Qazi Faiz Isa Talks on ‘You and the Constitution’

Qazi Faez IsaThis session with Barrister Qazi Faez Isa was recorded a few weeks back on January 25th when he came to Shirkat Gah, Karachi on the invitation of Peoples Resistance & The Green Economics & Globalization Initiative to talk about the political issues related to the constitution of Pakistan. Its been over a month but even now since the elections this discussion with Qazi Faez Isa is still worth listening to but mind you this was recorded before the elections.

I think the most important part of his talk is when he sheds light on the ‘less talked about’ issue of the Islamabad High Court and its implications on the people of Pakistan. It seems that the Islamabad High Court issue has been snuck under the table amidst the political chaos which ensued in the latter part of December, and an issue equally as important as the restoration of Judiciary

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  1. pcause Avatar

    plz also post about the Gaza situtaion
    isreal is showing its brutal dark face once again ,killing dozens of Palestinians

  2. PML Avatar


    PPP Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari has aired apprehensions about the impact of immediate restoration of deposed judges after the formation of the new government.

    “Agar ham nay hakoomat main atay hi judgon ko bahal kar dia to hamara kharaak ho jayay ga (If we restore the judges immediately after coming into power we would be finished). This is how he responded to a viewpoint that he has got the best opportunity to win the hearts of the people by reinstating the judges as soon as the PPP-led national government is installed.

    He has perhaps faith in the old adage slow and steady wins the race but at the same time admits that in a few months time he would be far weaker than what he is today. He talks of a comprehensive package for the independence of judiciary, part of which would be the reinstatement of deposed judges, but was unclear if such a package would require constitutional amendment or done through an act of parliament.

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    Faez salams, please could you email me your contact need to ask you some advice nilofer qazi

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    Lala Hassan

    Hope Justice would reach on the doors of vulnerables under ur leadership. Balochistan people would get Justice & rule of law wud b ensured.

    Lala Hassan,

    Peoples Resistance Karachi

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