The debt we owe Pakistan

Guest Post by Faisal K

Its very very hard to live in Pakistan these days. Not because everyone who has any resources is threatening to leave or at least thinking about it. Not because of the violence and the chaos that surrounds this country. When one lives here one gets immune to these things even though they have become much more of a threat in recent times than they were earlier.

Its hard because if one loves their country and I do love Pakistan it is torturous to see it being ripped apart in the name of the very religion it was founded on. That being said I do understand the people leaving in droves but do they not realize that aside from the security situation there is nothing welcoming them out there more than their own country. Most of the people I know for instance are talking about moving to Dubai. Why well because it is sort of like Karachi but totally safe. Well newsflash there is no place like Karachi, sorry. Each city has its own history and character and although immigrants try to build replicas of their home it is never home.

I do not blame them because as I admitted at the start of this piece it is bloody hard to live here. However what is required to live here is a change in the mindset of conformity that we have all adopted for so many years.

First and foremost we all need to stop apologizing for these bastards who are hellbent on killing us and our families day in and day out. They are not Muslims and they are certainly not even human anymore. Not after the killing sprees they have been on. Do we realize what it takes to blow up one’s own self and with that take the lives of others? It takes a damaged mind brainwashed constantly and fed on the literature of hate. Why are we shifty eyed when we speak of these people why do we not call them what they are instead of balking away. Our media does it our imams in our mosques do it our government does it but we know better do we not? We know what these people are, they are monsters. Not the jews no, these people the militants the so called Jihadis they are worse than all the evil imagined by man.

When we reach this plateau then we can begin to realize that no where in the world is safe for us anymore. These monsters fight out their unholy war in any place they can reach, thus if you live in Chennai or Karachi or Dubai or Madrid or NYC or Luton the risk is the same. True it may look a bit less in places which are more secure but that is just an impression. To date the most horrific terrorist attacks have happened in these secure societies. So if you wish to go for a cocoon thats about all you achieve when you leave.

We can do a lot more good by staying, how so? People often comment on how they are helpless to do anything in Pakistan and that nothing ever gets done here. Well the things that really matter do get done because you are the one who is going to do them. The real sufferers of all of these problems be it militancy or security or judicial or economic are the poor of this country. The poor of this country depend on people like us, to help them get through their lives. I understand that we are all depressed how can we not be depressed? Just look at what is happening around us. However getting up and leaving will not solve anything will it? We can help the people of our country with the resources we have. Its not that hard to offer food to someone hungry is it? Is it hard to take care of someone’s Eid shopping and clothes because they cannot manage to?

Personal suffering and grief can only be driven away with helping and supporting others. When one gives back the feeling that you get chases away all the demons. We can make this a better place, even with all the problems we have here. We can give back to our country, we have taken so much from it over the years in the form of income, a good life, comfort an identity can we not pay back the debt of this land?



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  1. Hajibaba Avatar

    Faisal, that was a patriotic write-up, but it fails as did MUSH and now Zardari. It has a one-side view of things.

    Muslims are not blowing up because they didn’t get omlette in the morning or they didn’t get Nihari in the evening.

    It is ignorant to turn blind a blind eye to the realities. How can you f#@k people and not pay the price?

    Our army is contineously bombing the hell out of people in NWFP, so what are we supposed to get in return? Flowers and bouquets?

  2. Nakodari Avatar

    To be Honest ! These people need education. These extremists have been taught a lie, we need to teach them the truth. This will solve most of the problem.

    Just look at Kashmir, they are poor people living there, but remember that the literacy rate is the highest in Kashmir than anywhere else in Pakistan. And have you ever met any Kashmiri, they are so polite and take good care of each other.

    This is an example of education, it can change a man completely.

  3. temporal Avatar

    nice sentiments faisalk

    please allow me to point out the obvious

    we, the educated
    we, the aware
    we, the (slightly) better off

    we are culpable in this mess more than any one else!

    we are the silent and damnable majority (yakking and blogging on every topic that ails the country and the religion aside)

    [for the record, i exclude abdul sattar edhi, his organisation and a few more people who actually do some work…citizens foundation, aurat foundation, and a few hundred more ngos and a few thousand do-gooders]

    but in a nation of 160-170 million that is not even a spit in an ocean

    so back to my grouse:

    we, the educated
    we, the aware
    we, the (slightly) better off

    we are culpable in this mess more than any one else!

  4. SorryNoMore Avatar

    No more blank checks,
    to the *educated*,
    to the *aware*,
    and to the kaley-angrez,

    No more hijacks,
    of our emotions,
    in the name of democracy,
    in the name of enlightment,

    sorry, no more blank checks,
    Let the people of FATA live,
    Let the people of Swat live,
    Let Pakistanis live

    oh, Allah be witness today,
    of who are endorsing today,
    bombardment of Muslims,
    in the name of enlightment,
    in the name of democracy

  5. guYasir Avatar

    Taleban’s are suffering just because they didn’t hand over OBL to US/UASS thats why they’ve been bombed from 2 sides of the border other factors/movements also join there and causing unrest.
    US.orgy destruction is democracy and freedom while resistance is terrorism and intolerance.
    OBL seems gentle and spiritual yes its true he has keep deep hatred towards West and its policies esp in Palestine.
    He wants to see Allah-words uppermost and devil-words lowermost being a devoted Muslims this is our duty to not only spread Allah-words but try to implement his words on earth which He has given us in glorious Koran.
    Its been too long Allah-words haven’t implemented on dis earth thats why Allah showing wrath to all lucifer-lovers in shape of storms, starvation, earthquakes, economic jolts etc
    Allah has forbidden Usury and commercial interest in any trade now we’ve been eating from it since 3 centuries becuz we all turned child’s of Rothschild.
    The system should be changed which is malevolent because it is secular and destructive in nature.
    We should look for Theo-democracy instead of democracy which is run by Kleptocrats like Bush/Cheney and their cronies like recent elected Zardari who came in power with the helped of US financial and political support. They all no longer a Democrats but rather they all are Kleptocrats.
    I personally feel that he’Z orchestrated BB murder also with the helped of US in order to not only get immunity from his notorious corruption cases but also gotcha Presidential seat
    Henry Kissinger who was probably a soviet agent in US administration once cynically noted that;
    Being America’s ally is more dangerous than being its enemy
    In the light of Henry Kissinger words we are in deep-debt and in deeply dangerous situation.

  6. saeedm Avatar

    Asa Faisal,

    Buddy, I recommend some valium at this stage. Calm down.

    Those who leave do so when things are not well within their own spheres. However, we have some control over our surroundings, but often choose not to exercise it.

    Who the bombers are is something that is taken for granted without much hard evidence. Laying everything at the door of ‘mullahs’ and ‘religious fanatics’ is convenient and fashionable. Some critical thinking may be useful.

    However, most of us who are educated and have some influence choose to not exercise our mental faculties and go along with the current opinion. And our inaction is a big reason for the mess we are in, as pointed out in earlier comments.

    I pray to Allah SWT to grant us the guidance to reflect, and to act on our beliefs with wisdom and within the limits of Islam.

    Peace / Wassalaam

  7. ging Avatar

    No coverage of CJ visit at the blog ?

  8. Lady M.B.B.S. Avatar
    Lady M.B.B.S.

    No more blank checks,
    to the *educated*,
    to the *aware*,
    and to the kaley-angrez,

    No more hijacks,
    of our emotions,
    in the name of democracy,
    in the name of enlightment,

    sorry, no more blank checks,
    Let the people of FATA live,
    Let the people of Swat live,
    Let Pakistanis live

    oh, Allah be witness today,
    of who are endorsing today,
    bombardment of Muslims,
    in the name of enlightment,
    in the name of democracy


  9. ms.shah Avatar

    I share the same sentiments and frustration and anger .Why we are so helpless.We the Pakistanis who want to live peacefully why are we branded as terrorists.Why USA is bent on killing us why extremists are bent on killing us.
    I understand fully your sentiment ,”It is so hard to live in Pakistan but not hard to love it”
    Home or abroad Pakistani people cannot react ,think and reach a consensus ,a mutual agreement .Our media is not doing anything to educate people but they are involved in scandalising everyone and everything.
    Confusing the common person more.
    All I can say on this issue is you are not the only one but you must do what you think is best for the survival of your
    family and within your means .Instead of being late and feeling guilty.
    People of Pakistan do not realsie the first job of any government is to protect its citizens.
    I understand why you are feeling in this way without feeling guilty and nostalgic think practicality of situation
    and act.
    Best of luck

  10. Teimoor Avatar

    Saeedm, I’m afraid youre sorely in need of a reality check

  11. Nadcracker Avatar

    Thank God this is a guest blogger. For a moment I wondered how could TEETH be possibly this naive. Then I scrolled up quickly only to find that this is a guest post. So *phew*.

    The cliche ‘Sawal ye nahi ke Pakistan ne humain kya diya hai, sawal ye hai ke Hum ne Pakistan ko kya diya hai’ is so atrophied now that I don’t even want to roll my eyes when I hear it. This article is just the same cliche only elaborated to 2000 words, as if some high school teacher asked a student to write an article on his fav cliche.

    @Faisal: You can’t possibly compare places like Dubai, New York etc with karachi, unless you still watch the news on PTV and/or you’ve mistakenly confused 9/11/2001’s New York times as yesterdays paper.

    Comparing problems we face in Karachi to those we ‘might’ face in Dubai is like comparing apples with ‘Karailay’. Can you give me an approximation of how many bomb blasts took place in Dubai in umm last 6 months. Can you give me an estimation of how many mobiles were snatched in Dubai in the last 1 month. Can you draw analogies to 12th May or 27th Dec in Dubai? When was the last time U.S nation selected one of the most corrupt prisoner’s as President of their country?

    Sure you hear about hate crimes in other countries every once a while but you cannot possibly compare the 2 ratios. Just because a boy goes to a highway and gets crushed by a truck in Australia you can’t say Australia is no more a safe place to live.

    I could go on and on but then I’ll start sounding like a U.S agent or something so i’ll stop here.

    I love Pakistan, I love this country, but I’m sick of the un-qualified mofos who are running it. Who have been running it for decades now. Bottom-line our democratic process is flawed, and any one who is/was/has been elected through this frankly, DOES NOT REPRESENT THE NATION.

    Pakistan se ZINDA Bhag!

  12. Nadcracker Avatar


    Do you have a suggestion or a way out? I’d gladly follow… I myself am out of chips and out of solutions, but if someone is ready to throw his/her hand in… I’m ready to follow!

    For now the only solution I have (and I SO WISH I’m wrong) is:

    Pakistan se ZINDA Bhag!

  13. Faiqa Avatar

    Lady M.B.B.S said,
    “oh, Allah be witness today,
    of who are endorsing today,
    bombardment of Muslims,
    in the name of enlightment,
    in the name of democracy”

    Pls be assured that Allah is also witnessing the endorsements of the bombardments of Muslims in the name of *Islam*, as well.

    Personally, I think that is far worse a sin. Every time you choose to vent at America, who is definitely culpable, you choose to turn a blind eye to those within our faith who propagate chaos and murder as a means of political action. I hope you’re keeping this in mind as you wax against democracy and enlightenment which isn’t necessarily antithetical to Islam.

    Good post, Faisal.

  14. Lady M.B.B.S. Avatar
    Lady M.B.B.S.


    May be you are right,i admit my ignorance regarding political issues,

    Thanks to my moti moti books of medical that i was never ever inyerested in politics but now something has really made me to raise my voice.

    It deeply grieves me when i have a look at those ladies and children whose houses and schools have been destroyed and who are now spending their day and night in parks and in Afghanistan.
    Thanks God i do not belong to those areas,

    Whatever is happening around us is bad,I am very confused to decide who is responsible for this nonsense.

    I want peace and i want to see Pakistan prosper,

    Again i admit my ignorance,but USA is anyways involved in it just to win war in Afghanistan….Am I still wrong???

    So should i
    Pakistan se Zinda Bhag????

    Best Regards,

  15. Faiqa Avatar

    @Lady MBBS:
    No, you are DEFINITELY NOT WRONG that the U.S. is deeply involved with this issue, and that they bear an enormous amount of blame. I believe that most American politicians believe that an unstable Pakistan is far more beneficial to America than a Pakistan that might be able to compete in the emerging global economy.

    That said, America has not acted in a vacuum. Much despair has been wrought upon the nation of Afghanistan by Muslims, as well. I just wanted to bring that point up. Muslims are answerable to a much higher moral code regarding oppression and violence than the administration of America.

    At any rate, narrowing the focus of the issue towards “blame” is, for the most part, unproductive. Unless one is blaming in the context of proposing an actual solution, then it blaming America doesn’t do anything but engender hatred, give fuel to destructive fundamentalist ideologies and create more violence for everyone.

    I understand that you’ve been busy with books, and I’m impressed that you stopped your rigorous coursework to actually think of and feel something for others. That is honorable and the sign of a good person. Hopefully, you’ll have time to read more once your courses are finished about the subject and see how Muslims themselves can correct from within the problems that we face.

    That said, I truly hope that Pakistan becomes the kind of place where educated and decent people such as yourself are always valued and always feel safe. InshAllah.

  16. Lady M.B.B.S. Avatar
    Lady M.B.B.S.


    Thank you so much,

    I am just waiting for my result these days,and then the degree to come in to my hands.InshAllah i will do all i can for the prosperity of Pakistan.
    And yes i do behave like mads sometimes;)[parhi ki tension]

    Pakistan Zinda Bad,

    Best Regards,

  17. Jaffar Avatar


    this post was nothing but full of absurd analogies and same-old rants for a pimping war. I don’t see why you would praise those pimp-n-whore sentiments.

    Our politicians and corrupt army generals want to take shelter under this proxy war, just like afghan militias of Dostum and others. These corrupt politicians and their *ambitious war on terror* is nothing more than bilking more dollars and building safe heavens overseas, for themselves and their generation to come.

    Looks like the only export Pakistan can make is of cheap Muslim blood as this seems to be the only industry where our bastard politicians and Generals are willing to invest.May Allah turn their lives into living hells for this, AMEEEEN.

    May Allah curse Zardari, Kiyani,Gilani, Altaf Harami, Nawaz, Mush and other stooges like them. They have taken this country to a stone-age. AMEEEN.

  18. Faiqa Avatar

    “this post” is referring to Faisal’s post or to the comment which I posted?

    If you’re referring to what *I* have written in the comment section, I did not indicate anywhere that I approved of the politicians which you mentioned or even of Pakistan’s involvement in Afghanistan. I actually agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of how these politicians have “whored” out their nation for their own personal gain.

    Perhaps you should read all of the comments to get a better understanding of the context of my comment.

    If you’re referring to *Faisal’s* post, I don’t think he even mentioned these politicians in any significant context, thus assuming that he subscribes to their “pimp-n-whore” sentiments seems inaccurate. Though, since I don’t actually know him, I may be wrong on that. I think the heart of this post was that it promoted the idea that the citizens of Pakistan still have a degree of control over the situation of their nation. I stand by the compliment.

  19. Lady M.B.B.S. Avatar
    Lady M.B.B.S.


    fresh drone attacks,
    I cant understand just WHAT has troubled USofA so much that it interferes in almost “every other” country of the world???whether muslim or not,

    I just want to understand Americans mentality,

  20. Faiqa Avatar

    @Lady MBBS:

    Truth be told, America’s current administration’s approach to foreign policy has hit an all time low, even for America’s historically interventionist tendencies.

    Now, I know you already have a pile of books a mile high to read, but here is a wonderfully written article from the NYT magazine that approaches the answers to your question in a very thorough way. I don’t necessarily agree with all of it, but it is very informative in the context of understanding American foreign policy and foreign interventions.

    That said, I hope it will, at least, make you feel better that over half of the population opposes America’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. When you speak of an “American mentality,” just remember that it is a very broad spectrum!! All Americans don’t feel the same way about foreign policy, just as all Pakistanis don’t feel the same way about it.

    I know there are politicians in your nation that you might feel don’t adequately represent your beliefs, right? The same is true of Americans. Lastly, we (yes, I was born in America!) are def. not immune to self serving and corrupt politicians…I personally feel that our politicians are just smarter about their corruption in that they are more discreet (or perhaps we’re just dumber than Pakistanis and haven’t been able to catch them?!)

    Anyway, I hope you get a chance to read that link I posted because it’s very good!

  21. Lady M.B.B.S. Avatar
    Lady M.B.B.S.


    Thank you,i will definitely read it IA.

  22. Faisal.k Avatar

    The post was written because i feel that as a pakistani this nation gave me an identity, gave me a good life and so many opportunities so i feel that now that the time is here we must all stand up and fight for its existance. I am not trying to attribute blame i am merely pointing out that the people who bomb us are responsible for the bombings. So they feel our leaders are stooges, define for me how killing innocent people in pakistan by suicide bombing gets rid of those stooges. It is not america who is arming these people they themselves want our free way of life to end.

    Blaming everything on or defending the west does not do jack, until we realize how wrong these mullahs are and seek to establish a state on true pakistani values we will never be respected or secure. For those who wish to flee all i can say is door ke dhol suhane hotain hain…pata chaley ga jao tu sahi! Mujhe tu earthquake yaad ata hay and how we all got togather as a nation…we need to do the same against militancy.

  23. Faisal.k Avatar

    As for people who think i am a yuppie or western idealist i would like to tell you that despite having every opportunity to live in the west i chose to be here with my entire family come what may….so many pooh poohers would run at the first chance they get…khare reh ke laro tu sahi sach ke sath…mulk bhagne se nahi barha karte…

  24. Lady M.B.B.S. Avatar
    Lady M.B.B.S.


    >>they themselves want our free way of life to end

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY “THEY”whom are you trying to refer to?
    and what do you mean by how wrong these mullahs are?
    if someone does something wrong,he is no more a dont use this word.

    “”Our army will NEVER be able to win the war that they have started,on demands of Zardari and Pentagon.””
    i think zardari is becoming another Altaf Hussein.

  25. teimoor Avatar

    1-The first problem to realise is that Pakistan was not created as an Islamic state, it was created as a place for Muslims to practise their faith. Illiterate unqualified Maulanas have no business dabbling in politics, and unfortunately theres quite a few of them.
    Over the years(sans Zia ul Haq) this beautiful concept was corrupted. Elements were created to deal with intense international pressures on both sides of the border.
    These elements have now run amok.
    We suffer from Chronic leadership problems.
    Original Bhutto was a procrastinating drunkard
    Zia Ul Haq was a power hungry tyrant who was an effective tool for the USA in the fight against russia in afghanistan.
    And everyone else leading up to today has been no better.
    The entire political and justice system has now been perverted to such an extent that it supports criminal activities at all levels. Theres substantial evidence that exists even today about zardari’s money laundering and kickbacks. His Offshore accounts and property investments/ portfolio etc are well documented. wheres the justice system now? The bunch of frustrated rioters just vanished! deposed judges still havent been addressed …. so what was all their rioting about then? why arent they rioting like inbred lunatics now?
    Any normal person seeking to challenge the authority will disapear mysteriously. You, me and any other middle class schmuck. nless you have a strong political backer … and you cant have one without being corrupt!

    I have a family to look after and raise. If my country cannot provide them safety and security then I’m afraid I love them too much to not take things into my own hands.
    Ive nearly been killed numerous times on the streets of karachi, been shot at, had rioters grab me, the lunatic fringe that our political parties threaten me and the life of my family.

    So tell me now …. what Pakistan? Love Pakistan? Always.
    Is Pakistan fixable? realistically … no
    So people who say “those who leave are cowards and accomplish nothing” need to get off their high horses.
    Ive done my fair share for Pakistan, now Im doing my share for my family. Blood is thicker than the sewage water that is Pakistan.

    I’ve left the country and Ive taken them with me.

    I outgrew childish utopianism,and after 30 years of giving to pakistan, now its time to take.

    Ive taken myself out of the equation.

  26. Saeed Motiwala Avatar
    Saeed Motiwala


    Assalaamualaikum. I hope you find peace, wherever you are. And I pray that Allah SWT protects those of us who stayed.