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I Salute, Zulqarnain Haider for not selling Pakistan to Cricketing Bookies

In what may seem to have been a huge controversy yesterday just before the start of Pakistan vs South Africa‘s 5th and final One Day International in Dubai. Zulqarnain Haider a new wicket keeper for Pakistan quietly skipped out early that morning from Dubai taking to London. Amidst the massive match fixing controversy that has plagued Pakistan Cricket this last year, it seemed that Zulqarnain Haider may too have also fallen astray.

A day later after reaching London he briefly talked to reporters and was guarded in admitted to have been receiving threats from one un-named person to influnence the 4th ODI, which Pakistan spectacularly won two days earlier, and the pressure was on him again to influence the 5th ODI as a pay-back. The only way he thought best was to skip out of Dubai as he could not sell his country, to have said on cricinfo
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Shahid Masood’s show on Geo.tv banned by UAE Govt

UPDATE: PkPolitics has recorded and has published the LAST EPISODE of Shahid Masood’s MERAY MUTABIQ – in this last episode he shares threats to his life with the possible reasons for having him blocked on Geo, he also sheds light on the level of corruption by the NRO – SHOCKING its a definite must watch

shahid-masood-meray-mutabiq-logoIt seems that in a ban has been imposed on the airing of Geo News’ program ‘Meray Mutabiq’ by Dr. Shahid Masood from Dubai. According to Geo.tv sources, high government officials from Pakistan have exerted pressure on the Dubai government to block the show from being telecast from Dubai

This show along with Geo.tv has previously suffered the same fate of outright censorship in Pakistan during the 2007 martial law by Pervaiz Musharraf it was then that Pervaiz Musharraf actually approached the Dubai government too and had the entire channel taken off-air for a period of over 77 days. In those days strict local government restrictions prevented broadcast signal from Pakistan and all TV channels resorted to rebroadcasting to the satellite feed from Dubai, since the 2007 tussle with Geo and its subsequent negotiations with electronic media outlets, Geo then moved most of its operations back into Pakistan leaving aside two show Meray Mutabiq and Nadia Khan show still to be aired from Dubai alone.
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The debt we owe Pakistan

Guest Post by Faisal K

Its very very hard to live in Pakistan these days. Not because everyone who has any resources is threatening to leave or at least thinking about it. Not because of the violence and the chaos that surrounds this country. When one lives here one gets immune to these things even though they have become much more of a threat in recent times than they were earlier.

Its hard because if one loves their country and I do love Pakistan it is torturous to see it being ripped apart in the name of the very religion it was founded on. That being said I do understand the people leaving in droves but do they not realize that aside from the security situation there is nothing welcoming them out there more than their own country. Most of the people I know for instance are talking about moving to Dubai. Why well because it is sort of like Karachi but totally safe. Well newsflash there is no place like Karachi, sorry. Each city has its own history and character and although immigrants try to build replicas of their home it is never home.
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Dubai Talks seemingly successful

Nawaz Sharif has briefly announced from Dubai that the talks with Asif Ali Zardari have completed and leaders have finally agreed on the restoration of judiciary according to the Murree Declaration, formal and full announcement will be made in Lahore tomorrow

Now one must wonder what compromises were made to reach this understanding since the Murree declaration was already a finalized draft. One can easily speculate that the delay in making the full announcement with the details is to give a little time for Zardari to share the results with Musharraf and his US allies and bring them on board to the final decision

I suspect that the judiciary will be restored but will be seriously impaired restricting their scope of functionality, cases like NRO, Musharraf and the Nov 3rd Martial law will be off-limits while the United States would ensure that the Missing Persons Case is not reopened by the reinstated judiciary.

At times I wonder if its worthwhile to open any old cases and issues, it might not be, as for the sake of our nation its time to look forward and not backwards. I may truly be ready if the judiciary was reinstate with full independence to tackle any issues facing Pakistan in the future with no political interference whatsoever. Enough of speculations and gutt feelings, let await the formal announcement on about 24 hours