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What if Hamid Mir’s Spin is Wrong?

Guest Post by temporal – Baithak

What if Hamid Mir’s spin is wrong?

Every person who writes for a newspaper is not by default a “journalist.” Here is a list borrowed from The Elements of Journalism by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel

  • Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth.
  • Its first loyalty is to the citizens.
  • Its essence is discipline of verification.
  • Its practitioners must maintain an independence from those they cover.
  • It must serve as an independent monitor of power.
  • It must provide a forum for public criticism and compromise.
  • It must strive to make the significant interesting, and relevant.
  • It must keep the news comprehensive and proportional.
  • Its practitioners must be allowed to exercise their personal conscience.
  • It must protect and enhance the rights and responsibilities of citizen

Self proclaimed “Journalist” Hamid Mir writes: “Both camps are very confident but there is one difference. One camp is led by a functional federal government having the support of four provincial governments. The other camp is lead by a virtually non-functional president who is looking towards the Army, which is claiming to be neutral and no more interested in politics. If the Army does not come to rescue its supreme commander, then Musharraf will become a “lesson” in the history of Pakistan.”

Of course it should go without saying that the “journalist” Hamid Mir is objective and unbiased and reports fairly and is unbiased.

But what if he is wrong?

We will talk about restoration of Judiciary another time. Attacking and dislodging Musharraf is akin to attacking the Army (read Kiani – and recall the 3am Press Release recanting the ISI gift to Rehman Malik) and clipping Musharraf’s wings translates into putting the Army in its place.

Can the newly elected (and converted) “democrats”- Asif Zardari, the co chairperson of the hand written will and successor to the deceased chairperson-for-life and Brother Sharif of his League – both “genuine” democrats from birth – take on the Army without the “independent” and restored Judiciary? Please recall the “restoration” will come after the “impeachment.

Will the state of the state take a turn for the better?

Or will things go bad? So bad that once again the citizens will welcome the Khakhis with garlands and sweets?

Like the rest of ordinary Pakistanis, I have a short memory too.


  • temporal |

    judge THIS

    if you go to the end, hamid mir openly advocates a course of action to be followed

    a “journalist” … even a minor one would refrain from doing so

    also notice how he highlights one aspect of ron suskind’s revelation but skips over the revelation of millions benazir and zardari skimmed and deposited in numbered swiss accounts that she was taped telling bilawal

    which is why i do no consider hamid mir a professional journalist

    of course he could be a popular by biased reporter and talk show host!

  • spill the beans! |

    yea it sure as hell goes without saying tht “HAMID MIR” is “UNBIASED”

  • abca |

    IF thats the standard to judge the Journalist, then there is NO JOURNALIST IN THE WORLD. PERIOD.

    How Western Media plays along…

    Read this headline and the news…

    Just suppose the same incident had happened in Tibet. The headline would have been….
    “…Chinese Govt kills one more protestor. Huge protest against the Chinese Govt…etc etc etc…..

    But since it was Muslims and India….. The heading says

    Muslims, police in deadly clash So the average reader would just read the healine and say….”Ohhh these muslims again….” and he wouldn’t even bother to read further…..

    The headline for the same news could have been…
    Indian forces kill one more Kashmiri, protesting against brutalities
    Huge protests in Kashmir against Indian attorocities…

  • sadaqat |

    Hamid Mir self styled journalist is biased and controvercial.He is apparently anti Musharraf and have no regard for rules of journalism i.e. impartiality and honesty.He should learn more about the requirements of a true Pakistani reporting

  • Munir Solangi |

    Hamid Mir vindicated after the resignation of Musharraf.He is the most popular journalist inside and outside Pakistan.He took a stand for democracy and freedom of media.We salute him.Majority of Pakistanis rejected Musharraf and Hamid Mir represented majority public opinion in his columns and talk shows.He is liberal moderate and pro-democracy but all the anti-democracy forces including Taliban and secular facists like Musharraf are enemies of Hamid Mir.

  • Munir Solangi |

    Mr.Sadaqat and Imran……do you have any evidence against Hamid Mir?I am sure you have nothing against him.You are just jealous of him.Whatever he wrote proved true.Please don’t abuse or accuse anyone in fututre without any evidence.

  • B£@D€ Dx... |

    Salam hamid mir! MAin ap ka bohat bara fan hun. OR ap s bht impress hun. main ap K articles roz parhta hun or ap har talkshow(Capital talk) Zarur dekhta hun. Asa ap ka koi interview nhi hai jo maine na dekha ho. Par kuch mamlat pe main ap media walon s narazgi rakhta hun. Main ap ko ek letter likhna chahta hun par samajh nhi araha kis address pe likhun. Ap plz mujhe apna address snd kar dijiye takay main ap ki tawajah media k ek bohat bari nakami k taraf le ja skun. MAin ap ko mail nhi kar skta kyun k mail main bat tafseel s nhi likhi ja skti. Or main net b use nhi karta hun.. Plz snd me any address of ur or geo telivision. I shall be very thankfull to u. U can only contact me on my cell no i,e
    Plz reply zarur kijiye ga…
    Syed Umair hasan.

  • Dan Man |

    Hamid Mir is as much a journalist as I am Queen of England…

    The man is a paid hack…paid by who it is hard to say…keeping in mind that the man is actually working overtime to undermine people’s confidence in the virtual survival of the state, is unashamedly pro taliban and pro Takfiri Mullahs and is spreading crap that only Pakistan’s enemies would like to spread…

    NEVER asks tough of probing questions and his talk show is abolutely gutter politics in which shouting matches are more common than sensible debates over policy…..how he NEVER asks a single tough of blindingly obvious questions from the guests on his show is mind boggling…

    Plus his Obsession with Musharraf even after his departure is actually funny….

    The man plays to the Gallery and the overly emotional and terminally stupid public at the expense of journalistic ethics and the very state of Pakistan…

    He spends most of his programs undermining Pakistan Army Soldiers dying fighting the Takfiri Mullah who is hell bent on destruction of the Pakistani state and is deliberately propogating that one find day…the Pakistan army sat up and decided to just randomly kill people in the tribal area for shits and giggles…
    that view is PREPOSTEROUS, treasonous and downright dangerous….

    Hamid Mir is a closet Mullah who has sold his tongue and pen to a very Obvious anti Pakistan group…and is gleefully working to warp the mind of the simple and completely clueless Pakistani Muslim…

    The man is a dog!

  • dr_jawwad71 |

    hamid mir is the voice of pakistanis(true faith muslim pakistanis)and he is loved by pakistanis(true faith muslim pakistanis)and most hated person (off course by fascist secular and perversts)
    electronic media is not a branch of scince.niether it should be run by secular fascist.
    anchor person should have the integrity of faith and good reputation and sholud not have the reputation of a lota.like nazeer najee or p j mir

  • Munir Solangi |

    faceless people like ad have no arguement against Hamid Mir.Mullahs accuse him as a CIA agent and secular extremists accuse him pro-Taliban.

    If he is Zionist then laanat on him and if he is not then Laanat on all those who are making baseless allegations against Hamid Mir

  • Munir Solangi |

    Pakistan Army Generals are the biggest enemy of Pakistan.

    Their agents are enemies of Jinnah.We love Hamid Mir because Hamid Mir love Pakistan,he respect constitution of Pakistan and bastard Generals have always violated constitution.

    Hamid Mir is the voice Pakistan and bloody Army Generals are dirst of Pakistan.Hamid Mir never met any Zionist in USA it is Genneral Ashfaq Pervez Kyani who meets USA Generals secretly.

  • Munir Solangi |

    Zaid Hamid recently accused Hamid Mir as a CIA agent on a US radio.Whi is Zaid Hamid?

    Read this website in detail

  • Amin Pirzada |

    Hamid Mir is nothing more than propagandist journalist, who has nothing better to do just to cast shadow of the doubts into blind listeners from his own prospect. Hamid Mir stories are nothing but speculation of his own vivid imagination. Shame on Hamid Mir

  • faisal |

    hamid mir is nothing but a two faced oppurtunist his objectivity if any is highly questionable . he conveniently forgets the nro , iftikhar chs induction of his son in fia etc shame on him

  • Munir Solangi |

    Hamid Mir proved that he is a true Pakistani who defeated the whole Indian media.Indian agents like Amin Pirzada cannot demage the credebility of our hero.