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Makli Necropolis being Bulldozed?

Makli an archeological conservatory located about 2 hours drive from Karachi near Thatta is reportedly being destroyed by ex-MPA Ghulam Qadir Palijo who is the father of the Sassui Palijo a Sindh Minister

Makli Necropolis is one of the largest necropolises in the world, with a diameter of approximately 8 kilometers, Makli Hill is supposed to be the burial place of some 125,000 Sufi saints. It is located on the outskirts of Thatta. Legends abound about its inception, but it is generally believed that the cemetery grew around the shrine of the fourteenth-century Sufi, Hamad Jamali. The tombs and gravestones spread over the cemetery are material documents marking the social and political history of Sind.

The News exposed this issue yesterday, while Ghulam Qadir Palijo defended himself by saying that he was [innocently] digging a drainage channel for water leading to his land. Somehow with the abundant reports of qabza groups reclaiming land throughout Sindh I have reason to suspect foul play. Until any investigation is done on an urgent basis we just have to assume that there is something fishy. Read The News story in detail

The News 24th September: Heavy machinery, including bulldozers and excavators, is being used for bulldozing and excavation at the site of the Makli necropolis for the past 24 hours. This is being done by ex-MPA Ghulam Qadir Palijo, who is also the father of Sindh Minister Sassui Palijo.

A visit to the site revealed that the bulldozing and excavation was being done on the Makli hill monuments site area that was adjacent to the land of Ghulam Qadir Palijo. This site leads to the shrine of great Sindhi warrior Dolah Darya Khan and Sindh ruler Jam Nizamuddin. There were remnants of old graves already flattened by bulldozers. As per the workers, they were digging a drainage water channel for the land of Ghulam Qadir Palijo

Meanwhile, addressing a press conference at his residence here on Tuesday, Ghulam Qadir Palijo said he owned about 400 acres of land adjacent to the Makli hill necropolis. He said he was digging a drainage channel for drainage of water leading to his land. He refuted the allegations that he had destroyed the archaeological sites. He claimed that the movement was started against him by his opponents, the Shirazi group

A few breathtaking pictures of the archeological site can be seen on Altamash’s Flickr album


  • karachikhatmal |

    the cemetery is not completely being damaged, but a sizable portion of it is being ruined by this feudal family. Sassi is especially culpable because she is the goddam culture minister. to top off their gall, she came on a breakfast show to claim that her family had nothing to hide and that anyone could come in and have a look. however, when one reporter arrived a host of goons showed up on behalf of the elder Paleejo and proceeded to beat him up, and attempt to steal his tapes.

    they later claimed that their impulsive behavior was dictated by the fact that Sindh tv had been going after them and they were paranoid or something.

    Of course, not a shred of regret was expressed about beating up the reporter, or more importantly, committing the heinous crime to the historic necropolis.


  • Silence |

    File a petition before High Court under any civil rights organisation name and get a stay order, it will be quickest measure to stop work at site.

    High court can also send a ‘local commission’ to inspect the place and file report about facts.

    If he is really doing a water course, that must have been approved by irrigation department,the commission can varify the facts.

  • kashifraza |

    i visit photo .more beautifull.but send leastest sanp of makli hill which landmafia snap ua date.daily azkaar publish in next week

  • ali metlo |

    Sassui and her father are being targeted by vested interested and some elements of the media for her work to get hindu gymkhana back to the minority hindu community of Sindh. The Palijos have filed a case against a news paper and Sindh Tv for creating this false controversy for Rs.100 million, as defamation damages. Various TV channels including express tv, KTN, ary, Mehran tv, have been to the site and cleared it of any encroachment activity. All concerned departments and Federal archeology dept have cleared them, as their land is some 2 kms away from Makli protected Site. Dawn news reporter has met with the Palijos and has not blamed them for the misunderstanding as they expressed regrets to the dawn news team for this accident. It is already a world heritage site and is a beautiful place to visit only 1 and a half hour from karachi and its very safe to go there on the National Highway.


  • Jalal |

    I hope the news is not true as Makli is one of the amazing and unique heritage of Pakistan and the world as well.

  • Khalid aziz |

    Sasui ki marzi hae jise chahe use uper punhcha de is k ilieke men to kisi ko koi job nhi mile gi kiyon k jo pese dega woh job le ga yeh us mukarar kiye huwe nimaende Mumtaz Jokhio or dosre kahte hen or Sasui ka bap kahta hae jo bhi ppp men hen woh sub mqm or kaf leg k bande hen ppp k jiyale sirf jungshahi k palejon ka haq sakro tahsil k tamam jobs per or un ka jo pese den chahe kaheen k bhi ho jeye bhuto kam kar chuto

  • saleem ahmed |

    I don't like ppp for its corrupt policies but there are a few ppl like raza rabbani, aitezaz ahsan and sassui palijo who are without a doubt clean and not corrupt. This controversy was cleared when Sindh TV owner karim rajper went to sassui's house and apologized to her father and asked for the case to be withdrawn. Makli is open for everyone to see and such things can not be hidden. Therefore its clear that no such thing too place. It is the responsibility of the civil society to act and in this case things were checked and verify and when it has been checked now such posts and blogs should have a footnote with the results.