theory on tv. note to govt. we aren’t stupid and we know what the facts are. please do not try to present your dumb theories. i also find it strange that they tried to clean up the scene with a pressure hose. couldn’t they have cordoned off the area and brought in some forensics specialists? there is something rotten in the state of denmark here.

  5. Silence Avatar

    A crossroad and twists is Bhutto’s assasination.

    Pakistan’s government asserted Friday that al-Qaida was behind the assassination of Bhutto, and offered the transcript of a conversation as a proof, government also said Benazir Bhutto was not killed by gunshots or shrapnel as originally claimed. Instead, it said her skull was shattered by the force of a suicide bomb blast that slammed her against a lever in her car’s sunroof. The representative of Baitullah Mahsud and Taliban has denied any role in Bhutto’s assasination and stated that Bhutto has done nothing against Taliban so far and they have no reason to attack her, if involved the terrorists organisations always do take accept the responsibility.

    A day earlier the doctors who were handling Bhutto after attack stated that there was a bullit wound in her neck and another in head but they changed their statement before media as a new verson came from government side and declared that it was a wound which can be a result of a sharpnel or a crash. Anyone associated with medical profession can clearly differentiate in a gunshot wound and a wound caused by crash by its formation at first look and first observation of doctors coroborates the eyewittness account whereby Sherian Rehman and others are clearly stating that they have seen a bullit wound which entered from one side of Bhutto’s head and exited from other side.

    The wittnesses at the seen of occourance have stated that they have seen gunshots and immidiately after that Bhutto fell inside car, it is being stated to happen before the blast, the video fotage released by some media channels confirms the statement of wittnesses. Another unfortunate aspect is that immidiately after the incident media was showing ground being washed and cleared with jet of water rather then cord on for investigation, surprisingly police find a hand gun from scene of occurance but didnot bother to wait for investigation teams which were formed later to visit the ground and collect evidence.

    There are several eyewittness stating before media that they have seen someone shooting with AK 47 riffle which resulted in death of some youngmen and according to some other accounts the gun shots were being fired from a police vehicle, but this all remains limited to media, police has not recorded statements of any of these wittnesses or associated them with investigation. Some experts are also claiming that it is not possible for a succide bomber strapped in succide jacket to take out gun and fire shots and it seems a well planned action carried by a group of more then one persons who were well coordinated.

    In view of above all facts it seems that Musharaf regime is determined to label this incident as an act of Al-Qaida and least intrested in finding the real culprits and their patrons which is confirmed by Brgd.(R) Javed Iqbal’s statement. The Musharaf regime is perheps underestimating the sensetivity of incident and it’s impect, Benazir Bhutto was not only a former PM of Pakistan but she enjoys an emotional attachment of vast majority of Pakistani people, it would be wise for Musharaf regime to immidiately involve indipendent foreign agencies in process of investigation so that reality can be determined to the satisfaction of nation.

    Furthermore, since suprior judiciary is detained at homes and lawyers around the country are boycotting the judges inducted through PCO, any judicial enquiry would not satisfy people, in investigating such high profile assisenation the only way which can bring trust of people is that superior judiciary be restored to pre PCO stage, Musharaf must stepdown and a form a national government which can ensure the transparent investigation in Bhutto’s death.

    Pakistan as a nation is on a crossroad to for its future and do not affords any further polerisation and bitterness in society, this is the time that Musharaf regime realise the ground realities and act accordingly to save Pakistan from any further harm. Although power makes the rulers dumb and deaf, we hope that present regime would realise the situation before its too late for all of us.

    Allah Bless and save Pakistan.

  6. Bal Krishan Avatar
    Bal Krishan

    Indian intelligence has discounted al-qaeda involvement.

    The Indian intelligence and security agencies believe Benazir Bhuttos assassination was conceived as a deep, politically motivated conspiracy and carried out by forces within Pakistan, and not by Al Qaeda.

    After completing a detailed assessment based on TV footage and other material, the Indian agencies say some elements within the ISI, the Army, extremist groups and even some political rivals may have had a hand in the killing.

    “This is not the usual Al Qaeda modus operandi, an analyst said. The Indian agencies believe the strike was rehearsed and involved several people. “It was a highly planned, highly motivated, highly integrated plan. Otherwise it wouldnt have happened the way it did, a senior intelligence operative told DNA.

    “It was a meticulous insider job, probably. People would have been bought because massive support is needed do something like this.

    Sources said if the bomber was so close to Bhutto, the vehicle would not have survived the blast, as it did. The bomb was so powerful that the assassins head was found some 75 feet away from the site, according to Indian assessment.

    They believe the explosives were strapped above the waist of the killer. Indian analysts are not ruling out the possibility of the Army or the ISI being involved in the attack.

  7. Zonk Avatar

    Yeah Musharraf Stinks.

  8. javed iqbal Avatar

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