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Hamid Mir shares his concerns about the restricted media

Mr. Hamid Mir, a very prominent anchor of Geo TV who was banned from appearing on any TV show after the emergency shares his feelings in this letter submitted after the press conference he had on the invitation of Pakistan Federal Union Journalists . Its a must read specially if you want to understand whats going on behind the covers of the new form of Media Censorship

Dear Journalist Colleagues,

Thanks for coming to this press conference on the invitation of Pakistan Federal Union Journalists.

As you know that Musharraf regime have banned many TV anchors including me without any written charge against us. The main objective of banning us was to pressurize Pakistani media to accept a new code of conduct for print and electronic journalism. This new code was drafted just to manipulate elections. Musharraf regime started pressurizing us to accept new media laws in 2006.I was served with a notice from the government in October 2006 when I hosted a talk show on the role of intelligence agencies in politics. I responded that notice through my lawyer and took a stand that I never violated any law. Government never issued any notice to me after my response.

In January 2007 some top government officials offered me to join state controlled PTV. They said that private TV channels have no future and a big action will soon be taken against all of them. I refused. My office was attacked in March 2007 in Islamabad and I was also beaten by the police. Pervez Musharraf apologized to me after that incident but later on some more incidents took place. His words were different from the actions of his government. Journalists were kidnapped, arrested and tortured many times in different cities. Many of us received threats. I wrote in Daily Jang on May 2nd 2007 that government have decided to ban live TV programes. The government was again angry in August 2007 when I wrote about its plans against media and judiciary in “The News. I sent my family outside Pakistan after some threats in June 2007.In September and October 2007, President House directly tried to silence me. They offered many bribes.

Emergency was imposed on November 3rd 2007.All the TV channels were banned. We were not available on cable but I was doing my talk show for the satellite viewers. When I started participating in the protest rallies organized by PFUJ and RIUJ, I was informed by a minister of the previous regime that I could be killed in a small road accident. Musharraf regime manipulated to shut down our transmission centre from Dubai on November 16th.Geo TV remained banned for more than two months. Its transmission was resumed in the third week of January 2008 when Musharraf got assurance that I and Shahid Masood will not appear on Geo TV. He dictated his wish when the economic survival of the Geo TV was in danger. It was a clear blackmailing.

Today the Pakistani media is working under pressure. Musharraf regime have plans to rigg the elections. I demand that Musharraf should come out with some justification of banning us with evidence otherwise we have no doubts that “we are banned just to protect his rigging plans. Rigging few anchors will not help Musharraf.

I am sure that Pakistani media will not allow Musharraf to rig the elections openly. Media will fight against the terror and tyranny on February 18th.

Hamid Mir


  • Zovc |

    I mean how can one support musharaf? armys image has gone down, economy is suffering(musharaf said so himself), people are frustrated, suicide(or not) bombings everywhere. He should resign…

  • temporal |

    Will someone inform Hamid Mir he has other avenues open to him

    Geo is not the end of the world if he wishes to expose rigging

    He used to write for either rediff.com or another paper in india…II have read him there

    He and Shahid Masood can continue to write and their columns will be picked up through bloggers and made available all over pakistan

    that is if he want to do something about it

  • Riaz Haq |

    I fully sympathize with Mr. Hamid Mir. I think he should be free to appear on any channel and express himself openly, as long as he clearly identifies himself as an adversary of the government rather than disguise himself an independent, objective host of talk shows. Pakistani media need to find a way to clearly establish a firewall between news shows and opinion shows and label each clearly so the viewers are not misled. And for opinion/commentary shows, the media should ensure fairness by affording equal opportunity to opposing views. There needs to be a “Fairness Doctrine” similar to the one used by FCC in the United States.

  • Ali |

    AoA, can you please provide me Hamid Mir’s email address or his blog address (if he have any), I want to salute this brave son of Pakistan and role model for we youngsters. Thanks.

  • Salman Anjum |

    thanks god govt. has not banned TALAT HUSSAIN of AAJ, i thought he was as aggressive against govt as HAMID MIR or Dr.SHAHID MASOOD… comon MUSH let these people do thier job… dont be “FIROON”

  • nazia |

    Hamid like people are our assests but these dare devils are big threat for ruling mafia in which army men are in top list.Bhutto,zardari and shrif like politicans are also part of ruling mafia but at this moment quite powerless because all power has been centered into GHQ as per US requirement.In forth coming elections US are trying to change the scenario of Pakistan so they are badly in need of removal of Hamid like people who have earned strong trust from people.As all corrupt and absconder politicans are now back to Pakistan and no choice has been left for people of Pakistan to select their route.Trustworthy judges are out, powerful media men are banned,sharifs are disqualified, benazir is dead and risk of bomb blasts are high in all areas of Pakistan.This is our free,fair and peaceful elections gifted by mussarf and allies.

  • Zain Khan |

    Hamid Mir:

    Musharraf made a lot of money through Shaukat Aziz. Short-cut needs to be brought back to the country and tried for steel mills, stock market, sugar and other scams and full investigations should be made as to who directed the killings on May 12 and who ordered the washing of crime scene of Benazir’s murder?

  • izhar mahboob |

    mr.hamid mir u did a good program on 24th of semtember 2008.i really appreciate that. instead of inviting the poloticians at ur program u should invite midiocars to share the feelings of people. i want u do a progaram on corruption. because to me the biggest problem of pakistan is coorruption . it involve all the department of our country . today the leadership of our country is the hands of corrupt people who have spend much time in jail . and the are so proud of that like the are freedom fighters

  • Ahmed Ali |

    Complain against MBBS Entry Test condcted by IoBM Karachi at LUMHS JamshoroDear Sir; With respects & reverences it is apprised that the Pre-Entry Test for admissins in MBBS in Sindh Medical Colleges (LUMHS Jamshoro , CMC larkana ,NMC Nawabshah , Sukkur) was conducted by Institute of Business & Management Karachi (IoBM) in which so many Irregularities were witnessed by Candidates as well as parents.
    1.Students were not seated on thier seat numbers but candidates were delibrately allowed to sit anywhere with anyone in order to be able to copy from the answer sheet of their choice.
    2. Mobile phones were allowed to consult the questions & answers from outside the exam hall (All Test center LUMHS Jamshoro , CMC Larkana & Sukkur ).
    3.There was no restiction to talk to any one so candidates were at their liberty to ask frequently from other students . It is pertinent to mention here that Group discussion was allowed among the candidates by the invagilatiors .
    4. Favouritism was observed and invagilation staff was also involved in unfair means in the test centers as also evident from Daily News papers i.e Kawish , Dawn , Ibrat , Jung etcProtests rallies , procession , staging sit in , demonstrations & slowgans were also chantted for reconducting the Pre-Entry Test for MBBS Admission .
    In view of above factual position , it is requested that Pre-Entry Test result may kindly be cancelled & be Re-conducted in fair & Proper way and under the able adminstartion as the Team of IoBM were involvd in illegal acts & unfair means . During the test their conduct were entirely against all service discipline , ethics & noms so stern action may be taken against them & High powered inquiry commitie be constituted for investigating the matter in order to know the facts & remove the irregularities for future endeavours .
    It is also requested that we meritorious students are suffering as the Test conducting institution is responsible for all our destruction . In this way poor pupils are getting loss because their crime is only that they worked very hard for conversion of our dream in to reality .Matter may be treated as most urgent Please .The prayer is made in the interest of justice. Eagerly Waiting For Justice. PLZZZ. Help us …….our future in your hand

  • Memon Yousuf |

    I do agree with comments by Mr Ahmed Ali. and I do request to Mr hHamid Mir kindly help meritorious students for admission in LUMHS by unveil the faces who invoved in corruption and napotism and earned millions of Rupees in the entry test for MBBS BDS 2008 held in month of Octoer
    Regards and slute to Mr Hamid Mir

  • wajahat |


    Our honest and one of best prof.Dr,Riaz ahmed was brutally assaulted by Rangers personnel inside the premises of Karachi University and still now no body could take any action agaist that stupid rangers col.and even these all well known people like hamid mir or javed chaudry could not say any word regarding that serious issue,

  • kashif |

    wake up pakis! hamid mir works for cia. can't you tell difference with his living standard 10 years ago 50 rupees reporter riding on motor bike and now look at him.he is money maker and sells every thing, i mean every thing.

  • ismail wali |

    “Fresh springs gush forth from the cracks of earthquakes” (Iqbal): The Bright Side of Terrorism

    We live in a polar world: the magnetic field of the earth is a phenomenal proof to this effect. However, people who observe “day” on one side of the planet forget (for the time being at least) that there is “night” on the other side. Similarly, people who have “night” on one side do not remember that there is “day” on the other one. In view of the above simple analogy it can easily be imagined that every human experience has its opposite inherent in it.

    The wave of Terrorism in our part of the world has created a one-sided approach in all of us, leading to the conclusion that it would be pathological to see something bright, positive and productive in an utterly condemnable and abominable act of spreading terror through self-annihilation.

    Before Terrorism our soldiers were usually seen leaning against a tree or busy chatting while sipping “free” tea in a third class hotel. The Jawans of the army were engaged in whitening the trunks of trees in cant areas. Why? They and their bosses had nothing to do as professionally trained members of an institution. There were no internal dangers to meet and manage. They retired without testing their knowledge, experience, and weapons in a real situation. Life becomes meaningless without challenges and adventures, which is true at all levels of meaning. In this regard, the life of a nation loses its vitality and dynamism if there are no difficulties to surmount, no dangers to meet, and no challenges to turn into opportunities. That is why Iqbal says: “ Zeestan undher khatarha zindageest” ( To live in dangers is life). It is the “Ignorance” pre-Islamic Arabia that led to a new social order under the Holy Prophet (saw). From the womb of “the Dark Ages” arose Renaissance in Europe. After the World Wars Europe emerged anew with a fresh determination to live peacefully on the earth. It is only after World War II that the British Imperialism weakened to the extent that our freedom became possible.

    Now the duty of our policy-makers is not to be discouraged by the “dark” situation around us but to prepare how to emerge afresh from the ashes like Phoenix. The internal dangers must sensitize our “leaders” to the potential magnitude of the external one.

  • m.sami |

    aslam o alikum

    dear kia supreme court ka order itna hee bayjaan hai aur kia supreme court itni hee baywaqt hai kay koi bhi province ub tak sugar price control nahi kar saka ya yeh saab dekhawa hai aur yeh saab apas mien mil kar muk muka kar chukay hain aur hum ko mil kar bewaquaf bana rahay hain.MANZOOR VATTO kabhi n.league kee goud mien betha tha aur ajj ppp kay sath hai kia hum in dhokay bazoun kay hathoun isi tarah baywaquaf bantay rahenngay kia phir ko GASSIB hakumat mien ayga aur ssaab kay saab gunha mauf kia hai yeh saaab kab tak chalta rahayga meray khial mien ub tamam parties ko sudharna ho ga warna abhi nahi tu chand saal baud in saab logoun ka MASOLINI wala hashar honay wala hai inshallah. JIN logoun ko ub tak hakumat nahi mil sakee un ko azmana ho ga N. LEAGUE HO ya PPP UN KAY LEADERS UN KA WORKERS AUR UN KAY KHUSHAMDEE BAHUT LOOT CHUKAY IS MULK KO BAAS UB KOI AUR LIKE IMRAN, LIKE ALTAF UN KO CHANCE MILNAY CHAHIYA



  • pir makhdoom zubair |

    aslam o alequm govt of pakistan kion new power plant lagane ky koshish men laga para he, new power plant lagane men and start hone men boht time lag jaega or boht sa kharcha bhy aega is se behtar ye he ke jo pehle se lage power plant hen unhen repair kia jae or unse electricsity wasool ky jae gudu tharmal ky total pedawar 1800 megawat he kuch falt ky waja se 750 megawat de raha he agar is ko repair kia jae to ye 1800 megawat dene ke kabil he, sukkur tharmal ky pedawar 35 megawat he kuch falt ky waja se use bilkul band kia gaya he agar ab bhy us se electricsity hasil ky jae to 27 megawat de sakta he, jamshoro tharmal men kuch falt hone ky waja se 25% electricsity de rahe hen or lakhra tharmal kuch falt hone ky waja se mukamal band kia gaya he, govt ko chahie in tharmal house ko repair kare taake bijly ka bohran khatam ho jae or new power plant project ko khatam karde ap plz in points pe roshni dalen or highlights karen thankz.