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Latest update on arrests in Dadu and Naushero Feroz, Sindh

A few activists of the People’s Resistance are actively working in the interior sindh for standing up against this wave of arrests taking place today’s update is as follows

  • Dadu: 235 FIRs registered and 50,400 people booked.
    • 400 PPP workers nominated including both candidates for National Assembly Rafiq Jamali & Dr Talat Mahesar
    • All candidates for PS Pir Mazhar, Murad Ali Shah, Ghulam Shah Jeelani, Imran Leghari, Fiaz Butt, President District Bar Dadu Shafi Muhammad Memon, Barrister Pir Mujeeb, Former Minister Zafar Leghari (35 to 40 police stations total in Distt)
  • Naushahro Feroze: 151 FIRs registered 51,323 people booked.
    • 734 all PPP workers including candidate of Provincial Assembly seat 23 Haji Khan Bhutti nominated

These numbers are increasing day by day we’ve been trying to collect figures on a Police Station wise basis it would b difficult to collect all FIR but we are trying our best.

Lala Hassan
Peoples Resistance


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    Good to see you on Dawn News, great colorful tie, I think your blog should have more colors as well. I dont like that host who interviewed you, he is boring, dry and self consumed, I wish Naveen asked you more questions, but you provided great insights to blogging in Pakville.

    Anyway Good one Doc Alvi….