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Karachi Metroblogs pulls an April Fools prank

The cat is finally out of the bag, and the entire Karachi Metroblog team has come clean accepting the April fools joke being played on its readers. The plan was hatched barely two days ago on our internal mailing list, a number of ideas were floated to finally settle with two options one was for a prank news of a pipeline being laid down by Saudi Arabia to supply much needed electrical power to ease the woes of Karachiites and the other was to announce the shut down of the blog. Both ideas played well but the KMB shut down prank attracted the most attention. We cant be sure if many people fell for it but the number of comments received showed that we did have half-believers.

The Gotchya post can be read on KMB here. I hope people did enjoy the joke as it was truly meant to spice up the energy levels which have been on a slow crawl since some time.

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