PICS: Aiwan-e-Sadar being used as a Wedding hall

A few days back the Aiwan-e-Sadar [Presidential Palace] was utilized as the a wedding reception hall to host the wedding ceremony of our Prime Minsters Gilani’s sons wedding – its just surprising that the entire country suffers the worst economic crisis but oblivious to all this suffering our leaders continue to live lavishly utilizing public property for their own advantage. I’m infuriated at such blatant misuse of public office, when is all this going to stop!! will they ever consider it their duty to ‘work for the people of Pakistan’ the people who got them there in the first place !!



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  1. kk Avatar

    please please please please give some one else chance too…
    buhat sindhi punjabi blouchi pathan ne hukumat kerli pakistan pe abb kisi pakistani ko bhi ane do

  2. Saadia Arslanturk Avatar
    Saadia Arslanturk

    Bunch of uncivilzed morons. It’s going to take many many generations before Pakistanis become civilized (I do not mean college educated). This is so disgusting.

  3. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ Saadia Arslanturk,

    why don’t you go back to Turkey !! Bibi

  4. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ kk, (Kalwant Kaur)

    yes, perhaps a Sardar Ji !!!

  5. Saadia Arslanturk Avatar
    Saadia Arslanturk

    I am not Turkish (only married to one). Plus I am ex Pakistani(a new term coined by the likes of me). Mr Kahmiri, I think Pakistan is full of idiots who fall for the same old game over and over again. I recommend to all of you to start applying for visas to get out of that s–t hole. A country that cannot feed it’s poor and uses tax payers money to throw tacky functions such as this one. I feel sorry for you guys.

    1. Miir Avatar

      you're part of that naive bunch who just cant ever get out of their identity crises.

  6. Aman Avatar

    Good thought saadia , but the problem is our every loving politician has made our nation symbol of poverty and terror now no country would provide us shelter , more than half of pakistanis want to run away , but its always zardari who gets a visa as he is the multi billion man of pakistan. Gilani is dumb a dumb P.M all he can do , just condemns american attacks and ask them to do it again so he can be in news again.

  7. Saadia Arslanturk Avatar
    Saadia Arslanturk

    Amnd the pics of Mr. Jinnah in the back is just an icing on the cake. God bless you all my brothers and sisters!

  8. Saadia Arslanturk Avatar
    Saadia Arslanturk

    First of all, I am sorry Aman about the typo. I spelled you name wrong.

    This is no joke guys. I am so sad about the state of affairs in this country. I do feel for all of you since I am part of you. I am no longer there but heart breaks to see these moron treating common Pakistanis like puppets. Wake up you guys. Do not let these pirs fakirs, Jagirdars, feudals abuse you. They have no power over you. Times have changed. These are the things from medival times. Who cares about old blood lines and murabbas. Nobody care about them they are passe. You are Pakistan, not them. You together have more power. You are the future. I know I sound way too much bookish. But I really mean it.

    And, I am sorry in my previous comments perhaps I really lost my temper. God bless you all.!

  9. Rafay Kashmiri Avatar
    Rafay Kashmiri

    @ Saadia Arslanturk,

    we are, indeed, proud of you

    Pakistan-Turkey Zindahbaad

  10. Geotagged Avatar

    Guys forget everything on why the president house was used for the wedding, why bother, isn’t the girl in red really HOT?

  11. SAMS Avatar

    @ Barisster Chisti, Rafay Kashmiri, Korangi 100 quarters

    Yarr Bohat Farigh ho Aap loog….

    Aik ko to London sey paisay mil jatay hain moti gardan walay say, Kashmiris can get money from anywhere be it India , Pakistan , ISPR,ISI,RAW.. Korangi 100Quarters Kis chakar main par gaey AAp

  12. aman Avatar

    We are living in present , we can see the future.Because the pollution of corruption has darkened every thing we just can not do any thing. May ALLAH help us all.

  13. Momy Khan Avatar
    Momy Khan

    hello Pakistan
    it’s tym 4 us to wakeup as this goverment is crossig it’s limits in corrouption… Our president don’t hv manners as wht to talk n wht nt, he is only interested in females….
    b4 this goverment in Musharraf’s era Asif zerdari waz very much interested in murderers of BIBI but now he never discuss this issue since he came in power……. but most of the ppl knw dat he himself is responsible for his wife’s murder.

  14. Momy Khan Avatar
    Momy Khan

    by the way there is nuffin specail in bride n groom…… no one is lukin nyc

  15. pro_pakistan Avatar

    Alas! what a waste of national resources. To make the event “official”, the Pakistani and presidential flags were kept in the background. Sorry to say but from her dress and outlook, the bride looks like a cheap Indian actress!

  16. anwar Avatar

    Yes, truly,
    it’s tym 4 us to wakeup.
    Need strong Pakistan !
    bcom a strong and true Muslim
    thats only only only way.

  17. sacha pakistani Avatar
    sacha pakistani

    Poor people geting die due to inflation and they
    are doing more to push poor people towards death.

    Who were the who vote them! know one know cuz 65% of people were at home on election day!.

    any litrate person in this entire world never let asif ali who is killer of our past economy to become a president.


  18. Sohail Avatar



    with simple words it is really beautiful. I appriciate you and wish you a happy life.

  19. asif Avatar

    Pakistan will be no more finish f*** your country it is shit only mushraff was good u dumb ppl made him step out to your naiton is the stupidest naiton so far

  20. talha Avatar

    mashAllah have no words yaar

  21. Naeem Mehr Avatar
    Naeem Mehr

    Dear Pakistanies by seeing these pictures we already divided our nation in different levels like Rich, Poor, Middle and every one have different problems the rich peoples have the problem of status they like to find status in pakistan but they not know pakistan is not find in a eating plate it is find by after strugle of Many Shaheeds.

    by the way these peoples not know how government run they only come here to play there games as the previouse plays.

  22. Mano Avatar

    Mal-e-muft, dil-e-berahm. there is no country on the planet that feeds off these kind of political vultures, feeding their greedy bellys of lust who are eating and looting with both hands and still manages to survive. its pakistan that by the grace of god still survives and will continue to survive. InshahAllah. and maybe just maybe a time will come when we will get rid of these parasites and really grow as a nation.

  23. Ephuria Avatar

    These people should be hanged to death, to hell with PPP. That girl is probbaly going to be gang banged by PPP, look at that bitch.

    1. erum Avatar

      very shameful act.i think it is due 2 us THE POOR FOOLISH HELPLESS AND COWARD PEOPLE.V CAN ONLY TALK AND CAN NEVER DO ANYTHING.tell me dear what can u do????????? YAAAAAAA …….NOTHING ONLY TALK

  24. erum Avatar


  25. civilion men Avatar
    civilion men

    ya allah pak to in logo ka zameer jaga dy.ya allah in ko ini kay szao ki sza dy.ya allah hamary mulk main aisy hakumra agy hai.jin ko sirf apni hi lagi rayti hai.ya allah to in ko garak kar dy.(amin)

  26. zubi Avatar

    i agree with turkish Saadia, she is not Pakistani any more according to her, but i think she saying right we should visit other countries once and compare with our country and try to elect proper people, i will not give any vote next time to any politician, i hate Pakistani politics, but we follow people, desi people of Pakistan.

  27. noor shah Avatar
    noor shah

    well you all dumb people …

    i feel pity for you all..

    this newly modified turkish lady giving an advice to us to leave Pakistan..

    can you please tell me the nam of only ONE country where no poor sleeps without the food..

    you all dumb people…

    its really very easy to stay out of it and bark..

    you people are talking as if u have sacrificed like hell for this country and it did nothing for u in return !

    if everyone of us would start fixing our own faults then i dont think so any corrupt politician would escape…

    what are we ourselves?

    to make a great nation it requires us to be patriotic ..

    and what do we do??

    we just sit and curse this blessing…

    people like you who abuse their homeland can never be sincere to any country..infact where ever you would go you would bring this curse to that country aswel..

    yess we have the power ..

    but what do we do ?

    we sit and wait ok Allah is going to send a messiah for us ..

    no !

    if you want to change this counrty,then stand up..make efforts …try to come into politics..change the bloody scenario…

    MAY ALLAH bless this nation with some courage to come up and say yes i will change ..

    when everyone of us would say ''I'' will change my country..then that day is not far when we ll be successful !

    and i dont expect that any loser who ever commented against this country can do it..

    u pack your bags and leave this country..atleast it would unburden this poor land from some sick minded animals..


  28. shahid Avatar

    its such a shame but i am 100% sure that ALLAH pak do the justice before they die as you will see they suffer not only in this world but also in hell as ALLAH pak do justice i beleive