Dogar’s Daughter get her marks increased – Is that Justice?

Ansar Abbasi in his article in The News today reveals a very alarming discovery concerning the daughter of Chief Justice of Pakistan, Abdul Hameed Dogar.. Farah Hameed Dogar had recently appeared in the FSc Exams [12 grade] and when in August the results were announced she had barely passed with 640 marks placing her in Grade ‘C’. The low grade actually then prevents her from applying into the much sought after Medical colleges in Punjab. But after some underhanded effort she was able to get her mark sheet re-issued at 661 marks making her reach the new Grade ‘B’ and hence forth making her eligible to apply to any Medical college in the province

On 20th & later again on 29th August, Farah applied to the examination board for a ‘re-tabulation’ of her marks, which is the only possile solution before physically reappearing for another exam. The examination department re-calculates the marks in an attempt to figure out any discrepancy in the addition of the mark, but the papers are never re-evaluated. The re-checking helped Farah increase her grand total by only one mere mark landing her at 641

After having exhausted all permissible means to increase the grade it seems she thence forth received a helping hand for the Board chairman who some how managed to have examiners re-examine her paper and that process help nudge her into the Grade B situation.

The News 25th Nov 2008: On September 10, 2008 Chairman of the Board, Commodore Shamshad wrote on the file: “Pl. have the answer books of this candidate re-assessed.” This was a clear violation of the FBISE rules but following the chairman’s written orders, the concerned officials complied and it was noted on the file: “Special arrangement may please be made, as directed by the chairman.”

The fast forward process set in. Examiners who had originally checked her papers were summoned and asked to re-mark the papers. The examiner of Biology wrote: “Re-checked and marks awarded are strictly according to the (original) marking scheme. However, in Q No 4, 01 mark has been increased due to error in total, which is now 12 out of 13. So the total marks are now 70 (seventy only).”

The examiner of Pak-Studies wrote: “Rechecked and marks awarded are found up to the mark and found according to the marking scheme. No more mark can be awarded.”The examiner of Chemistry wrote: “Paper rechecked and marks awarded are up to the mark and no more marks can be awarded.”

However, the documents reveal, that on September 13, the examiner of English paper Munir Hussain Anjum of F G College for Men, H-9 Islamabad, reassessed the paper and increased the marks from the previous 58 to 67; the examiner of Urdu paper Dr Ale-Azhaur Aanis of F G Sir Syed College Rawalpindi reassessed the paper and increased the marks from the previous 62 to 67; and the examiner of Physics paper Ejaz Ahmad in his re-assessment increased the marks from the previous 32 to the pre sent 38.

After this extraordinary addition of numbers after re-marking, the file moved upward from one desk to the higher desk and reached the chairman’s office for approval. The recommendation for the chairman was: “Due to above change, marks have been enhanced and result position will be of 661 marks instead of previous 640 marks. The case is forwarded for consideration marks and having approval of enhancement of marks from 640 to 661 in relaxation of existing rules (Vol-II) as directed, please.”

The question that must be asked, is this truly the only efficient use of the office of Chief Justice of Pakistan. Whatever happened to Justice as expected from a Chief Justice of Pakistan!!






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  1. Altaf Avatar

    Why was there similar articles & protests when Iftikhar Chauhdhary used his ifluence to get his son a government job, several transfers & promotions in a period of just a few months?
    Or is it because he was against Musharraf that all his faults are brushed under the carpet?