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Dogar’s Daughter results linked with Islamic Medical College admission

As if the revelations could not get any worse – Ansar Abbasi in his article in The News today trumps Pakistan with an even more interesting investigation about the fiasco surrounding the Intermediate results of the daughter of Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Abdul Hameed Dogar.

What has come to light is that all this was orchestrated so she could get admission into Islamic Medical College as with her initial low grade at 640 Farah could not even apply to appear in the admission test which was scheduled for September 21st a fact which was confirmed by Major (retd) Munir Azam, who was associated with the college administration So in preparation to ensure that she appears in the admission test the bureaucratic wheels were set in motion and from the 10th of September the Chairman of the Federal School board was able to muster up the necessary re-examinations to gingerly tip Farah’s score over the magical 660 barrier.

On one hand every parent wishes for the best education for their children, but sadly the irony of this specific case is that she unfortunately happens to be the daughter of CJP Hameed Dogar, who was the judge to replace, the then Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry who was thrown out of office for a number of allegations of which one incidentally was helping his son Dr. Arsalan in his CSS exams. With such a torturous history it seems Justice Dog-ar has too been caught red handed literally with his pants down
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Dogar’s Daughter get her marks increased – Is that Justice?

Ansar Abbasi in his article in The News today reveals a very alarming discovery concerning the daughter of Chief Justice of Pakistan, Abdul Hameed Dogar.. Farah Hameed Dogar had recently appeared in the FSc Exams [12 grade] and when in August the results were announced she had barely passed with 640 marks placing her in Grade ‘C’. The low grade actually then prevents her from applying into the much sought after Medical colleges in Punjab. But after some underhanded effort she was able to get her mark sheet re-issued at 661 marks making her reach the new Grade ‘B’ and hence forth making her eligible to apply to any Medical college in the province

On 20th & later again on 29th August, Farah applied to the examination board for a ‘re-tabulation’ of her marks, which is the only possile solution before physically reappearing for another exam. The examination department re-calculates the marks in an attempt to figure out any discrepancy in the addition of the mark, but the papers are never re-evaluated. The re-checking helped Farah increase her grand total by only one mere mark landing her at 641

After having exhausted all permissible means to increase the grade it seems she thence forth received a helping hand for the Board chairman who some how managed to have examiners re-examine her paper and that process help nudge her into the Grade B situation.
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Margalla Towers tragedy – Builder being compensated

We all must vividly recall the tragedy that struck Pakistan three years back on October 8th 2005 when a massive earthquake shook the life out of Pakistan. Images flashed across our screens moments later of devastation with hundreds dead and thousands injured, in those panic stricken days many visuals flashed across our screens but the collapsed towers of Margalla apartments probably shook the world more so, as this tragedy was attributed not entirely to the earthquake but instead claimed 72 previous lives as the builder deliberately had used faulty material in its construction

After struggling for over two years the family members of the 72 victims of the Margalla Towers were able to move the motion in the Supreme Court whereby the then Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry ordered the CDA and the original builder to compensate the victims, this order was given whilst the criminal proceedings still lingered on. Surprisingly on September 11th 2008 a month back the new Chief Justice of Pakistan Abdul Hameed Dogar ordered the CDA, without taking into consultation the victims and their families, to finally release the controversial land back into the hands of the original builder

In all honesty this seems to be a very suspicious move, firstly its being done without taking into consideration the pending criminal case outstanding against the builder for this heinous crime, whilst more importantly this decision allows the builder to run scott free as the property and wealth can be immediately liquidated and hence forth the builder can then conveniently drag the case as long as he wants as then he will not be pressed for any financial concern.

Might I dare say this is just another prime example of injustice we can hope to get from such an ‘influenced’ system. I share with you the email sent by the family members of the victims of Margalla Towers including the order published by the Dogar court, though I also remain open to a better understanding of what this order entails and its ultimate impact in providing justice to the few victims that perished on 8th October 2005
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Sharifuddin Pirzada seeks Justice

Dawn newspaper published a story today about the arrest of a few NAB officials who were arrested for beating an accused ‘within the premises of the Supreme Court’ whats interesting to read in the report was the fact that

Dogar Court was actually responding to a petition filed by ‘Judicial King Pins’ like Sharifuddin Pirzada, Senator Babar Awan and Wasim Sajjad who wanted to transfer ‘a case’ from Lahore High Court to the Supreme Court [mifled laughter] because they did not expect any justice from the high court as it was, “under the influence” of PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif[…and the Supreme Court is under the influence of ….LOL – whatever happened to the notion of justice]

Its hilarious to see Sharifuddin Pirzada plead ‘for justice’ when historically he has been involved in actually manumpilating and altering the Constitution of Pakistan molding in favor of the ruler of that time most recently he helped Musharraf manipulate the consutitution to protect his martial law and other illegal steps he took during that time – all have now been embeded and legalised by his very own Dogar Court

Realistically I have no idea what’s at stake in this case but apparently it seems to be an old-guard [PML-Q] vs new-guard [PML-N] issue and Sharifuddin Pirzada being a chip off the old block is definitely helping out and cashing in his favors – its payback time for Dogar Court
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Update on ASP Shahid Hayat rumor

After the publication of our latest Rumor Mill report which concerned the alleged pardoning of the Police officer involved in the murder of Murtaza Bhutto by the Dogar Court, we very soon received a confirmation report from another credible source who states

Yes, all the police officers implicated in the Murtaza Bhutto case (including Shoaib Suddle), were given extensions in tenure equivalent to the time they spent under suspension.

It is a novel decision and contrary to all legal precedents.

After this decision, several government officers who had for one reason or another been suspended in their careers also filed cases seeking similar extensions in their retirement ages.

Now I believe the government has been forced to file a review of the decision. Neither Dogar nor Zardari realised (or cared) at the time that the Supreme Court decision would not simply help out a few police officers Zardari sympathised with but would create a precedent for thousands and thousands of civil servants.

The matter has been reported in the press.

Its interesting to note that practically all the people involved in the 1996 assassination have now been set free and more importantly rewarded, yet not a single person was brought to justice despite the fact it happened during his sister, Benazir Bhutto’s second term as the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Ironically it may seem to be almost like a repeat telecast of the same assassination where today we stand yet again having witnessed another Bhutto being murdered on Dec 27th and have yet to see a single person be caught and brought to justice. Need I say more

Rumor Mill: ASP involved in Murtaza Bhutto’s murder compensated by Dogar Court

This rumor report has been submitted by a credible source, naturally more investigation is still needed

Last night at a wedding a very senior government officer narrated to me a strange story.

He said that he has seen a Supreme Court document, which is a decision on the application of ASP Shahid Hayat who was one of the accused in the Murtaza Bhutto case. His application to the Court filed on July 6th stated that he was an accused in the murder of Murtaza Bhutto and was suspended for two years. Therefore besides claiming benefits for the missing years (he was paid his emoluments) he requested that his service may be extended beyond the age of retirement for two years also.

The Dogar Court under the unofficial direction of Mr Zardari has given the decision in favor of ASP Shahid Hayat on July 13th that is within 7 days of his application. My source says that the decision was given (not announced) with instructions that it should not be released to the media. He says he has read the decision which was brought to him by another officer who is going to plead his case along the same lines (basically loss of income…..not salary but all those under the counter benefits)

I have no way of confirming this yet but am circulating this with the request that people stretch their antennas and look for some confirmation from other sources.