Dubai Talks seemingly successful

Nawaz Sharif has briefly announced from Dubai that the talks with Asif Ali Zardari have completed and leaders have finally agreed on the restoration of judiciary according to the Murree Declaration, formal and full announcement will be made in Lahore tomorrow

Now one must wonder what compromises were made to reach this understanding since the Murree declaration was already a finalized draft. One can easily speculate that the delay in making the full announcement with the details is to give a little time for Zardari to share the results with Musharraf and his US allies and bring them on board to the final decision

I suspect that the judiciary will be restored but will be seriously impaired restricting their scope of functionality, cases like NRO, Musharraf and the Nov 3rd Martial law will be off-limits while the United States would ensure that the Missing Persons Case is not reopened by the reinstated judiciary.

At times I wonder if its worthwhile to open any old cases and issues, it might not be, as for the sake of our nation its time to look forward and not backwards. I may truly be ready if the judiciary was reinstate with full independence to tackle any issues facing Pakistan in the future with no political interference whatsoever. Enough of speculations and gutt feelings, let await the formal announcement on about 24 hours





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  1. khobar from London Avatar
    khobar from London

    The whole nation was at tenterhooks until some encouraging signals emanated from Dubai.

    Mr Nawaz Sharif appeared relaxed and his body language showed that he was satisfied with the outcome of the negotiations with Mr Asif Zardari.

    I think sense has prevailed and brinkmanship has been averted. The failure of the parleys would have resulted into unforeseen disasterous consequences for the nascent democracy which has been established after the sacrifice by Mohatrama Benazir Bhutto.

    Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry will be making history by vindicating his honour for the second time and the restored other judges of the Supreme Court and other high courts will ensure that in future a despot will not be able to play with destiny of the nation.

  2. Silence Avatar

    Pakistan’s civil society is just at its initial stages, so we tend to loose our nerves quickly. Zardari showed strong nerves and is able to get some changes made in restoration process.

    Just a simple question, do Zardari affords to ignore judges issue?

    He dont, his own Prime Minister has expressed so and there is strong resentment inside his party as well, there are equal chances that PPP will split if judges are not restored and Zardari simply can not take this risk.

    But as civil society and Nawaz got in trap and agreed on Zardari’s demands, its first backoff, in future will will have to make more compromises.

    This was time to stick with demand!

  3. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar
    Tahseen Alam Khan

    Bakarri doodh daitee ha magar m_______ daal ker

  4. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar
    Tahseen Alam Khan

    Mulk yahan jal raha ha aur sahib Dubai main Allah khair keray.

  5. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar
    Tahseen Alam Khan

    Thanks goodness personal Vendata is satteled. People will have some sort of relife. What Next???

  6. Tahseen Alam Khan Avatar
    Tahseen Alam Khan

    Murree Accord, Dubai Talks, London meetings. Do we have to look for the next meeting in America. What a pitty we do not have any clue what is going to happen next. Complete chaos is created. Who is pulling the real strings?, who is the source of the power? Why is he doing it???. Pakistan is very unfortunate Country whos affairs are dealt from outside Pakistan. Are we a living Nation?????.