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PML-N & PPP sort out Punjab & but Judiciary is still ‘up in the air’

PPP and PML-N have finally sorted out the power sharing in Punjab with a total of 35 ministries, PML-N would obtain 22 while PPP will settle with the remaining 13. While Chief Minister, Speaker and Deputy Speaker would be retained by PML-N. Ideally this is the best deal for PML-N as it retains their control over the province, probably a fair trade-off with Zardari since the arrival of their new coalition partners in the form of MQM.

But what really hangs in the balance is the issue of restoration of judiciary. The notion of a conditional bill on the ‘Minus-one-Formula‘ [restoration of the judges without Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry] is worrisome for the supporters of PML-N, but if Zardari were to trample over the Murree Declaration I suppose the Sharif brothers would be a little fix forced to shrug their shoulders and [as predicted] say that our hands were tied as PPP has control over the house … and live happily ever after with the Punjab govt in their back pocket

Quite literally these days everyone has a theory so what is your analysis of the developing situation amidst rumors of a potential split between PPP and PML-N on this core issue of the restoration of judiciary?


  • Raja Khan |

    To effect this, a bill is insufficient, the Constitution would need amending AND Zardari’s recent conduct (esp. wooing MQM) suggests this is his plan of action.

    Such a constitutional amendment might impliedly given Musharraf constitutional cover for his actions to date!

    End of the PPP?

  • Hassan Abbas |

    It is pretty obvious Parvaiz Musharraf will be handed the head of the Chief Justice on a silver platter.The Parliment will pass the necessary bills.
    PML Q will pretend it tried it’s best for restoration ,but Zardari didn’t play up -and so what could it do.
    The lawyers will come out on the streets -but one month is a long time to cool tempers -besides a civil government will find it easier to neutralise them.Firsty because each party has it’s wing amongst them;second gunda tactics like the one involving Sher Afghan will be used to defame them,and to break their will.It seems all parties has learnt something from the MQM.
    It’s a pity the lawyers and civil society havn’t learn’t relavent lessons from the MQM saga. They need to get control of the major cities by forming a political party of their own – a civilian democratic front ,comprising civil society and the legal community – only then like the MQM will they be able to free the people from the clutches of the army-fuedal/industrialist nexus.Surely this is very much witin their means.