Zardari suffering from Mental Problems

According to the Constitution of Pakistan, a person of unsound mind cannot be a member of Parliament or the President of Pakistan

Zardari is now to confront this recent series of allegation where he himself used a New York based psychiatrist in 2007 to issue him a report declaring him with a range of psychiatric illnesses, including dementia, major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. That report issued a year back helped him past an outstanding English case but it now may come to haunt his accession to the throne. In all honesty Pakistanis need no ‘report’ to declare him ‘of unsound mind’ – Simply said we know HE IS.

Pakistan presidential candidate Asif Ali Zardari ‘suffering from severe mental problems’

In March 2007 New York psychiatrist Philip Saltiel found that Mr Zardari’s time in detention left him with severe “emotional instability“, memory loss and concentration problems, according to court documents seen by the Financial Times. “I do not see any improvement in these issues for at least a year,” he wrote. Stephen Reich, a psychiatrist from New York State, said Mr Zardari was unable to recall the birthdays of his wife and children and had thought about suicide. Mr Zardari used the medical reports to successfully fight a now defunct English High Court case in which the Pakistan government sought to sue him over alleged corruption. The case was dropped in March.

He forced the Supreme Court in Pakistan to drop all cases under the influence of the NRO, he has since then also yesterday forced the Pakistani prosecutor in Switzerland to forcibly drop his Swiss case as well which was suddenly shoved under the carpet. So I can easily speculate that he can cook up a good story to sneak past this mental disorder query.

An SMS joke has been making its rounds today – [I share it only as a funny joke]

Question: You’re locked in a room with Bush, Osama & Zardari. and You have a gun with only 2 bullets. What do you do?

Answer: Shoot Zardari twice to make sure he’s dead.



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38 responses to “Zardari suffering from Mental Problems”

  1. Barrister Ali K.Chishti Avatar
    Barrister Ali K.Chishti

    Awab, emotional instability is not classed as ‘severe mental problem’ – please stop this madness!

  2. arshad hussain zubairi Avatar
    arshad hussain zubairi

    AWAB, it reflect the personal vendata after what actually happens in Capital Talks.

    kindly stop this stupidity

  3. Ali Rind Avatar
    Ali Rind


    Good post, but be-careful PPP + Altaf Hussain (+Asheerwad) makes the worst UNDERGROUND gang [SERIOUSLY].

    BTW, Altaf Hussain went to a psychiatrist too and the psychiartist had to be admitted to a mental ward.

  4. Zaheer Iqbal Naru Avatar

    how talented and strong our future president is? there is still more to come.

  5. Radhia Avatar

    barrister Ali K Chisti-> if major depressive disorder and post traumatic stress disorder are not mental problems, then wat are?

  6. SB chaudhary Avatar
    SB chaudhary

    In Pakistan these sorts of certificates carry no weigh , so dont mind, Lt, Benazir married him even she was knowing that what was his past from student life to maturity , so no need to discuss this issue in front of brain dead nation,

    dr shahid bashir

  7. d0ct0r Avatar

    basically it was a sham report,used by him to win a case,now that the case is won,its history.. Now its up to opposition now if they could use it for their gain and get him disqualified

  8. KarimG Avatar

    vo hoa youn keh begam saheba ki shahadat keh bad unki ki tabiyat bohot behtar ho gai hai!

  9. Hassan Abbas Avatar
    Hassan Abbas

    Wow!! Mr 10 %!Then a man who couldn’t to trusted to keep his written word or even work with an accomodating coalition partner! And now this mental issue!And that other news about how he let down his buddy the US ambassador to the UN seems to further confirm this bit about his mental and emotional stability;As if any confirmation was needed sweeing what has been happening since his lot took over!Now at last this nation will truly get a leader it deserves!But seriously though -can the west trust such a man to be incharge of a nuclear power?

  10. shumail shaikh Avatar
    shumail shaikh

    The indians and the americans should worry now.We soon will have a mentally retarded man sitting at the Top and a MaD man usually forgets his promises.If any promises were mad to the Americans and indians,they should worry now.

  11. shumail shaikh Avatar
    shumail shaikh

    We soon will have a mentally retarded man sitting at the Top and Emotional Instability usually causes a man to forget his promises.So lets all forget Roti,Kapra Aur Makan.

  12. Lab Avatar

    God save Pakistan now as people like Zardari will become the President…. the man who didnt show a single emotion over his wife’s death… the person who was known as Mr. 10% will become 100% now…… When will people learn… why make the same mistakes again………………… GOD SAVE US FROM HIM

  13. Pervez Musharraf Avatar
    Pervez Musharraf

    Main kah raha hoon na mujhay waapis lao !

  14. P V Avatar
    P V

    barrister you r a fool

  15. agakhani Avatar

    @ Ali Rind
    Altaf Hussain to tumhari maa kay paas bhee gia tha. Kia Altaf Hussain kharab the, surely not, actually kharabi tumhari maa mai thee

  16. d0ct0r Avatar

    as KarimG suggested all of you should read this:
    Mob boss Gigante Outwitted 34 Psychiatrists Professional Diagnostic Standards?

    Over the years, former Mafia boss, Vincent (the Chin) Gigante–who acknowledged in court that he had eluded justice for years by feigning mental illness–had been diagnosed with “schizophrenia” “severe dementia” “impairments of memory” “attention deficit” “thought disorder.”

    Indeed, 34 psychiatrists declared Gigante “mentally incompetent” due to mental illness. But a transcript of Gigante’s telephone conversation with his wife, Olympia, reveals a perfectly sane, rational conversation between husband and wife.

  17. Freedom Avatar

    A to Z, they r all mental, (Altaf to Zardari)

  18. dr razahaider Avatar

    Psychiatry and behavioral science are unique subjects which drag almost every concept of human attitude as action, quality as trait and response as deviation within its premises so to create its different entity as specialty.

    In a closed vicinity and funnel of psychiatrical diagnosis almost every individual is perceived and evaluated as per define criteria of curriculum and any one escaping the premises and counter is tagged and diagnosed in the vicinity as anomaly or abnormality.

    In psychiatrical analysis almost every person has some derangement if one genuinely looks in to the definition and domain of the terminology being practiced by these psychiatrists.

    Although, derangement as disease, is always associated with organic affiliation of system such as in this case brain but nevertheless emotional expectancy as suspicion is also a chapter of verses in outskirt of such specialty.

    Since criteria for such disease isolation is predefined as subject in books of psychiatry, indivisuals who are absconders, confiscated jailed, spies and military persons for discharge settle their account by utilizing the same defined domain of symptoms so to get relief and release with benefited discharge .

    Similar platform of sophisticated and medical release and discharge was perhaps utilized by Mr. Zardari also, so to promptly escape the confiscation and untoward hardship during his confiscation period.

    It is this medical ground release which is now being utilized by anti establishment against Mr. Zardari to try as last resort to derail and derange his ultimate goal as president though such stupid assumption and floats can not even pinch the strongest man as godfather or king maker, during his ultimate journey as president.

  19. KarimG Avatar

    Ever heard of Mafia boss Gigante? Google him you will understand. Our AZEEM LEADER'S husband is a two bit thug, that's all.

  20. SB chaudhary Avatar
    SB chaudhary

    Mr. Zardari got this certificate from the american Psychiatrist , and this certificate has no validity in Pakistan, secondly He is going to be the President of mentally ill nation, therefore his psychiatric illness will not harm us but may be dangerous for americans who issued him this certificate, In my opinion he is the right man for this nation whose every person is mentaly prone to be corrupt and physically handicap,so dont blame him for God sake,
    Dr. shahid Bshir chaudhary

  21. KarimG Avatar

    To d0ct0r

    Just one little detail…Gigante was eventually sent to jail

    Zardari appears to be heading to AIWAN-E-SADAR….
    I call that NOT a happy ending!

  22. shobz Avatar

    dont understand why they came up with this now. why not earlier? still wont mean anything coz it’s pakistan after all.

  23. Zee Waqar Avatar
    Zee Waqar

    I want to give award to author of this post…
    *****Most Daring Author In Pakistan*****

    May Allah Bless Pakistan

  24. RJH Avatar

    “In your guts you know he is nuts”
    (Courtesy, political ad for LBJ against his opponent, Barry Goldwater)

  25. Babu Avatar

    So does that mean, the Peepla’s have chosen a Psycho as their LEADER??

    I guess, as long as he can say JEAY BHUTTO nothing else matters.

  26. naina bai Avatar
    naina bai

    people have not chosen zardarii they just showed their respect to the soul

  27. Sajjad Ahmad Avatar
    Sajjad Ahmad

    if Zardari do something wrong or take some inappropriate decisions and later show again those certificates for mental abnormality then in no court we can challange him. Nobody can held him responsible and he can easily get away with what he wants and becouse of prolonged legal procedure we can’t reclaim what he took. he stolen millions of dollers from pakistan hard earned tax payer money and nobody can claim it. the swiss judges were kind of begging pakistani governament to do something. and what pakistan did they took back their charges against him. Every thing now “HALAL” for him.

    Nobody even thinking what is his source of earning, what is his business how much tax he is paying.

    i Hate to hear these slogans “Zardari Zindabad” or “Bhutto Zindabad” or “PPP zindabad”. these are most corrupt people in pakistan.

    they are calling themselves solider of democracy but they themselves are the beggist dictator in their party. Zardari is saying to the nation that if he dies then his son Bilawal going lead the party and lead the nation. it means his future career is secure, he would have no efforts to do to make his career, simply he is a born king.

  28. Zeeshan Mahmood Avatar
    Zeeshan Mahmood

    May Allah protect Pakistan. Ameen

  29. SB chaudhary Avatar
    SB chaudhary

    Zardri is succeeded in making the division of PPP, according to his plan he removed the thorn from his life and then become the acting chairperson and tried to cheat the Mian Nawaz sharif and traped him in the net of impeachment of Pervaiz Musharf and then to become the President. and after becomming the president he will reinstate all judges and then he will enjoy the pitty nation like Romans who throw the slaves in front of lions and see them eating.
    No one can dare to come in front of him as he has certificate of being schizoprinic so no punishment, now the nation’s representatives have to decide either they want to be the part of history or want to dig this nation in blind well, please for God sake do right decsion

  30. KarimG Avatar

    Yaar kia musibat he aap logon ke sath, bhai kaha na keh bibi ki shahadat keh bad voh bilkol theek ho gai hain. ab voh bajai apne aap ko marne ke kisi aur ko marne ki soch rahain hain!

  31. Arooj Avatar

    I don’t agree with author because how it can possible that a mad man won election first and played chess of politics well and now he is going to become our president. I am not supporting asif zardari but i cannot accept these stupid rumors. Asif is the second richest man of Pakistan so how could a mad person become so rich.He is so clever and i am sure he has not come in politics to serve nation, he came in politics just to be the richest one. I hate all politician. Allah safe Pakistan.

  32. SB chaudhary Avatar
    SB chaudhary

    the comments of Arooj are her burnt feelings about politics. how Mr Zardari became a rich man , from where he got all this wealth while he was in jail, who was running his secret business, i Agree with arooj that he is not a mad , the Pakistani nation is mad who dont bother about the source of money, we are folowing the shepherd,

    we will survive and live like this until our state bank shift all its reserves in swiss account of Mr Zardari,enjoy until we can ……….

  33. KarimG Avatar

    Other day one of the anchors of a talk show in his opening monologue said some thing that truly represents our situation. He described an exchange between Faiz A. Faiz and a friend. It goes like this:

    The friend enters the room and tells Faiz "I have a bad news Faiz Saheb, I have come to the conclusion that YEH MULK NAHI CHALE GA"

    Faiz took a deep drag of his cigerate and told the friend " I have even a worse news for you YEH MULK ISI TARHA SE CHELA GA".

    And that… friends, appears to be our destiny.

  34. ZA Avatar

    ALL are same. One goes and one comes. No body is sincere even with himself, so how they can be sincere to a nation.

  35. amjad kazi Avatar
    amjad kazi

    zardari kutta,murdabad.the most corrupt man in the history.BASTARD,SON OF A BITCH.

  36. Nasir Avatar

    I believe the biggest mistake Musharraf made is to let this Bastard “Zaedari” get away with all the stolen money.
    One thing he could have done, is put this bastard “Zardari” back in Jail (the same cell, Butto was in before he got hanged), recover all the stolen money & put it back into Pakistan treasury, & then hang this bastard “Zardari”, just like “Bhutto”.
    Then there would be no mess. I am glad that the Bigger Bastard “Bhutto” is ten feet under & burning in some remote corner of “HELL”. & so does BB (Big Bitch)

  37. Nasir Avatar

    Allah (SWT) said , then any nation has to be punished for their Ill doings & wrong doings, the worst Rulers are imposed upon that nation, probably thats what happened to Pakisnis. The Biggest THUG & the Biggest Crook of the country is now the so-called President of Pakistan.

  38. peace calculator Avatar
    peace calculator

    abb kia kaha jai….DENTONIC KA ISHTIHAAR zardari sahab nae apni kameengi tu dikhani shuru kar di hai…wesay i think DAJJAL zardari hee hai..may be 2010 tak zardari ki aik aankh ho jai…aur phir sab ko pata chal jai keh O ZARDARI TU DAJJAL NIKLA….lakin phir bhi iss kameni kon ka nara JEIYE BHUTTO HEE RAHAE GA…this nation haz been in deep slumber for so long….GOD BLESS US…