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When Justice does not prevail…..

robbers burnt alive in KarachiYesterday an Urdu daily Khabrian published this shocking image which showed three people being burnt alive whilst a large crowd stood watching. A Daily Times reporter wrote a story without the gruesome image. For the record I must fully condemn this incident and my sharing this story is only to highlight the failing morals of our society, when none of its people expect any form of justice they are inadvertenly (willingly or unwillingly) forced to take matters into their own hands.

A group of incensed residents of the Nishtar Road neighbourhood beat and burnt three robbers so badly on Wednesday that two died on the spot and another died at hospital.

The three men (according to some reports there was one more) were caught trying to escape after robbing flat No. 303 of Samia Kalam Building during which its resident Akbar was injured, said DSP Malik Mazar Hussain. There were reports that the men of the area got together to grab the men who were beaten with whatever they could lay their hands on, including sticks and blades. Some type of oil was sprinkled on them and a match was lit.

Practically the people of Pakistan are robbed, rapped and murdered on a daily basis, for long they have hoped to see justice prevail but when they sit to watch nothing happen after the May 12 Massacre, December 27th Assassination or the April 9th lawyer burning incidents, one incident after another with no individual being brought to justice. Then this frustration builds up to an extent that an angry mob might take matters into their own hands to do such acts publicly on Nishter Road, Karachi. I assure you any argument still does not justify the action taken by this ruthless crowd, they are no different then the criminals themselves, but one must for a moment try to understand the gravity of the situation.

When dictators are not punished for committing treason against the nation, when they people watch helplessly a few Army Generals amass wealth hoardings without accountability, when criminals and murderers get amnesty under NRO, when crooks like Salman Taseer and Rehman Malik come to power, when courts are filled with PCO goons, this is what happens when people do not have faith in the courts.

Its quite simple to understand that a just society can only survive, when criminals across the board are held accountable for their actions, it is only then will Pakistan resume it trek forward, economic stability and surmount the looming food or electricity crisis. Possible only good intelligent (and honest) procedures are put in place along with a judiciary which needs to be fundamentally independent to gain trust of its people or else it shall always remain a rubber stamp for the establishment like it has always been for the past 60 years.

All I can hope is to have Justice prevail in Pakistan while at the same time I shed a tear to sincerely pray for God to have mercy on us


  • Soldier Bazari |

    While I do not condemn this dire act, one can only emphatise with the denizens of Nishtar Road and their vigilantism.

    There is a dark comedy in the reporting that follows though. The SHO stated that the three had been covered by inflammable material after slipping on some oil that happened to be lying on the road, and they were set afire when they bumped into the flaming stick of a tandoori who was about to light his tandoor.

    If more instances like these take place, maybe dacoits will think twice before they plunder the people of Karachi…

  • Ghazala Khan |

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  • Ghazala Khan |

    I think the mob has done the just thing. If Pakistani police can’t provide security, and the courts can’t get justice, then one will have to fight for one’s own self…
    That is a good demonstration n will let other robbers think many times before doing such n such again.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |


    When people start taking justice into their hands, what does this reflect. The rulers are busy in their affairs and old cases. Pakistan Ko Bachana ha.

  • Dr RazaHaider |

    This is a brutal act of fascism, criminal mindedness, inhuman approach, with expression of attitude towards cruel advancement.

    I think supporting such retaliation expresses, ones like and dislikes and caliber of thoughts to be defined in the contest of crime.

    ranchore line is affiliated area of liyari, bohra pir, densely populated with makrani baloch; however business community is from Bori Jaat in majority. These makrani traditionally, are illiterate but are poor class of people with humble attitude as service man .however due to due to poor economic and social background, the area is being targeted by every means and manner of corruption from drug deal to brothel houses .similarly the said area was the ever winning constituency of mohtarma Benazir Bhutto.

    As to dragging of current scene in to the contest of judiciary and rule of law, I think this statement have not been stated sanely .such an attitude by any one can never be owned .you see globally it is being in conduction to isolate mode by which person subjected to death award could be managed with minimum expect of painful episode or should be curtailed so to remove in human act. Similarly there are defined modes in Islam for death against death and theft to rape. such height of brutality to deliberately burn some one is peak of exorcism and behavioral definition of whole community at large as people like you who being a female is expected to be modest, and with well known built in feminine attitude of traits, if exercising the expression in to legalize terminology, then in my opinion, the society has reached the height of crime and brutality.

  • nazia |

    Now the people should realise what is the importance of law and its maintainability in one society.For rich people law is not a problem and power of money is their laws but for middle,lower, and working class laws and its implimentation is the life support system for their survival.
    People are facing the worst standard of living in one of big cities of Pakistan especially in the areas of law and order for last 20 years and no hesitation to saying that mqm played an important role in it.In reaction to mqm mafia ,now many groups have opted same policy of loot and harassement for their existence in society.In Karachi a city of more than 2 crore people, you hardly find any person who is not robbed here.So I am not surprised by the reaction of people as I am seeing the down fall of civic culture and human values in deprived areas of Pakistan.I am sure if Mush ,shaukat aziz or now zardari like characters try to reach people without their million dollar security,people some how would react like that.

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    We are living in jungle therefore seeking for justice is insainity. People of Pakistan are meant for miseries and unjustice. May Allah Save Pakistan Amin.

  • Azaadee |

    Its Justice MOB Style!!!

    While our whole judiciary and law enforcement agencies are busy exploiting money-making opportunities, people would have to come to this to defend themselves.

    It has nothing to do with Makrani or Soldier bazar area. Same thing would have happened if it was Liaqat abad or FB Area.

    People are tired of these thieves and dacoits.

    So who is responsible for this? Offcourse the current day rulers be it MUSH, PPP or MQM.

  • Saira |

    I would actually quite outright suggest that the onlookers and perpetrators of this human arson are all a bunch of spineless, maniacal barbarians who’re all going to end up in hell for what they just did/let happen. Robbery does not equal murder and one has to consider that the robbers probably had families to feed too. With such extreme differences in the have’s and the have not’s, you can’t really blame the desperate either.

  • Azaadee |


    I’m not supporting their being burnt to death, but where did you get the information that they were poor and desperately looking for food for their families?

    Does that then give justification for every poor to rob every one else?

    I have read many times that robbers on resistance killed the person they were robbing. This time they didn’t kill but got killed.

    Besides stealing and robbing are two different things. In my perception thieves are not as harmful as robbers (armed with guns).

  • Saira |


    a) I said “probably” had families to feed. Thats usually a pretty valid perception since most people have families to feed.

    b) It does not give them justification. BUT my point had been that it does not give anyone the right to BURN them when they had not hurt anyone.

    c) Where does it say these specific robbers were armed?

    d) How can anyone other than God know whether they were going to kill someone during the robbery? For the record they did not kill anyone during the robbery.

    e) Stealing and robbing is just semantics.

  • 2Cents |

    Burning is punishment only Allah can give. It is sad to see such a severe punishment which transgresses into shirk.

    Volume 9, Book 84, Number 57:

    Narrated ‘Ikrima:

    Some Zanadiqa (atheists) were brought to ‘Ali and he burnt them. The news of this event, reached Ibn ‘Abbas who said, “If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah’s Apostle forbade it, saying, ‘Do not punish anybody with Allah’s punishment (fire).’ I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah’s Apostle, ‘Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.'”

  • Unaiza Fatima |

    So finally Karachi fights back!
    These robbers have shown no mercy to innocent people in past and they deserve none. All they deserve is public beheadings and burnings…so here it goes.

  • Soldier Bazari |

    Let’s not bring the Holy Book into this. Karachi has become a lawless city and only extreme measures can set it right. The criminals were caught red handed. Had they been handed over to the police they would have been on the streets the next day on bail.

    Put yourself in the place of the victims – someone knocks on your door, steals your savings, shoots your father and walks out – wouldn’t you want him dealt with harshly?

    Incidently, they had another burning of criminals in NNazimabad.

    The trend seems to be catching like fire…

  • 2Cents |

    End doesn’t justify means.

    Burning as a punishment can only be given by Allah. It is not only inhumane, illegal but also un-Islamic.

    You can chop their one hand, I am totally OK with it, but putting them on fire is transgression.

  • kenny |

    Burning robbers or beating them will not help Karachi. This will go on and make the dacoits even more brutal. They will take revenge keeping in mind that they can also be beaten and burnt alive so they will not hesitate to shoot or kill the victim.

    What Karachi needs is to kick the police hard. What has been done to the dacoits should be done to the police of Karachi.

    This will make the police more effecient in their duties.

    Everyone in Karachi knows who is the biggest “Bhai’s” in Karachi. Not any political party. But our own POLICE………..

  • ZindaHeinHum |

    You may call it brutality, playing with the law, MOB justice…starting from KHI and being witnessed in LHR as well.

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is a spark, showing that we are still alive. Awaam ka sailaab aik din ayee ga!

  • Tahseen Alam Khan |

    Where there is no justice we will be watching more ugly pictures.





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  • Ali |

    Nobody deserves this…..

    has anyone out of you seen the video of this thing they are human beings for God's sake….. who are they to burn anyone

    It is a first food than God era atleast dont support it please see the video first

    i cried for them for the country and for the future Beg God to shed mercy on us all and Pakistan

    Pakistan Zindabad