ISI, a freelance protector of national security of Pakistan

Guest post by Amjad Malik

ISI is protecting the national security of Pakistan and combating any viable threat to its borders from outside and since 1971 from within. It is not different to the work of the CIA, KGB, RAW, Mossad, and MI5 & MI6 who work day in day out to avert any threat to the security of their own respective countries. The passionate work of this institution though is hardly in the public domain but is paramount when the threat is looming from its neighboring country on its borders, heavy presence of a foreign force on its western borders, and the presence of groups like ‘Makti bahni’ which are promoted, financed and cultured inside Pakistani bordering areas by its enemy. The need of their passionate work become more imperative when the corrupt elite of the country wish to derail the sovereignty of the country and endanger the security of the state by forging an alliance with super power in lust for power putting aside national interest.

Pakistan army unfortunately has spent around 4 decades in power corridors and no other but indecisive & corrupt politicians who lack political will, weaker institutions, tame judiciary and selfish & unprofessional bureaucracy is cumulatively responsible for not erecting a viable democracy where rule of law, good governance, justice and constitutionalism holds sway. In fact, non action on ‘Murree accord,’ continued violation of our air space by drones and China’s support of unchallenged UNSC Resolution no. 1267 is a self evidence of our politician’s poor performance. In fact, our rulers allegedly in an ultra parliamentary decision requested china to let go of the technical hold, making it a strong case for Parliamentary intervention to probe unless they seek army intervention by their default. Former premier Nawaz Sharif is through his vision calling those who are calling shots to make their promises to learn lessons from the history before its too late and is foreseeing those coming who never went out of politics. In the absence of Parliament which stood on 12 Oct 1999, it will be an uphill struggle to put barricades in the way of military unless Charter of Democracy is enacted forthwith, though it is not looking imminent. I think Q league’s Mushahid Hussain has put forward a claim for national government but to many when air force is on high alert and any time Indian air forces may attempt to target some of the MDI outlets emphasises the need of ‘national security government’ due to a weaker political leadership who endanger the security more. That National Security government may be a joint work of DSC and Parliament where army and civilian leadership in conformity work to safeguard the country and avert the threat of aggression against its borders as it’s do or die stage for Pakistan.

As long as all stake holders do not sit on one table and see eye to eye with each other and have a joint aim to safeguard the national interest, promote supreme parliament concept and produce a good governance. In the absence of a failure of the implementation on COD and negation of 18th Feb mandate, I am afraid we will keep seeing illusions everywhere. Pakistan no doubt, is in a very critical situation but sending DG ISI will not solve problems with India. India is playing at the hands of others and going to aggression will ignite a fire within India too which will not be easily put out. With Bombay attacks India is coercively rewarded and Pakistan’s hand is twisted to do more. Pakistan though is committed on war on terrorism but wishes to redraw the procedure under which he will contribute.

Pakistani leaders need to decide whether they wish to move forward democratically or are ready to cave in meagerly at the hands of US pressure as matters have gone ahead of drone attacks now. In this cloud the work of ISI is praiseworthy, As it is combating major intelligence forces in the region and in particular Indian threat successfully. Its a thankless job, unlike Army Generals who enjoy the perks and privileges but the work of this agency is far more difficult then one can comprehend. Extremism has given new twist to international information sharing process, and India has rightly advantaged this weakness. Their aim is to weaken the country and do not allow it to flourish an economic or military power. They also wish it to remain weak on political front with a military run regime where legitimacy always question their viability as a state. I think ISI made Pakistan stronger in the wake of emanating threats from around since 1971 and no doubt, it has advanced in order to meet the 21st century requirements and has developed from human intelligence to scientific knowledge. It’s a high time that people sees ISI separately than army rule. In army rule ISI’s job is doubled but in civil they revert to their old task to safe guard the state from any danger to its ‘national security’ from outside. Looking at the bleak situation of Pakistani rulers, there is not much help to this institution from our incumbent leaders and this freelance protector of national security is carrying on its job silently, rewardlessly and quietly in the line of its duty. Pakistanis need to understand that their country’s security from foreign espionage is intact despite the high level of threat.

Amjad Malik is a Solicitor-Advocate of the Supreme Court of England & Wales and has done LLM in national security law from UK.





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  1. bitter truth Avatar
    bitter truth



    1 .as i hear that some one calling nuclear hollocost

    2, pak army is ready for india.

    3.bombay carnege is not done by ISI

    my questione is

    Q1.the nuclear hollocost only in india. and pakistan is safe?? its magic or science???

    plaese tell me

    Q2. do you think last three war is not enough.

    Q3. why entire world except pakistan accept this fact that bombay is done by L-e-T.

    why pakistan arrest 6 member of this jehadi group.

    farrah k raja what you feel when you say you r a pakistani in UK after bombay carnege

    please refer

    1. sajuz Avatar

      wow what a wonderful propoganda ,,,ok lets assume all is correct..can u answer me what all is done by MOSAD of israel,,,RAW of india and CIA of USA…above all enjoy all the fruits of democracy under the great leadership of zadari and mr nawazsharief…no electricity and no gas wow wand above all proce hike at the rate of 200 every yr ;;;;what grt deal my frends…………..come and wake up and try to find ur real enemy…..

  2. neuro_nanotec Avatar

    Hey bitter truth…some bitter truth for you…

    ISI will long be here after we're all gone inshallah…

    And to those who think ISI is corrupt and unstable…

    well let me just say the hell with you all…

    if that would've been the case…pakistan would be long gone

    by now…

    Pakistan will only grow stronger with time…

    See…even when load shedding occurs…we've begun to think of it as good quality time for family gupshup.


    In case of war(khudanakhasta)we're already prep for blackouts. 🙂

    1. Abdullah Avatar

      My friend, I am your side. Thanks for replying bitter truth.

  3. jIMMY Avatar

    pak army stepped in becuase the politcians are shit…

    Sub ko line main kahra karke goli marr do.

    1. MB Avatar

      And here is some MILITARY shit !!

      Hope you will enjoy reading it too

    2. farrukh Avatar

      i fully agreed with u. Wat a leadership v have got. Pehlay tu mian saab or Saien Zardari ko rotay abb mian Saab nay aik or bewaqoof baccha diya hay aur us ka naam Chuhdry Nisar Rakha hay jou khud agencies ki product hay.

  4. Jamal Avatar

    Yes we are prepared for black out because we love sleeping

  5. Sardar Khawar Jamali Avatar
    Sardar Khawar Jamali

    Every Pakistini Loves & Proud on Pak Army & ISI


    RAW, CIA, Mossad , Khad & NATO Inteligence Service are struggling to destabalized Pakistani for controlling over Neuclear Technology.

    Who is fighting in FATA with Pak Security Forces?

    … These r not original Talibans,these r financed terrorists of India & Afghansitan.ISI have evidence,

    Who is involved in Balochistan?

    RAW & Mossad is fully involved in Balochistan. Killing of Three Baloch Leaders is a pre planned game of Raw, and many of Raw financed agents in Balochistan (Hasil Bazingo, Atta Mengal) r politicaly blamming on our own army and ISI. what is there agenda? every balochi know very well

    LOVE PAkistan

    Love ISI

    Love Pak Army

    Love Balochistan

    Love Baloch Nation

    Every Balochi Proud to be A PAkistani….!

    1. farrukh Avatar

      Dear brother jamali. tanks God. I really appreciate ur views . God Bless u.

    2. Usman Khalique Avatar
      Usman Khalique

      I totally agree with you Mr. Khawar, your patriotic comments sounds very good in this atmosphere of propaganda and blame game You idiot youngsters dont become a part of foreign propaganda and dont demoralize your forces and ISI after allthere is some reasons that America ,India ,israel dont compromise to put up with them. Long Live Pakistan and Its all Security Forces.

    3. Abdullah Avatar

      My Pakistani Brother, Sardar Khawar Jamali I totally agree with your thoughts. The tribal people fighting in FATA with Pakistani Forces cannot be real Taliban's because the tribal people of FATA are patriotic Pakistanis; they love Pakistan and Muhammad Ali Jinnah; "The founder of Pakistan" called them "Volunteer Defenders of Pakistan". Taliban's fighting in Afghanistan never attacked Pakistan. They all love Pakistan due to Muslim Brotherhood.


      LOVE Pakistan

      Love ISI

      Love Pak Army

      Love Baluchistan

      Love Punjab

      Love Sindh

      Love N.W.F.P

      Love Kashmir

      Love Northern Areas

      Love FATA


  6. m.aeel Avatar

    i love ISI,because he do a lot of works for Pakistan and people of Pakistan.Being a Pakistani i am proud of it.

  7. Zaki Khalid Avatar

    @ Vaneet

    Abdul Kalam was a Qadyani (NOT "Muslim") who didnt get any lift from Pakistan and so u guys made him ur President so he could share the lil bit of knowledge he has of nuclear sciences, lol, that's hilarious..

    Fakhruddin Ahmed was a Freemason, member of the AF & AM Lodge of Mumbai and Lodge Rock Gwalior… In my view, no Muslim would ever join a band of secret "brethren" in occult Satanism…

    And I don't know about Zakir Hussain, to be honest…

    The thing is, whether you agree or not, Hindu fascists are propping up not only with bureaucratic circles, but also within the ranks of the Armed Forces themselves, too dangerous! Remember Hemant Karkare who was about to release something big again related to the terrorist Lt. Purohit of the Indian Army?? HEMANT GOT ASSASINATED BY THE HINDU EXTREMISTS THEMSELVES! AALA, BOHAT AALA!

    Asma Jehangir (The Altaf Hussain lookalike witch), married to I.A. Rehman Qadyani. Seems u guys have good relations and admiration for Qadyanis eh?

    @ Dear Pakistani brothers:

    InshaAllah, Ghazwa e Hind (Conquest of India) awaits as prophecized in sahi hadith such as Musnad Ahmad. Please watch this video. MAY ALLAH HELP US. AAMEEN!

  8. Ali kakakhel Avatar
    Ali kakakhel

    isi is the best of Pakistan, it is acutally the true soul and spirit of pakistan. long live Pakistan long live isi

    1. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Former Pakistani Officer Embodies a Policy Puzzle By CARLOTTA GALL Published: March 3, 2010

      Once a promising protégé for the United States, Brig. Sultan Amir, who is known as Col. Imam, has taught insurgent tactics.

    2. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      “Our money, Saudi money, others joined together, helped the ISI, indeed, form these elements which then went in and threw the Soviets out of Afghanistan with our weaponry. And then we left and they were holding the bag,” he said, acknowledging that it was the US which helped ISI to form these extremist elements. US helped ISI create extremists: Petraeus Sunday, March 07, 2010 WASHINGTON:

    3. Aamir Mughal Avatar

      Myth of an Islamic Threat A distinction should be made between religiously inspired political parties and organizations, and sectarian or jihadi groups. Pakistan: The Myth of an Islamist Peril By Frederic Grare Publisher: Carnegie Endowment Policy Brief #45, February 2006 Click on link for the full text of this Carnegie Paper

    4. Abdullah Avatar


  9. Clarkalpha Avatar

    isi plz see this video and every pakistani what is xe black water?? why he lived in pakistan??what the fuck is going here pakistan gov still sleeping…zardari sala musharaf ko bolta hai khud kiya kar raha hai?

    Koi kuch karta q nahi????????sahi bola tha musharaf ne Pakistan ka to Allah hi Hafiz hai

    and IF U SEND ME PVT MSG i ll check on net "TYPE 7824(space)msg & send it to 03348067789 or 03348067848

    see this

    1. Abdullah Avatar

      Please take immediate and strong action against them, please ISI, don't let Pakistanis think bad about you. Please

  10. amjad ali siyal Avatar

    he world’s number 1 terrorists are Indian intelligence agency RAW and Israeli intelligence agency MOSSAD both are terrorizing the world and specially they are working against Pakistan through Afghanistan.

    indians and Israelis only threat to the world

    so Indians and Israelis are terrorist in the world they are funding to the Talibans and AlQaeda they wanted to make Pakistan weaker .

  11. ELINA Avatar


  12. Lady Irene Avatar

    bookmarked this at Linkarena (not sure what it is? you should know that German Social Bookmarking site.

  13. Danish Avatar

    The solution of all problems of the whole-world is that to kill each and every Hindu and Jew.

    They are pagan-perverted-pi$$-off fascists tyranny in the face of the earth. Hindu are made for Hell. That's why they burn their corpses to show the world that they are made for HELL. Goto hell with JEWS.

  14. Atif Sheraz Avatar
    Atif Sheraz


    This Atif .i want to join pak isi . i done B.A and doing MBA . janab wala mara Mind boht hi ziyada investigation ki taraf jata hy. or pta nhi mujy jitna yaqeen hy k me aik insan ho us sa ziayada mujy is pa belive hy k me aik boht ziyada karamad ho ga isi k liy. agr kisi ko shaq hy to mara test b la sakta hy. in bad circumsences me me boht jald or right desicion krta ho.

    me request krta ho kisi b officer sa k wo mujy aik bar chance da

    me Valantirly b kaam kar sakta ho.

    Best Regard


    1. KarnalKamran Avatar


      Thank you for your inspirations and good will.

      In order to get into ISI you will have to first read the book called 'Military Inc'.

      Once you are done with assignment, you have to investigate how ISI and PakArmy make money. If you successfully complete the assignment and if you still want to work for ISI then you wouldn't need any other qualification.

  15. Rameez Usmani Avatar

    ISI,Pak Army,Navy and AirForce rocks!
    One day these all will throw the corrupt politicians out of this country….in the name of democracy these corrupt politicians rule our country and they play in the hands of US/Israel ….

    Rameez Usmani

  16. soni Avatar

    PAK ARMY and ISI have hijacked the country since last many decades. Pakistan was under army/general rule for so many years. If they were sincere the country must have florished now both politically and economically.

    Musharaff was ARMY chief and belonged to the supreme core of the organization. Why to gain political power he became like a typical politician and had PML (Q) by first blackmailing them through NAB.

    If the intent was for sincere reasons, why those who supported him but were corrupt politicians were out (e.g NRO) Is this not a crime to tailor everythink for your own interest and forget about the country's fate

  17. ظفر اقبال Avatar

    پاک فوج بیشتر ادارے تو تباہ کر چکی ہے ۔باقی کام جاری ہے۔ یہ پورے اہتمام سے صرف ادارے برباد کرنے والی پارٹیوں کو اقتدار میں لانے کا انتظام کرتےہیں اور صرف چور اور بدمعاش گروپوں کو سرکاری ملازمتوں میں بھرتی کای اجاز ت دیتے ہیں۔ملکی تاریخ ک…ا ریکارڈ گواہ ہے۔نتیجتا" جو ہوتا چاہئے وہی ہو رہا ہے۔سرپرستی غنڈوں کی اور نتیجہ آزاد قوموں والا ۔؟؟؟۔۔۔ممکن نہیں۔ اور جب یہ کچھ دن کے لئے سستانے جاتے ہیں تو اپنے ناکارہ پالتو غنڈوں کے انتظام کو جمہوریت کہہ کر قوم کو طعنہ دیتے ہیں ۔۔۔اور چاہیے جمہوریت؟۔۔۔یہ لو ۔۔۔اور بھگتو۔۔۔۔واہ بھئی واہ۔۔۔۔پاک فوج زندہ باد

    فوج اور پیرا ملٹری فورسز (یونٹ افسز،سیکٹر آفسز قبضی کی زمینوں پر نام نہاد سیاسی جماعتوں کے دفاتر)سب کا مرکز ایک ہی ہوتا ہے۔ان سب کا ایک نظم ہے۔یہ آفسز "حسنِ انتظام" کے لئے قبضہ کی زمینوں پر فوج ہی قائم کرواتی ہے۔ورنہ بھائی وہ اندھے تھوڑا ہی ہیں۔ یہ ہے ان کا انداز انتظام جس کے مطابق وہ ملک کو ایک چراہ گاہ کے طور پر چلانا چاہتے ہیںیہ سب "تمہارا" کرم ہے "آقا"۔۔۔۔۔

    ان کی اور ان کے پالتو نام نہاد سیاسی حکمرانوں کی مستقل خارجہ پالیسی صرف ایک نکاتی۔۔۔

    ہم "تیری" ہی "بندگی" کرتے ہیں اور "تجھ" سے ہی مدد مانگتے ہیں

  18. wristwatches Avatar

    Great design. Did you design it or employ a graphic designer?

  19. Atif Avatar

    ISI Rocks. Keep up the good work we are with you. Finish all those who even think for a moment against my beloved Pakistan.

    Jeo Pakistan.

  20. garage door repair h Avatar


    Thank you for your inspirations and good will.

    In order to get into ISI you will have to first read the book called ‘Military Inc’.

    Once you are done with assignment, you have to investigate how ISI and PakArmy make money. If you successfully complete the assignment and if you still want to work for ISI then you wouldn’t need any other qualification.

  21. Nazir khan baloch Avatar

    azaad balochistan

  22. Arshad khan Avatar
    Arshad khan

    To hell with pakistan and its army.

  23. syed mubashir ali Avatar
    syed mubashir ali