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Shahid Masood, a Journalist or a pack of lies?

The day after the fall of the Musharraf dynasty, Shahid Masood goes on record to write a detailed Urdu column in Jang sharing his experiences with Musharraf in the Presidential House while the dictator bid a tearful adieu to his nation nation. For the record we should recall that Musharraf and Shahid Masood were not exactly chums due to some very confrontational talk show that the spin doctor of Geo has frequently spun out attacks against Musharraf. The newly appointed PTV Chairman was brought in by the newly elected democratic leadership to replace the old PTV boss Yousuf Baig Mirza who has been rumored to have had one too many scandals unto his name [Note: Access to this website is blocked from Pakistan you can use this alternative URL]. Yousuf Baig Mirza, much to disliking of Musharraf was replaced by the host of a highly confrontational show at GEO.tv

In the column titled ‘Rukhsati‘ he so elaborately explained his rendezvous with the President on the fourth floor of the Presidency on the 18th of August to the extent that he quotes Musharraf to have even said ‘Thanks Shahid‘. In all honesty I would not have questioned this editorial and shrugged it off more in the line of just another reactionary column. Had it not been for an email sent to the CEO of jang Group yesterday by a senior producer of Samaa TV who also claims to have been at the Presidency during his address and actually refutes all of Shahid Masood’s editorial we would not have known better.

Granted this could just be another spoof media rivalry between two media houses but one must take a step back and realize the complexity of the issue, Musharraf most definitely did not like Shahid Masood and then to trust the PTV boss with his all important presidential address, I too would have looked at alternative telecasting options – let me not speculate any further, I leave you to decide whats right or whats wrong


After you digest both the Urdu and English essays I let you be the judge to the all important question Is Shahid Masood a Journalist or a Pack of Lies?

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to my telephonic conversation with this afternoon, in the wake of Dr. Shahind Masood article in Daily Jang on 19 August in the wake of resignation of the President Pervez Musharraf.

In his article, Dr. Shahid Masood adopted the version that he was present in the president house during the President’s speech and he was the person who organized the entire show.

I would like to clear that Dr. Shahid Masood’s article is based on nothing but sheer lies and concocted facts. The fact is that he was not at all present at the fourth floor of the President House where President delivered his last address to the nation.

I am the eyewitness of the entire series of events; I remained in President House from 10 am to 7 pm on 18th August. And as a Senior Producer of Samaa Television I was invited to cover President’s address to nation, and entire technical and production team of Samaa Television was present there.

According to sources in President House, Dr. Shahid was first not allowed to get in to the president house and when he manages to enter the presidency along with PTV staff, he was not allowed to go to the fourth floor from where President will be addressing the nation in short time. Dr. Shahid remained confined to the office of Maj. Gen. (R) Rashid Qureshi’s office at the third floor.

The reason why the president house invited a private TV channel to telecast Presidential address live is that The Presidency could not trust the PTV authorities as PTV did not run President’s speech live on the eve of Independence Day celebrations. On that day (13th August) it was only Samaa TV who broadcast President’s speech live, whereas PTV adopted time delay method due to which other channels who were depending on PTV feed were telecasting President’s speech 15 minutes late, while Samaa was broadcasting President’s speech live. On that occasion Dr. Shahid was present inside the banquet hall but he could not do anything to make sure that President’s speech telecast live on PTV.

The fact is that there were only three camera inside the President’s office. The Samaa TV had its own camera inside and we installed our camera at 11 am. The PTV Camera was installed about 12:30 pm and almost at the same time Eastern Television News , The PTV one camera belongs to Samaa TV, one camera

In his article Dr. Shahid falsely wrote that he was an eye witness to the entire episode, I would like to clear certain facts that he wrongly stated in his article.

He said he was the only journalist present there. Wrong, Dr. Shahid was not there at all, I was there along with my host Uzma Alkarim who later give live video beeper from the gallery of President house on Samaa with me, and my Producer Adeel Ahmed was also there.

The address was telecast from President’s office not from the committee room; if Dr. Shahid was there he should have known from where the speech is going to be telecast.

His comments about the body language of President are baseless as he was not there to see. The Present was smiling before the address and he was looking very calm and peaceful.

He said President was reading points from one paper. Wrong, President had few cards in his hands from which he was reading salient points.

He said that he recorded recitation of Holy Quran and announcement was recorded earlier. Wrong again, the recitation of Holy Quran, was broadcast live not recorded, even the announcement was broadcast live not recorded from the gallery of President House just outside the President’s office.

He said that flag was provided by PTV. Wrong, the flag was there as it always remains there; the flag was there when I first entered the President’s office at about 10 am 2 hours before the PTV crew arrived.

Soon after the address was over, I went into the office along with my colleagues, the President was looking gloomy, however he did try to smile when he saw me. The President first shook with my colleague Uzma Alkarim, than with my Producers Adeel Ahmed and Moeen Khan and said Khuda Hafiz to everyone one by one. Than he moved towards me and said “Khuda hafiz and Thank You Sir”. He tried to give a smile but failed to hide his gloomy face. At that time Uzma Alkarim said “Sir, please don’t worry lots of people are with you”. “I Know” the President replied in a gloomy voice. After that he immediately left the room as Mr. Rashid Qureshi told him that Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Abdul Hameed Dogar is waiting to meet him.

There was no tea served in his office at all at that particular time.

I don’t know how why Dr. Shahid Masood wrote this article which contains sheer lies. Dr. Shahid Masood was not present there at all; he never met the outgoing President before or after the address. I am the eyewitness to entire event and my technical and production teams are witness to the event that Dr. Shahid Masood was not there.

I wish the Jang group should have at least confirmed from the other sources that whatever that Doctor turned host turn MD PTV has written contains truth or not.

I remember once he said to me in Dubai while having a cup of coffee in Dubai Media City in fact one of the senior Jang Group’s correspondent was there that he is actually an intruder in the field of journalism and today he has once again proved that he is not a journalist but an intruder in the journalistic community.

Hassan Kazmi
Snr. Producer,

So whats your analysis

DISCLAIMER: The contents of the email by the Samaa TV producer are the views expressed by Hassan Kazmi alone


  • hamza |

    WTF its all bullshit

    Read the LINE

    the President was looking gloomy, however he did try to smile when he saw me.

    wot are you trying tell…have u never lied in ur whole life…u guys are just a shit, just jealous of his Popularity…

  • buqraat |

    Dr Shahid Masood is just another b!tch of our country.

    He is on the media side of the business. He and his cronies, pushed Musharraf to pursue actions against Lal Masjid and after the operation this bitch was crying what happened to the little girls.

    These are our leaders, for whom someone rightly said they would sell their mothers for $1000 why pay them $1,000,000 (roughly)

  • khalid humayun |

    Looks like it has been established that the article "Rukhsati" by Dr. Shahid Masood was a blatant pack of lies. Now why he did this, only a psychoanalysis of him by an expert can find out. What I figure, he is egotistic person who thinks he can write fictions better than C. Clarke, H G Wells, Isaac Asimov et al. He had, in his mind, predetermined beautiful colors to paint a picture of a person who was going to concede his unchallengeable powers. Dr. Shahid was so eager to pen down the description already floating in his head that he could not think of missing this opportunity. I think, Dr. Shahid has a deep psycho problem, like kleptomania to say, the bottom line being thrill to do no nos and getting away. I think, the story of two girls of Lal Masjid is yet another masterpiece of his fiction writing.

    Jang Group, knowingly well that Dr. Shahid's credibility is questionable, absorbed the doctor as an anchor person, is yet another point to consider, whether Jang Group as a whole believe in yellow journalism and fictions. Watch out, Jang Group! your own credibility is at stake.

  • Hamza |

    well this Hasan Kazmi is nothing…just a stupid guy. Wot i know Dr Masood could meet Mushraf but not this unknown Liar Hasan Kazmi, who is lieing for a reason. may be he wants to join aaj kamran khan k saath again. and all this propoganda against Dr Masood, as u can see Kamran khan team is working his best. But they can not. Dr Masoood is the best


    i shaked when i read comments of hassan kazmi,i think people of pakistan are deperessed and they were looking again and again towards MEDIA and Pakistani courts,becus they have no trust on their politicians, but if jurmalist also cheat them and shake their trust, than what will b happen,if DR SHAHID is tellining a lie so why he is the hero of Pakistan media, and if Mr hassan kazmi is right why he is not going to share he views on electronic media i think its all TOPI DARAMA and all of these are paid by some body and they are also sharing wrong information to pakistani nation and fiting against each other, one thing more they are also want their CHANNEL number one,GOD knows better.

  • Baby shower gifts |

    Its a political game and yellow journalism. This is not fare…Journalist have some responsibilities for their society. But they forgot it… shame!!