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Musharraf’s letter to ABA – accusing CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry

Yesterday we published a letter from the Chief Justice of Pakistan who wrote to many global leaders defending the accusations made by the President of Pakistan General (RETD) Pervaiz Musharraf. I have today obtained a copy of the initial letter written by the President of Pakistan to the American Bar Association trying to defend his actions against the CJP since March 9th. It seems more like a rant in a futile attempt to salvage his tarnished image in front of the American lawyers.

I highly recommend reading both the letters as it then shows how weak of an argument Musharraf actually continues to have in regards to the suicidal steps he took back in March. Word for word, the charge sheet is based on the original Naeem Bukhari letter, but some how no one takes his name let alone give him credit for leading Musharraf down this path of destruction [ironic]. Sadly the evidence starts and ends on the letter, the remaining arguments are just an attempt by Musharraf to vindicate himself. All said its funny to watch him stumble across the 15 pages just trying to defend his actions – quite literally pleading innocence but failing miserably in the process

To better comprehend the entire fiasco, read all the documents attached here including the response by the CJP Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry which was published a day earlier

  1. Letter to the American Bar Association by President of Pakistan – [PDF]
  2. Charge Sheet / Profile of Former CJP Iftikhar Chaudhry, as prepared by President of Pakistan – [PDF]
  3. Letter by Chief Justice of Pakistan in response to Musharrafs accusations – [PDF]

I feel its an important juncture to set a few facts straight. In the past few days a few events surrounding Musharraf’s misadventures into Europe, actually transpired into an interesting debate online, specially the incident where a Pakistani reporter asked the President a few tough questions in the UK, in response we were treated to a stand-up comedian Mush’ism comment ‘or mayray khayal mein us ko dou teen tikka b dain tou acha hai‘. We reacted vehemently against this incident, but a few handful of Musharraf supporters blamed instead the reporter for tarnishing the National Interest accusing him of washing Pakistan’s dirty laundry in front of the entire world.

This recent set of letters to the President of ABA by our President should leave us in no doubt that this state representative cares sh*t about National Interest, its his own personal vendetta being fought out under the Pakistani flag, and nothing else. So a friendly word of advise to the remaining proponents of Musharraf, lets not fool ourselves any longer about who is the valiant up-holder of Pakistan’s National Interest, its most definitely not Musharraf, he has been known to stab many in the back for the sake of his own personal agenda and we have ourselves a prime example here as it took him barely a week to stab you all as well in your valiant debate to defend him. I suspect we shall see many more in the future, so choose your horses (arguments) carefully, lest you be left ‘hangin’ next time around.


  • Silence |

    I wish some one should have told dictator that he is addressing ABA and not a bunch of morons. He just made him a laughing stock by this letter, intrestengly, it will began a debate which will expose him further in eyes of international community.

    “Image building measures” and “Pakistan First” are evident from his own letter!

  • MB |

    MUSH has gone nuts…. He doesnt know he is talking to some sensible men in USA and not the Pakistan Military League (Quacks) in Gujrat.

  • Nighat khan |

    Now I am ashamed of the fact that such a buffoon is our head of state and how ill advised he is most of the times ( make it all the times)

  • d0ct0r |

    its a word to word copy of earlier reference that was cooked up by clowns from Mush’s legal team..which was thrown out and dismissed by Supreme Court of Pakistan and The court fined the government Rs 100,000 and suspended the advocate on record who filed the “scandalous dossier of evidence

    plus is’nt it hilarious that this dictator has the audacity to accuse others about:
    “judiciary made dysfunctional”
    “harassment of judges”
    “curbing judicial independence”
    “misuse of authority”
    “highhandedness,nepotism and manipulation”
    “Interference in Administration”
    self promotion
    highvisibilty in media
    etc etc ….

    on all these counts Mush himself can be tried in (Independent)court and won’t be able to come out clean ..

  • Jawan |

    Filthy coward dictator that Musharraf is, he acts like a true hypocrate. Whenever he speaks he always lies. a sign of the hypocrate.
    May ALLAH’s curse be on him.
    CJP Iftekhar Choudhry is the heroof the nation and the dictator is a traitor and slave of USA. There is no comparison at all. Nobody, even in international arena believes the dictator.

  • Ali |

    I take pity on the poor soul. He’s completely lost in sea, might have helped if he were a navy commodore, would atleast know about navigation using the stars. This moron is driving his tank blind using an american GPS and a Gujrati driver – and not one thing is working correctly.

  • Unaiza Fatima |

    If the judiciary is so fair, and Mr. Chaudhry is so honest, why the judiciary is the second from top of the list of corrupt institutions in one of the most corruption-hit countries in the world i.e. Pakistan
    One can check the Transparency International records to learn about what Mr. Chaudhry and his clan has done with the good name of Judiciary, which has been shining at the peak of corruption, second only to Police!
    Check this link too


    Just calling Musharraf a dictator, idiot, moron, or whatever, won’t help anyone. The president has rightly showed the exit door to the corrupt elements. Any sensible person would agree with the corruption rating of our judiciary, and the pains it has inflicted upon the nation. But enough is enough.

    Let’s fight reason with reason. I do expect that this comment would get a lot of battering from some viewers who are devoid of (or would wish to stay devoid of, whatever they would prefer) any reason and logical argument, but fact is a fact.

  • Rohail |

    Musharraf was forced to write this letter to ABA only as there were never ending accusations levelled at him and his policies by these corrupt lawyers. And just to remind you that it was initially the ex-CJP’s daughter who started this trend of writing letters worldwide, maligning Pakistan and causing a bad image of Pakistan world wide.

    When these lawyers and their western kids never get tired of reaching worldwide and on-purpose portraying a negative picture of Pakistan worldwide….and when the western media then questions the President of Pakistan…. why shouldn’t Pakistan REPLY to these worldwide blackmailers to clarify its position?

    All these newly popped up agitations that are funded through and organised by Hameed GUL are just impressive tactics aimed at regime change of President. And, then you expect him not to defend himself? The people of PAK are with Musharraf!

  • Laila Ahmed |

    Musharraf is not President of Pakistan nor is an Army general. He is occupying power because of the power of gun and due to the support of Bush. Busharraf is a traitor who has sold Pakistan’s interests to the americans so that they control Pakistan and its nuclear weapons. Rohail: wake up. He meets with Israeli ministers and conspires against his countrymen so that Pakistan can become another Iraq?

  • Zeeshan |

    With reference to corrupt judiciary, you some how fail to mention the financial embezzlement /and perks which these corrupt generals extract out of this poor nation even after surrendering (a humiliating defeat ) to INDIA in 1971 where they were involved in the massacre of their own nation and then in Kargil (refuse to help there own army personal heroes like Capt Col Sher gul who bravery was acknowledged by the Indian forces ) they have the audacity to call themselves loyal ,Musharaf has simply broke all previous record of slavery to USA . I dont what he means when he call himself a commando.

  • Hasnain |

    The tone in your comments reeks of high-headedness. Seems as if the the entire judiciary issue has hit a nerve somewhere, anyone in the family serving in Pakistan Army’s Napak Bari Fauj?

    The link you have posted makes no mention of Army’s corruption. The so called judicial corruption the document refers to is at the lower courts (district level). But then again there are top judges like Musharraf’s paaltu kutta the Attorney General Malik Qayyum who was wiretapped asking for instructions on how to punish Zardari and Bhutto.

    All I can do for you is pray!

  • Abe N |

    I don’t understand how the most corrupt institutions (legal and political) are suddenly perking up as nation’s saviors. Even the so-called journalists are no better than CNN or Fox – pandering to the emotional and devoid of analytical research. Another actor, the West, is no less hypocritical in its approach and past power players like Kissinger even admit to exploit notions of “freedom” such as women’s rights and democracy as foreign policy tools.

    I grew up in Pakistan. Growing up, I saw the lawyers stab their own clients in the back. I saw the courts prolong cases unless “greased”. I saw the treatment meted out to the lower classes. I saw the corruption.

    On the issue of reference, even the SC’s own report while Iftikhar was in office states that less than 40 suo-motto cases were heard by any bench, and over 3,500 were heard by Iftikhar in his chamber alone. What kind of judiciary was he running?

  • Shahrukh Khan commet |

    Major Rohail:

    Sir main ne app se UPS lya,wo kam nhi krta


    Salesman: Kya ap k UPS ki battery theek hy?


    Major Rohail:

    main ne brand new battery T.V k remote main

    Se nekal k UPS k sath lagai hy

  • Shahrukh Khan commet |

    Phatan: Sir ap k bathroom me shower se

    nahane ka bohat maza aya

    Major Rohail: Shower..?

    Phatan: Sir ap ko shower thora uppar kr k lgwana chaheye

    Major Rohail: Oy Khan wo shower nhi “Muslim Shower” hy