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Teeth Maestro on Breakfast with Dawn

  • Awab Bhai,

    Superb as usual, it was good to see the face behind the words!!

    Keep the faith, an ‘other’ Pakistan is in the making.


  • Good going TM! You’re the man! :)

  • Silence

    Dear Doctor,

    You look much younger then I though,It was a pleasure to see you, Allah Bless you and all those who think for Pakistan.

  • Impressive. :) And TM spoke well.

  • lol and oddly enough I have the feeling you indirectly made Breakfast with Dawn stand out to the expats.

  • redsnapper

    Brilliant !!

  • I couldnt help notice how some news hounds persisted on downgrading us bloggers just because we are sneaking in on some of the limelight used by them to rip of major brands for advertising money. Case in point… oh yeah we might not have the teams of people working under u.. but unlike u guys we DO IT FOR FREE..and that says a lot more for our character in itself!

    cheers Awab..rawk on

  • Dee

    Good Discussion Teeth maestro and Jamash.

  • Cool stuff!

    Though I have to say; suits?! Traitors!!

    Will be passing this around.

  • QaimKhani

    Dr Dude,

    I can see an Imran partner grooming up, Doc.

  • Khalid


    I like the nick, I would go and get this domain name. I just checked its available.

    Being a Pakistani, I would let you have it. You have a day to get it, otherwise, I would take it.

  • Scary message there, dude! But I guess you just pushed me over the edge to do something I have been meaning to do. So thanks. I think. :D

  • MB

    Great job TM!!
    I Just choried it to my blog too , lol

  • Adnan Siddiqi

    in typical bhai log language:

    Ek dam Chakkass

  • modest arent ya :D