Dogar’s Daughter results linked with Islamic Medical College admission

As if the revelations could not get any worse – Ansar Abbasi in his article in The News today trumps Pakistan with an even more interesting investigation about the fiasco surrounding the Intermediate results of the daughter of Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Abdul Hameed Dogar.

What has come to light is that all this was orchestrated so she could get admission into Islamic Medical College as with her initial low grade at 640 Farah could not even apply to appear in the admission test which was scheduled for September 21st a fact which was confirmed by Major (retd) Munir Azam, who was associated with the college administration So in preparation to ensure that she appears in the admission test the bureaucratic wheels were set in motion and from the 10th of September the Chairman of the Federal School board was able to muster up the necessary re-examinations to gingerly tip Farah’s score over the magical 660 barrier.

On one hand every parent wishes for the best education for their children, but sadly the irony of this specific case is that she unfortunately happens to be the daughter of CJP Hameed Dogar, who was the judge to replace, the then Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry who was thrown out of office for a number of allegations of which one incidentally was helping his son Dr. Arsalan in his CSS exams. With such a torturous history it seems Justice Dog-ar has too been caught red handed literally with his pants down

Ansar Abbasi’s Column in The News on 26th September: Farah Hameed Dogar, the daughter of the chief justice of Pakistan, whose FSc marks were jacked up, thereby, sparking a controversy, has already been admitted to a medical college against a special quota reserved for judges, although, the same college had refused to entertain her application before her marks were revised by the FBISE. The earlier refusal of the Islamic Medical College, Rawalpindi, had primarily come because Farah Dogar was in Grade-C with only 641 marks. But only a week after her first attempt, she submitted a fresh application along with a new marks sheet to the college, which accepted her application only because the new result showed her in Grade-B with 661 marks.

The Chronology of Events regarding Farah Hameed Dogar’s case

  • August 4, 2008: Inter results announced where Farah Hameed Dogar, Roll number 545207, daughter of Mr Abdul Hameed Dogar securing 640 marks in Grade C.
  • August 20, 2008: Applied for “re-checking” of four papers including English II, Urdu II, Pakistan Studies II and Physics II after depositing the mandatory Rs1,200 fee (rate of Rs300 per paper)
  • August 28, 2008: Applied for another “re-checking” application to add the subjects of Chemistry and Biology for which she deposited the required Rs 600 (rate Rs. 300 per paper)
  • August 30, 2008: The Re-checking Committee, which on August 30 recommends an increase of only one mark (01) to be added in the subject of Biology as the counting was originally not done correctly. In the case of Physics, Pakistan Studies, Chemistry, Urdu and English, the Committee noted ‘CFC’ (Checked and Found Correct) against each paper.
  • September 10, 2008: Chairman FBISE Commodore (retd) Shamshad, in violation of the board rules, ordered: “Pl have the answer books of this candidate re-assessed.”
  • September 11, 2008: Application forwarded to the Deputy Controller Examination “Special arrangements may please be made, as directed by the chairman, today” and referred it to his Controller of Examinations.
  • September 12, 2008: The Controller of Examinations noted: “Pl call the examiner concerned. Proceed as directed by the CM (chairman)” and sent it forward to the deputy controller, examinations, who wrote on the file: “Immediate pl.”
  • September 13, 2008: The Examiners concerned were made to attend the controller, examination (Sec) office to reassess her answer sheets. Normally, the answer sheets where the re-checking is required are sent to examiners in sealed envelopes but in this case, the “head examiners” were made to attend the office of the controller of examinations.
  • September 15, 2008: After the controversial re-assessment, which resulted in an increase in her marks from 640 to 661, an assistant controller of examinations referred the case to the deputy controller of examinations on Sept 15. The same day the file was moved to the chairman, who granted his approval to the new marks.
  • September 21, 2008: Farah Hameed Dogar with a new marksheet is now eligible to sit in the entry test of Islamic Medical College, which she passed, but based on the results did not qualify for Open Merit and was instead allocated a seat in the college on the ONE seat allocated to the Judges quota. A source said for the one-seat quota of judges, some other candidates were also in the run to get admission but luck smiled on the chief justice’s daughter.

Its basically unfair to other students who may have been more eligible to potentially become doctors from this college – why should she alone be allowed to cheat her way in? It seems for the Chief Justice of Pakistan – Justice is most definitely Blind



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9 responses to “Dogar’s Daughter results linked with Islamic Medical College admission”

  1. nazia Avatar

    Like father like daughter.She is the daughter of that person who didnt accept the orders of CJP on 12 nov and behave like prostitute of a dictator.He by passed all state laws and fully helped a general to rule unconstitutionally. so what else you would accept from that man.We should be thankful to Ansar abbbasi who is facing these touts of military dictator with proofs and courage.I am sure that now whole state machinery is in action in late night hours for creating new papers for our dummy CJP’s daughter.They did same when zardari wrote wrong english in Quaid’s tomb and same group had burnt cases of NAB against our NRO innocent president when he was going to sign his papers for presidency.lets see how dogar reacted against Ansar abbasi.

  2. readinglord Avatar

    Any thing can be done in this ‘Yakistan’ by relaxing rules, regulations and even the so called Constitution but they won’t allow God, Almighty, to relax His rules to send a new nabi to become a ‘hujjat’ on this rotten state and society.

  3. aman Avatar

    What ever the case is , CJP should ask his daughter to Withdraw from medical college admission and join some law institution so she could follow foot steps of her father as she is right on track , she knows and loves corruption like her father. So Farah don not wait you time you have to help you father in his corrupt business. Best Of Luck

  4. Sara Avatar

    Shouldnt a reference be filed against him as well? as it was so hastily filed in case of CJP Iftikhar Chaudhary?

  5. Saqib Avatar

    Justice Chaudry’s son, Arsalan failed in the Intermidiate Examination, his result was changed and he got admission in Bolan Medical College in gross violation of merit. Later he was forcefully and illegally inducted as an officer of grade 17 in the Health Department of Balouchistan Government on a non existing post.

    To please his beloved son who was not happy with his job as a doctor, Justice Chaudry used his influence to get him posted in FIA headquarters against a non existing post . DG FIA protested but the Ministry told him to keep quite lest the CJP gets annoyed.

    After a while when Doctor Arsalan was not happy serving at FIA, his father ordered the concerned authorities to send him for training at the Police Academy Sihala. On being told that training at Sihala was only meant for formally inducted police officers the CJP got annoyed and conveyed to the authorities that orders of the CJP were final.

    After a few weeks in Sihala, Doctor Arsalan was ill legally posted to the Punjab Police. At Lahore he started wearing police uniform without having been inducted in the police and gave himself the rank of an SP. IG Punjab protested but was advised to keep quite. The IG was ordered to send Doctor Arsalan for a foreign course to Turkey on which a senior police officer after due selection was supposed to go.

    The CJP told the Ministry of Interior to induct Arsalan in Police. He was advised that rules did not allow induction of a grade 17 officer in the police without selection through the Fedral Public Service Commission. On this the Chief Justice ordered ill legal promotion of his son to grade 18 with only five months of service where as this grade is earned after a mandatory 5 years of service. Thereafter, he told the establishment to transfer him to Police as he was no more in grade 17. The establishment division objected to the ill legal demand on which the Establishment Secretary was summoned by the CJP at residence in the middle of the night and warned not to obstruct.

    The CJP visited the PM at his residence , several times, often late at night, for waiver on rules to facilitate Arsalan’s induction in the police. On being told that the PM did not have authority, the CJP got very annoyed with the PM.
    Besides favours to his son there are other serious charges of misconduct against Chaudry.

    Justice Chaudry is a benificary of the public outrage against an unpopular government. The Supreme Court at that time too refused to investigate charges against a brother judge (on technical grounds). Charges against Justice Dogar are serious and must be investigated, preferably, without involving politics by a non political body. To ensure fair play this body should also look into favours of parental love of Mr Chaudry?

  6. Kashif Avatar

    Pakistan is a good country but its establishment has made it bad in every way and form. Answer lies in democracy. Democracy should be allowed to run with out any hinderence. Then it will get true meaning. In today’s politics PML(N) is playing a positive role. As for the corruption only good pious and popular leadership can elaviate this evil from our good land.

  7. readinglord Avatar

    Farah Dogar’s Exam Scandal – another Aspect

    The Dogar scandal brings out deep moral degradation even in the so called elite of our society. It recalls to me an episode in a Jummah Prayer lead by Moulana Amin Ahsan Islahi, Marhoom, in Rehmanpura, Lahore mosque, during early sixities. It happened so that a namazi sent a chit to Moulana for prayer in the congregation for success of his son in the examination. On reading the chit the Moulana became very angry and, addressing the chit-sender, said, “Yih kia behoodgi he. Do you wish that examiner’s mat maari jaye so that he may not be able to evaluate the papers of your son properly? It is not a dua but a bad-dua both for the examiner and your son.”

    Some people are stricter in assessing the educational proficiency of their offspring than even the examiners. A cousin of mine once happened to test the progress of his son, a student of fourth class. Having found him very weak in his studies he went to the school and asked the school authorities to revert his son to the third class. After a few days he again tested his son and found that he was not fit even for the third class and so got his son reverted to the second class.

    But alas there are people like Dogar who believe to push themselves and their offspring by hook or crook. In fact such people don’t rise but bring down the very chair they occupy undeservingly.

  8. saira Avatar

    i guess this is not the justice. i had also passed my fsc with 85% mrks but didnot get admission.

  9. dr_usmandoger Avatar

    i think its not justice ,a big unfairness with those who did not have chief justice fathers like or dosnot belongs to upper society.its same like the both cheives one realized after css and one get mbbs .greatness where we have to go .??????