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HUMOR: Making sense of Asif Zardari & Sarah Palin encounter

All day yesterday I was thinking – what stupidity of our President to have flirted with the republican Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin on live TV. The only possible scenario that comes close to some reasoning is as follows

Take for example the two most important comments that Asif Ali Zardari made to Sarah Palin

  • AZ: You’re looking GORGEOUS
  • AZ: If he insists, I could HUG

Now picturize a sleaze bag truck driver in Pakistan looking at Sarah Palin for the first time

  • Truck Driver: ooye tou barri CHIKNI lag rahi hai
  • Truck Driver: aao JHAPPI paa lay

My point is that this is a DESI president [& a sleaze bag], I’m assuming that every conversation he has in English, he first mentally translates the words from Urdu / Punjabi and then spits it out as best as he could [compounded with an Angrezi accent] so in his recent encounter with the heart throb Sarah Palin he simply translated the words CHIKNI into Gorgeous and JHAPPI into Hug, no harm in it? [and im not the least bit poking fun at his English]

DISCLAIMER: This post has been written in context of adding humor to the incident, by using these slightly offensive words above I do not intend to offend the ladies in the house – Im still trying to come with a reason as to why he did this ‘IN PUBLIC’ and sadly this is the best possible reasoning I can come up with, anyone with a better alternative?

Image Credit : PolitiComix


  • DjFlush |

    lol @ Jhappi paa lay Hahaha

    Seriously apart from the fact that he is the president of Pakistan and it was live TV where he was sharing his kind emotions of love with Palin, he should also realize that he is the widower of one of the most influential women of Asia.


  • Mahwash |

    I swear, I think she’s cringing away with fear muttering “Wife-Killer” when she smiled politely for the cameras.

  • BILLOO |

    INNALILLAH This is a president of an Islamic state.He disgrace our nation.He torn our values.He should be impeached.

  • Hussain |

    by the way, this frigtard isn’t Punjabi… it should either be Urdu or Sindhi.

  • Imran Hussain |

    now now, I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this. He must be feeling lonely and single and probably was playing the field.
    Or maybe not πŸ˜›

  • Lady M.B.B.S. |

    Lets forgive him now,afterall he is suffering from “POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER”, and “DEMENTIA” and ALLAH knows what not.

  • Bites85 |

    Let me tell you,its not zardari’s fault.Its bilawal.When zardari was leaving ,bilawal said ‘i need a new mommy’.
    So thats why zardari said ‘chal koi gal nai,teray lea nai mummy lao ga zaroor,fikr na kar.Tu bas meray lea koi chikni bachi mera matlab bahoo dhund’. Thats what my sources told me.

  • LAVA |

    Palin is sexy MILF and belongs to debauchery.orgy team i mean republican party.
    That was paparazzies who induce 2nd shake hand then these ‘kalamath’ came out from Z mouth
    Nevermind we all know political leader’s perversities Bill Clinton was #1 in it.He gave Jobs and took blowJobs πŸ˜‰ good way to exchange JOBs.
    Our leaders wittingly or unwittingly are pawns in hand of west leaders who are liars. I ain’t saying but Eric Margolis, Henry Makow, Michael Hoffman II they all call their own leaders a lucid-liars and crooks



    Our Leaders are sex addicts too

    After reading above material I can say surely US spreading Debauchery-democracy and Fascist-freedom in all muslim lands notoriously in Pakistan by her chosen crooks like Zardari. I wanna HUG Zardari and wanna tell him to be a GAY means Happy/fun yar you all have got devil minds
    Zardari please dont worry be a gay or goy u choose?

  • d0ct0r |

    most logical reasoning i could come up with is that Zardari is not much of a foreign policy expert,so obviously he had no option but to talk about what he was actually good at(flirting). Same is the case with Sarah Palin,she does not know a thing about foreign policy at the moment and infact she just got her first passport made last month(Just like texas governor Bush who before becoming president had not traveled outside United States)

  • temporal |

    mr co chariman of the hand written will is enjoying every moment of limelight

    for those in the know, pinky kep him on a tight leash

    now thanks to rehman malik’s sunroof-insistence pinky is out of the way and he can share the spoils


    for those with short memory he was once billed as a polo playing playboy

    and a double whammy – not very educated or articulate – which he tries to covers up with street smarts!

    btw, did you guys notice how he tries to ingratiates himself?

  • sms |

    umm hum lurkay walay hain yaar america aur sarah lain tension won lurki walay hain ahhahaahaah

  • Ziafah@yahoo |

    Well, lady mbbs covered it the best in no. 11, i hope he comes to your clinic

  • Altaf |

    Zardari would have thought why not try for the First Husband of United States – He has already ended up as President of Pakistan through one marriage.

  • karachikhatmal |

    you have to give credit where its due. after all, for months neither Obama, nor anyone in the american media had any idea how to deal with Sarah Barracuda.

    Then on came Zardari and in two seconds left her stammering and extremely uncomfortable. don’t know about you, but that is kick ass!

  • Lady M.B.B.S. |


    Thank you,but dont scare me.

    [and well, i am planning to start practice in GYNAE πŸ™‚ ]

  • Yameen |

    Don’t take it on nerves. Its a simple case of (mis)understanding.

    He saw this gorgeous MIS and had UNDERSTANDING.

    Long Live Pakistan

  • TLm |

    He probably translates from Sindhi or Urdu to English.
    And being from a class of our society that gets women picked up without even asking them im sure it comes very naturally to him.

  • Danish Abdullah |

    Light-hearted humour at the wrong place but he did make a good laugh out of it……..

  • Yameen |

    A – Z (Asif Zardari) of Pakistan not only shows teeth to the entire world, but cabareted strong desire to bite !!

  • shahbaz |

    Appreciating beauty and sharing polite desires should not be criticized. Mr. Zardari is The President of Pakistan therefore, please respect him and his office he holds. Thx

  • Altaf |

    yeah right. you should be asking him to respect the office of the president. you should listen to some of the comments in the western media and how they are referring to him.
    like Pakistan’s smitten president

  • Arm |

    the state of affairs created post 9/11 have paralleled Pakistan to an extremist nation..not that Pakistani nationals were mirrored any better before but in times like these if a president flirted innocently with an ex miss Alaska pageant participant who strutted her stuff in a swimsuit to put a lighter note to the proceedings cant be as harmful as certain people are portraying it to be. We should make up our mind as to what our real image is to be in front of the rest of the world, a moderate nation that allows two of opposite gender to mingle in flirtatious talk or have that of an extremist nation in which women are considered to be slaves of the male gender.

  • Altaf |

    First, Zardari was not there representing himself. He was there as the President of Pakistan – there is some difference. Heads of States should behave like heads of states.

    Second, she is a married woman with 5 children. I don’t know what your family background is but i don’t think any Pakistani wants to live in a society where men flirting with married woman is accepted as moderate & liberal.

    Third, i wonder what the reaction of the self declared ‘liberals’ have been had a foreign head of state made a similar comment to Benazir when she was the PM.

  • Mansoor |

    This is an example how a muslim ejaculate just in front of a women, doesn’t matter if she is his mother, sister, a whore or a child (7 years old like Fatima).

  • Rafay Kashmiri |

    @ Mansoor,

    how about non-muslims ?
    do they ejaculate at all ? specially the puffs ?

  • Shahzad |

    Shame on you. May Allah show you the right path.

    Dear Muslims,
    You are making yourself a laughing stock with such discussions.