Terrorism in Islamabad – Pakistanis Stand up and Say NO

Islamabad today was rocked by a massive explosion outside Hotel Marriott, as I write this post it still is burning and death toll continues to rise hovering around 34 dead & 170 injured in blast. The overall speculations can blame this attack on any of the terrorist organizations, some find a way to out the finger on the Taliban uprising, some find a way to blame the simmering political unrest while some feel the Indian spy agency RAW might have hand in all this. Whatever be the case Pakistan has suffered.

It is my analysis that the Indian spy agency RAW is the most likely to have a hand in this blast more in retaliation to the recent blasts in India. To make a killing blow on the eve of President Zardari speech to the joint session is a brilliant ploy to over shadow Zardari’s new making comments

What can we do !!! Simply sitting at home, writing emails & sending SMS’s will achieve nothing and the terrorists will run our country to the ground. If you believe in Pakistan we need to join hands and say STOP TO TERRORISM, mind you this STOP means a full out right condemnation against Talibans, against the American raids on Pakistan and our local armed uprising.

We have to join hands to help save Pakistan



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  1. KarimG Avatar

    Paagal Insaan, save nuclear issue, we are totally subservient to the US and other western powers mainly because of economic chaos and corruption that the leaders have inflicted on this country. Every thing comes from D.C., the foreign policy, the economic policy the whole shit, even the nomination of certain safirs and wazirs. This entanglement will not be easy to break, a lot of political careers and wealth are mortgaged to it. Get it…we are powerless, short of a revolution, a complete clean up of the slate, we are in a bind. It was already bad enough when Zia embarked in his Jihad, now, it will take nationalism and dedication like no other to get out. Sure go ahead and keep saying “hemain yeh karna chahyeh – hemain voh karna chahye” and we will be in a deeper shit 10 years from now. The solution lies in finishing this unholy alliance with US, addressing political issues with political means, yes it will be difficult, very very difficult, but I do not believe there is any other choice, fighting wont solve it, this I am 100% sure of.

  2. Adnan Siddiqi Avatar
    Adnan Siddiqi

    Osama darling, revaling a black sheep in disguise of others belief is not Jehalat. If asking someone whether he believes in Jihad is jahalat then I think such jehalat will always be exhibited.

    Now go back to Tora Bora, Big daddy is looking for you.

    see how is he crying like a kid when failed to answer very basic question.

    People like you are a curse for every Muslim.

    tsk tsk very childish attitude. that’s how you were taught by non-Madrassah guys? 😉

  3. clarification Avatar


    You calling Tableeghi Jamat as jihadi organisation just shows the level of ignorance. Tableeghi Jamat is simply like a school to make you a better muslim in everyday life,now if you go to your elitist english medium school and end up becoming a complete dimwit while the rest of your class mates become doctors engineers and other successful professional then would you or others blame your school for your incompetence and imbecility ?

    Furthermore Tableeghi Jamat had extreme differences with Taliban and were not allowed to work inside Afghanistan under Taliban rule. Besides i haven’t called you a Christian,i have simply stated that you seem to be mixing up Tableeghi Jamat with some other organization.

  4. Paagal Insaan Avatar
    Paagal Insaan

    How do I respond to Javed Hashmi style rhetoric?

    Sir, I substantiated my opinion by giving three examples of major foreign policy mistakes that Pakistan made and must take responsibility for.
    You responded with a sweeping and very general statement and did not substantiate.

    I repeat myself:

    a) The Doctrine of Strategic Depth was not devised by America. Pakistan had been funding armed groups in Afghanistan since long before the USSR and the USA became involved, and continued to do so for long after they moved out.

    b) ISI funded and supplied weapons for rebellions worldwide, even by its former chief General Javed Nasir’s proud admission. Gen Javed Nasir was not appointed by America. In fact America and the Organisation of Islamic Conference (Muslim member states of which had also been our victim) pressured former prime minister Balakh Sher Mazari to sack him.

    c) The decision to form, fund and arm the Taliban to form a pro-Pakistan Pashtun government in Afghanistan was indigenous. In doing so we alienated all other communities in Afghanistan and sowed the seeds of Indian influence in the country, especially after Ahmad Shah Massoud’s Northern Alliance justifiably sought Indian help.

    These are mistakes that we made and cannot blame on America. It is not possible to begin with what you call a clean slate until we identify the errors we had made, take responsibility, and rectify them.

  5. KarimG Avatar

    Paagal Insaan, you don’t get it, BULLSHIT, they can go ahead and believe that they made the policy based on their own interests, sure they might have been led to believe that, but it wouldn’t have happened without our dear friends’ approval regardless. Doctrine…they can’t figure out their ass from their head.
    All the bravado of people like Hameed Gul and others just goes to point out that US was successful in making ‘a war’ Pakistan’s war, ‘a project’ Pakistan’s project, ‘a policy’ Pakistan’s policy.
    Get it through your head, US WAS NOT AGAINST TALIBAN GOVERNMENT; in fact right up to August 2001 there was serious negotiations going on with them. OBL was and is a straw man, this is a grand plan and the tribal belt is playing a designated role in it, the lives lost are just a detail.
    There appears to be some complications in THE PLAN, Russian resurgence and Iran being the external ones and severe economic conditions in the US is the internal, but who knows…all major wars have been started and fought following a major economic collapse!
    Most of Pakistan’s political class, industrialists, military brass is owned and operated by US. Retired high officials, bureaucrates and generals do grow some gonads, but only after retirement. WE ARE IN A FIX.
    The only short term hope that I have is that cooler heads in Washington will prevail and severe economic conditions will force US to abandon the empire building plans.

    P.S. And if you don’t have any thing intelligent to add please don’t go around yelling…yeah yeah its US’s fault!

  6. mohsin Avatar

    salam to all, yes we r not terrorist n we condem such attack,,but thing is tht we as a nation still dont wana change ourselves,i mean we must ge close to our religion,,we must slap a man who go for corruption ,,whn a woman n man can through a chapal to former cm of sindh commonly known as kala kawa,,for his bad language to persons,for which he gets chapal,,thn why cant a common man fight to public representers,officers who cause corruption,, 2nd why media dont concentrate to those who corrupted the system from last govt or todays,, and why govt dont concentrate on the lawnorders situation,,they talk about BARI BARI baatain but why thy dont check their officers,,example why health minister dont visit the hospitals,asking doctors ,patirnts,staff for the problems n why dont he punishes,,well i think its time to reunite n role have to b played by public n govt n expertss,,why govt dont call experts to thr MASHWARA n thy have to b practically,, LONG LIVE PAKISTAN

  7. Paagal Insaan Avatar
    Paagal Insaan

    You do not substantiate your rhetoric. It’s a conspiracy theory per se and you cite no framework of how it was implemented.
    – For example, can you say precisely who in the US administration asked Pakistan to appoint Gen Javed Nasir as an ISI chief? Can you cite a report or a statement, however controversial, suggesting it did?
    Get your head out of Hamid Mir’s behind and see there’s more to the world than you see on Geo TV.

    You cannot blame everything that goes wrong on America.
    Pakistan is responsible for the policies it made – and more so if it let other countries fool it.

  8. KarimG Avatar

    Who the F^&K is Hamid Mir? You know Paagal Insaan, hell will freeze over before any body will substantiate with irrefutable evidence if that’s what you are looking for, that Pakistan has been playing America’s game, that AZ-BB-PM-NS the whole godamn lot of them at one time or the other have been in the US lap. However, you can read between the lines when the PPPZ and before that ML-Q members clearly state that they can not take up certain issues forcefully with the US because of our economic situation. Regardless, Paagal Insaan, I don’t think it is any use to discuss these matters any further with you, I suggest that within your sphere of influence and where you can play a role do try to change things, because when you say WE I assume you include yourself, do try change and educate people. Do tell them that we should ask AZ to change his ways and may be return the MONEY, that we should nicely ask the next army general not take decision like ZIA and PM that will cause us so much trouble in the future, oh yes, and don’t forget to ask all the Maleks, the Khans, the waderas, the Chaudhrys that may they should leave room for other people in the politics. Of course…Altaf Bhai, we should also politely ask him to either remove himself from Pakistani politics or return to his beloved city to take charge of his party, do try that Paagal Inssan, please!

  9. Amir Avatar

    Every one, its the last 10 days of Ramadan and we can get “Laylatul Qadar”, a night better than thousands of nights.

    So lets pray to Allah and ask Allah to guide us to the right path. Allah knows the right path and we beg Allah to put us on the right path. Not the path of our arrogance but the path of Muhammad (S.A.W.W) and his Sahaba (R.A.A)., AMEEEEN.

    May Allah save us from the Shirk we know and the shir we do not know. Ameeen.

    May Allah help us to be sincere, true, honest and hardworking Muslims, AMEEEN.

    May Allah help all the Muslims who are in hardship be it in Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Palestine, Philipines, Chechnya and all over the world. AMEEEEN.

  10. Gods Messenger Avatar
    Gods Messenger

    Blast , blast and blasts the holy crooks are happy now. These crooks do not have religion so they are against any religions in this world. The fact is we ourselves are competing to identify as sufi sunny or shia. Religion should not tame our future as country, rather it should be We who tames religion.Let us try understand how many of each other have been attacked and have differences because of our sects. Its very high-time we get together as one and as a one large nation resposible for it future and fame.

    I hope we all need to agree that we have issues and being a literate pakistani we all need to put effort in stopping such activities in future. The politicians are the ones to be blamed who are and is responsible for putting humiliating shame on Pakistan. Let us force them to govern them properly.

    unknown and no-name

  11. Usman Aziz Avatar
    Usman Aziz

    Tableeghi Jamaat started with good intentions but unfortunately now it has turned out to be the soft side of terrorist organizations including LT, Sipah-e-Sahaba and even the Tahrik Taliban.

    Their efforts are now solely to propagate a certyain version of intolerant Islam. i think we should highlight this and request the senior ulemas of Tableegh Jamaat fear Allah and get out of the romance of Saudi money and power of our inteligence agencies.

    May God save us from new fitnahs!

  12. s666 Avatar

    Beware of Tablig Jamat, they are innovator in Islam. Visit the following youtube channel for more info.