Buried alive at Baba Kot

Guest Post by Naeem Sadiq

Baba Kot, is a remote village 80 kilometers away from Usta Mohammad city of Jafferabad district. The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) reports that it is here that Abdul Sattar Umrani, a brother of Sadiq Umrani, a serving PPP provincial minister, came with more than six persons and abducted five women at gun point. They were taken in a Land Cruiser jeep, bearing a registration number plate of the Balochistan government, to another remote area, Nau Abadi, in the vicinity of Baba Kot. After reaching the deserted area of Nau Abadi, Abdul Sattar Umrani and his six companions took the three younger women out of the jeep and beat them before allegedly opening fire with their guns. The girls were seriously injured but were still alive at that moment. Sattar Umrani and his accomplices hurled them into a wide ditch and covered them with earth and stones. When the two older women protested and tried to stop the burial, the attackers were so angry that they also pushed them into the ditch and buried them alive. After completing the burial, they fired several shots into to the air so that no one would come close.

The incident took place one month back but the case has still not been registered by police. When the AHRC contacted elder brother Sadiq Umrani, (a provincial PPP minister) he confirmed the incident but insisted that only three women had been killed by unknown persons.

Beppe Grillo, the Italian comedian turned activist collects data for the number of convicted criminals who sit in parliaments of different countries, has come up with some interesting figures. 24 convicted criminals are members of the parliament in Italy, 11 in India, 18 in Uzbekistan and zero in Pakistan. No one needs to guess the reason for this astounding performance. We have a Crime Support Package that ensures that the big criminals never get convicted. What may be yet more disturbing is the extent to which our parliament supports and sponsors such crimes. Only two days back , Senator Sardar Israrullah Zehri, stunned the upper house when he defended the recent incident of burying alive three teenage girls and two women in his province, saying it was part of ‘our tribal custom.’ The Acting Chairman of Senate Jan Mohammad Jamali, who was presiding over the session, went a step further to state that “you should go to our society and see for herself what the situation is like there and then come back to raise such questions in the house.’ With such a supportive parliamentary attitude, one would not be surprised, if we were to see a new “Burying Alive Reconciliation Ordinance” (BARO) promulgated in not too distant future.

With PCO judges galore decorating our superior courts, one has little hope for justice on any issue. Asking for a ‘suo moto’ notice is asking for too much. Can one hope that there will be at least one honorable judge, whose hibernating conscience will wake up and make him see beyond the four walls of his court to provide justice to the five women who lie, buried alive in the small remote village of Baba Kot.



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8 responses to “Buried alive at Baba Kot”

  1. Chohan Avatar

    Innaa lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihee Rajion

    How brave were these Feudal lords to bury 5 harmless women alive. These people like to live in Jihalat and thats why they don’t like any educational institutions over there.

    These Tribal Parasites have been sucking the blood of their own people. May Allah curse these *Leaders*, Ameen.

  2. Nwest Avatar

    Astounding, except that its unfortunately not. There is a minority inside Pakistan that still beleives that honor killings like this are acceptable. It is very discouraging.

  3. Silence Avatar

    Its repost here, but some facts!

    This is one incident out of millions which are taking place every day in ‘tribal regions’, although its shoking and shamefull but reality is that its too common.

    People who are aware what happens in tribal culture (most of internet warrior never had time to visit any remote tribal region)know very well that it happens there every day and as retard ’senetor’ said its part of ‘Baloch’ culture. But being condoned from a member of ’senate’ is painful and frustrating, he must be condeming it and working for a change in mind set.

    For purely educational purpose…..Here are few tribal laws!

    1.If any women is thought to be ‘bad character, she is decleared as ‘Kali’ or ‘Kari’, consequently she is handedover to “chief of Tribe’ who will later conduct an open auction and sell her to highest bidder, money will go to womens family.

    2.If a man murders some one, he will come home,kill his wife and sister and claim that both had illicit relation and get exonorated by ‘tribal jirga’ as there is never a proof.

    3. In most of the murder cases, the ‘chief’ will decide the ‘blood money’ for victums family along with the number of women to be given to victums family as a compensation.

    These are just few examples!

    All these acts of ‘chiefs’ in tribal areas of Baluchistan and Punjab are protected under “Provencially Administrated Administrated Area’s Rules” or commonly reffered as PATA rules, the decision of chief is protected by law.

    The regular police have no access to these area, which are administrated by “Border Military Police” notoriously called “BMP” and conists the members of respective tribe recommended by tribal chief and mostly his family members.

    This is just a bried picture, for those who have no idea about the situation.

    Why these laws are not changed and tribal areas are not brought under regular laws is a seperate debate, if someone is intrested, I can explain him/her individually but it wont be proper to write here.

    None of human rights groups has ever voiced against these laws……why…some ‘hidden hand’ wont permit!

    And one more things, 10 years back we a group of lawyers challanged the “PATA rules” before High Court to be abolished, the petation is still pending although the honourable judge hearing the case has been retired and now reappointed by Musharraff as judge of Supreme Court.

    Wake up warriors and do something practical if you are serious, if simply ‘keyboard’ revolutionaries, then keep crying here!

  4. Ali da Malang Avatar
    Ali da Malang

    All these practices are exactly what Islam sought to eradicate, but sadly even after 1400 years these people have not changed. The wrath of God will befall them as it surely has befallen those before them – those who were cruel and unjust.

    On a more westernised “enlightened” note, none of this will chane overnight. Merely enacting laws will not change attitudes, education will. And for education we need commitment at the highest level of the government, and it has be to a sustained effort. But then skimming money off sugar scams and wheat deals is more importance and higher urgency!!!

  5. ligeia Avatar

    These people are violent, ignorant pagans; you know, like Mayans, Incans, etc. The only difference, is these other ancient civilizations I mentioned, seemed to be smarter, in being able to live well, (when allowed to live). The Mayans, Incans, etc., had good food, better homes, etc.
    This is not about religion, this is not about customs; this is about control through violence and fear, by uneducated, stupid men, who are threatened by any woman who shows she has the capabilities of having an individual thought. I also suspect that a few of the murdering pieces of crap, were the ones marriages would have been arranged with, had the women not decided to choose their own husbands. Now you know, these men that murdured these women are probably the villiage bullies; these women have probably watched them terrorize people all their lives….why wouldn’t a woman want to marry that?(sarcasm). I fault the men in the town for not being man enough to take these men an execute them for the murders of these women. As for Senator Sardar Israrullah Zehri, the Pakistan Parliment has surely received a call from Baba Kot, saying they want their village idiot back.

  6. FAREED SHAH Avatar

    It,s another shame for our Muslims,our prophet the greatest personality of the universe who changed that concept of ignorant of burial alive girls.please save your sect dignity in the world.Who did they were not humans an they have no relation with humanity.Allah will give reward but what our government did for this.We pakistani are so unlucky in 62 years we didn’t find a man rule us as a muslim but everyone come through America.Our leaders have no ideas of ruling what US say they follow.Government have take action against them.
    cool shah

  7. YesSir Avatar

    Its not a shame for Muslims its a shame for those who do not follow Islam.

    Its a shame for those who abandoned Islam and chose Racism instead.

    Its a shame for those who have chosen ignorance over Islam.

    Its a shame for those who do not fear Allah but fear every thing else.

    Its a shame for those who claim to be fighting for rights and infact are the RIGHTS-MOLESTORS.

    Shame on these jageerdars, dacoits and thugs.

  8. azhar aslam Avatar
    azhar aslam

    So what do we do about it? any one ? and what about balochistan’s nationalists who want freedom ? they haven’t said anything either.