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Kashmiri Freedom Fighters are “Terrorists” – Zardari

In what appears to be yet another blooper on the international stage our President Asif Ali Zardari has yet again dropped a bombshell on our nation. If the security threat in the North West arena was not enough to handle he has just awoken a sleeping giant when he labeled Kashmiri freedom fighters as terrorist in an interview with WSJ a few days back.

WSJ: When I [Bret Stephens] ask whether he would consider a free-trade agreement with traditional archenemy India, Mr. Zardari responds with a string of welcome, perhaps even historic, surprises. “India has never been a threat to Pakistan,” he says, adding that “I, for one, and our democratic government is not scared of Indian influence abroad.” He speaks of the militant Islamic groups operating in Kashmir as “terrorists” — former President Musharraf would more likely have called them “freedom fighters” — and allows that he has no objection to the India-U.S. nuclear cooperation pact, so long as Pakistan is treated “at par.” “Why would we begrudge the largest democracy in the world getting friendly with one of the oldest democracies in the world?”

There is one thing to be diplomatic and try to patch up relations with our freinds across the border, but its an entirely different thing to dump your country in midair literally abandoning 61 years of a nations policy to reach across without a proper plan of action and a commitment to change. More importantly issuing this statement in a whimsical interview half way across the world and more importantly to do it without the consensus of the Parliament. Somehow it seems that our President has a serious need to be trained on how to act and behave like the President of Pakistan, as its been barely a month since he inaugurated his Presidency and has already committed one too many blunders literally not worth writing home about.

This ‘casual’ comment resulted in an outrage amongst Kashmiri Muslims opposed to Indian rule, many of whom who regard militant groups fighting Indian rule as freedom fighters. Many protesters took to the streets on Monday, near the Line of Control to display their anger and even burnt an effigy of Mr Zardari.

Today UK High Commissioner Wajid Shamsul Hasan went into damage control mode and tried to issue a clarification by email to many media outlets BBC reports

BBC: High Commissioner Hasan said that Mr Zardari was not seeking to undermine “the indigenous struggle by the Kashmiri people for the right of self-determination” in his Wall Street Journal interview. Mr Hasan made his comments in an e-mail sent to various media including the BBC. He said that Mr Zardari had repeated that “Pakistan is opposed to external militants indulging in cross-border terrorism and subverting a genuine indigenous freedom movement”. Correspondents say the phrase “cross-border terrorism” is one that has been used consistently by India, which has accused Pakistan of arming and helping Pakistani-based militants fighting in Kashmir.

The problem here is that our President seriously needs to stop thinking of the $100 Billion dollar begging bowl which he has set his eyes upon and start thinking of how to drag this country out of this crisis and into a breathable state. He should truly be far interested in clearing up the mess rather then opening up the pandoras box with India. Gaad [sic] help us


  • Bhulley-Shah |

    jo dahshat gard they woh izzaat-maab hoey,
    jo kal tak 10% they woh aaj Qaum kai baap hoey

  • Bhulley-Shah |

    I guess Zardari would term the division of Pakistan as a Beloved Gift of India to Pakistan

  • Teeth Maestro |

    Bhulley Shah – I hope you are wrong – but if that is the case I hope Pakistanis have the courage to stand united and resist this bastard to the nail

  • ReallyVirtual |

    What we need is an independent team of UN doctors to investigate his mental health, and another team of investigators to find out who certified him as ‘recovered and fit to be a president’.
    Of course, they can investigate BB’s murder while they are here too.

  • Lady M.B.B.S. |

    What can be said,
    SO we should expect more…….. from him,

    He is providing the proofs of his mental unsoundness……

    “proof of the pudding is in the eating”

  • karachi khatmal |

    to be fair, couple of years ago Kasuri – former FM, or his spokesman – had said something to the effect of that Kashmir was never an integral part of Pakistan… these politicos make so much gaffes that even we tend to forget

  • yaseen ch |

    yes, and he is getting worst day by day. One day he can call we can also attack afghanistan like U.S did.

  • KarimG |

    As far as I am concerned a comprehensive policy on Kashmir is needed indeed, peace with India is vital for the general well being and prosperity of the country, absolutely no doubt about that. It is just that, when a two bit, mentally unstable, opportunist thug declares a policy shift without any formal discussion in the parliament and within the political circles in the country, you begin to wonder whether he knows what he is talking about? Does he fully understand the ramifications? Does he give a F&*K one way or the other? It is not so much what he said; it is whether he’s got the mandate to make such major policy statements. RealyVirtual’s hits it right on the bull’s eye, this pathetic man needs a good checkup by UN doctors of his head. This country had enough misfortunes; we did not need THIS…

  • Irtiza |

    Sirf Media ki ghalti hae………aur inn choron ko sir par charhao……..Pakistan needs coup until n unless we don’t get good Political Leaders…..

    ab ye hamid mir aur GEO kahan gaya????sab beech dia innn kuttay kay bachon nay…..

  • guYasir |

    what about BLA=Baluchistan Liberation Army. aren’t they terrorist?
    Mush gave ’em dis label and Zardari&co went and excuse/sorry to BLA despite they’ve committed terrorist acts.
    The real terrorist org is PPP since BB got married with Zardari. They’ve committed an extra-judicial killing and rampant looting of country treasures.
    PPP always exercise Kleptocracy under the guise of democracy
    Bhutto and Zardari clan are Kleptocrats instead of democrats.
    They won’t be able to overcome pak current economy and stability crisis. I’ve no word but to say May Gaad/God Call Zardari soon to his wife.

  • Altaf |

    Teeth Maestro: You need to do an analysis of Mr.Zardari’s speech at the UN. I was totally astonished & disgusted to see it. First placing the picture of BB at the podium – I mean this is not a political gathering & you are not there as co-chairman of PPP but as the President of Pakistan. We can forgive him for that but then he says in the speech that i am here to get justice!!!!! wtf???? The president of a country of 180 million, supreme commander of its armed forces which happens to be the 7th largest in the world, one of 9 countries that have nuclear weapons – & he is standing there asking the UN for justice
    If he doesn’t believe he can get justice for himself in Pakistan how the hell does he plan to give justice to ordinary Pakistani’s.
    what kind of shithead speechwriters does he have around him? i don’t think Pakistan can afford him for 5 years.

  • guYasir |

    Agree with @Altaf cent%
    They are bunch of craven and venal pols whose aim is to serve their master’s malignant agenda by curbing the Judiciary and allow US-NATO forces to attack inside pak-borders.
    Well Altaf, Sherry is most probably the shithead chick who produce speeches for her elders.
    Watch Bilawal Bhutto in below clip. Will we want dis SoB to rule Pakistan in future.

  • Shadab |

    The thing which were planned 300 years ago is now gaining its momentum…

    Every passing day will increase the tyranny of humans due to some elites who wants to control the world and its resources- and this action will bring us to the Last day of universe.

    Ofcourse- The banking system (Interest) – as most hated by Allah and its believer will be responsible to bring the demise of human beings.

    I am very much disappointed that our younger lot is not thinking at all and thats why we are being bogged down.

    I request to all of you please once read the below protocols to see the bigger picture.

    Asif Zardari– A Villain turned Hero…. what a poor minded people we are … forget everything within dayz…

    The amount of money he has in his bank accounts can feed million and he has not even open a welfare trust to atleast hide his face behind it before raising the slogan… Roti kapra or Makaan.

    I dont see ANY leader who can stand in front of the banking system which is tieing us throught credit.

    Even once I was a victim of this… and still feel if that happens to the whole humanity ..what will the world look like…

    See the American economy… The most productive economy of the world… has gone down in the drain?? Why because it is based on interest.

    America is not responsible for our economic downfalls.. The people behind the economic downfalls in every country are the members of that secret group of bankers who is mobilising each country’s resources to make that country slave of them.

    We cannot stop them… because it bound to happen as said by the Holy Prophet and Allah..

    What we can do is atleast do good to ourself … for the life after…

    Forseeing, I am scared and cant sleep for what is coming….

    May Allah give us the courage to face this.. we are really close to the last era..

    May Allah save us and our families from Satan.



  • Touseef Ikram |

    This was just too much. He also has started acting like a dictator and he’s even getting worst than Musharaf. He certainly is cooking something and it smells real bad.

  • Muhammed Zafir Zia |

    @bulleh shah

    jo dahshat gard they woh izzaat-maab hoey,
    jo kal tak 10% they woh aaj Qaum kai baap hoey

    bohat aaala bhai

  • Shadab |


    Yes i a frequent reader of his columns and in search of truth I have done a lot of research and found his words wealthy of believing. The articles he even wrote 5 years ago proving the current scenario.

    I would suggest to all who is reading this blog will check out the below site as well:


  • Salman Pindi Wala |


    Get ready for even worst……and there are people in Pakistan still supporting him blindly……….

    God Bless Pakistan

  • Naif |

    The Problem is not Musharraf or Zardari or Any of our Leaders…. The Real Problem is ME.U and US ….if we cantget our acts and morals Right…on individual levels…the Please be ready for the Worst to come!!!


    ASLo the Leaders Coming to rule us will always be based on our Moral Deeds as a NAtion or Muslims.

    SO Blame ME ..and urself FO we let this Happen!!!

  • Farhan |

    So this was the good news Zardari had promised about? Zardari is probably worst thing that happened to Pakistan

  • t00h0t2r3s1st |

    Take Zardari to SRK program “Kia aap Panchvi Paas Say Tez Hain” I bet he cant qualify even 1 round…

    He got more then enough time to rectify his english spelling mistakes in jail(ref Gaad, Strent)…but he wasted the all available time planning “How to be president of Pakistan in six months”…finally he got succeeded but Pakistan seems to face even more bloopers from him..

    May Allah Bless Pakistan..and Pakistanis

  • guYasir |


    You seem a reader of Henry Makow Ph.D. The magnificent-makow whose articles are worth reading.

    I've read his almost all listed articles after which I got to know the bigger pic of the world and how and who control it.

    I provided his link here 1st I guess and if you are reading him with understanding thats a good sign.

    He seems the biggest story teller of all time. He's a Marrano

    but brilliant writer whose articles will give you jolts.

  • Riaz Haq |

    Regardless of Mr. Zardari’s real intentions in strongly hinting at a major policy shift, it is unlikely that a US-led bailout of Pakistan would be forthcoming at a time when the US economy is headed into a recession, limiting the options open to any incoming administration in Washington.

  • Copy_pasted |

    zardari teray raaj main
    phir wahee kalee raat hai,
    jo thee kal dictator kai naam sai,
    woh hai aaj teray ikraam sai

    Zardari teray raaj main,
    marjaey gee yai qaum,
    bhook o iflaaas main,
    insaaf kai intizaar main

    jamhoor thee purr ummeeed
    jamhooriat kai intizaar main
    mayoos hain ham teray kaam sai
    Zardari teray raaj main

    Zardari teray raaj main,
    katt rahee hai qaum,
    bah raha hai masoom khoon,
    Fata main teray hee ikram sai

    Zardari teray raaj main.


  • ms.shah |

    Did India in USA whispered in your ear,
    “Yesterday it was Marriot,Next time it will be your house”
    Than dear leave the country ,have fun abroad.Pakistan is not a Heaven for rich Millioneres anyway or have you lost Billions in US and European Capitalist collapse?
    Let us ask staright,what are you getting out of it?
    Can somebody shed light on this……I am quite ignorant in
    terms of Zardari business empire?

  • ms.shah |

    Kashmiris are not as pretty maybe as Sarrah Palin
    At least a lip service will do………

  • OnePakistani |

    So MR 10%, when you going to label every Pakistani as Terrorist?

  • KarimG |

    Grow up CheckThisOut, if you are going to say some thing, at least avoid being pathetic, is this the worst you could come up on Zardari?

  • Rafay Kashmiri |

    @ Hey KarimG,

    how was that ?

    @ Freshly revealed !

    Ye mard-e-Khaki, Shohar kis Benazir ka tha,
    chaandi hoi kisi ki, us kay marney kebaad

    Aey gham-e-ishq, koi gham aisa ne tha,
    Har ghari, khumar si, us gorgeous kebaad

    Rafay Kashmiri

  • Interest-Charging De |

    To the guy above, Shadab, who has given a long lecture on the ill-practice of Interest system (I don't know if you understand finance):

    Do you know that charging interest doesn't mean taking advantage of someone's situation? Today you lend someone 100 bucks. Years later, when the compounded inflation is 100%, if the guy returns you your money, you can buy just half the goods, you could have had bought 100 years back. So, if the goods don't decay, i.e. a piece of land, why won't you rather buy land right away than store/give the money to someone else? If you lend money interest-free that would be charity because the present value of the sum that you are gonna receive will be less than what it is now, and thus you will incur loss straight away, which can be called charity if you want. So, if you say that each time the money lent should account for some charity work, it's OK. But don't say interest charging is ideally profit-making. In real life yes, interest charging does result in profit making because of different ways in which one values the goods. I went through some of the "Sharia-based financial products". They all charge interests. The interests are hidden as service charges, upfront fees, etc etc. But in effect they all mean interest.

    I don't know how much I can get through you depending on how much knowledge of finance you hold. But try to understand, if there is no interest, people will actually LOSE money. It is not a no-gain situation.

  • ShahZman |

    The true freedom fight for Kashmir was set aside in the previous generation. Now is the copypaste of terrorists or Talibanism.

  • ShahZman |

    Zardari is the most popular personality living in the pak people hearts after his wife's murder by terrorists which must be abolished from the face of Pakistan including Kashmir. bring back the true freedom fighters, not bloody terrorism in the name of peaceful mohamadanism. kashmir is not a piece of cake, dont forget.

  • manohari |

    indians is gaandu……………………if anyone terrioust want bomb blast in india specilly in delhi or ncr contact with me m ready to destory india 09729958080 …..u have benefit coz m a girl